Who here /sip/ and /chew/ simultaneously to allow for peak day trading?

Who here /sip/ and /chew/ simultaneously to allow for peak day trading?

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>Made with caffeinated cheese

God bless America.

This can't be fucking real.. lol amerifats pay top dollar for cancer. Mate just drink a coffee and make yourself a sandwiches lmaooo

>tfw too poor to afford name brand frozen food

>tfw your shitty country doesnt sell hotpockets

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you should add /fatfucks/ to your tag here you disgusting degenerates. you fuckers probably smell like an anchovies asshole

Now we just need the shell to be Dorito flavored.

>anchovies asshole
who here /deenz/ lads?

there are a couple peas in there so it also counts as a serving of veggies

would require two hands friend, would require me getting up and going to a faucet to get water for the coffee. I need at least one on the mouse at all times so I can pump and dump at 3000%

People from shit countries will never know the feeling of pulling something like this out the oven.

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Step 1. Buy the cheapest bag of frozen burritos at your local store.

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Got those in the freezer. Too bad it's full of hydrogenated fat and unhealthy ingredients. This is the kind of food niggers buy with their EBT cards.

was about to cook some but remembered I am trying to eat #healthy

Yeah It's been years since I've had any. It's pretty amazing that something so cheap and shit could be so delicious though. It's not a surprise they are an idiot trap.

>exploded mini hotpockets
atleast cook it right ffs

dude they taste even better that way

Not my picture. Think about the person who would take a picture of their grade F, gutter oil frozen food baking. Of course they are on a dirty pan with no lining and cooked horribly.

If you are not fasting and trading you are retarded.

this honestly looks disgusting desu

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i-is this real?


What's with amerifats and layers of cheese? It's fucking disgusting

>Europoors would deny this.

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>American cheese on Mexican food

how about NO, NEVER


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