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Hello biz,
I am at my wits end. I was warned of a "deep freeze" or "nuclear winter" coming to the cryptocurrency realm and I did believe it, I even told my friend when he asked, "what do you think the price of bitcoin will drop down to?" and I replied, "probably $8000" and guess what I was right. I have been in this business a whole lot longer than most of you pathetic fuck faces.

But now I am at the end of my rope, I had over $800,000 and am down to a little over $130,000. I think this is actually the end for cryptocurency. I see cryptocurrency dying to be honest. I think it actually was just a fad, it has been over 5 months and I see no hope. I have to let you guys know I was one of the biggest believers there was. Now I have lost all hope and believe it is dying, will die a slow painful death just like jordan belfort said. with a few dead cat bounces and down to 0.

Your thoughts?

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>Your thoughts?
buy high sell low

>actual use cases coming this year
>he thinks we're going to be in prolonged bear market
Bitcoin's death is a good thing

Be bold when others are fearful.

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What happened to their lips?

i had 3.5m at the down to 1.5m.......


why wouldn't you take out money when you have multiple millions and put it into stuff that isn't crypto?

it's unironically over
0.... no
It will still trade at shit tier levels for a couple cents to dollars
but a massive recognition in the news and media world wide again is like .5% chance.

Why am i still here? You can say, the money i lose .. i will not die off. Second, i have an addictive personality (drugfag) and crypto is fucking crack. Especially trading the charts, so i'm here till it goes down.

if you think it's over just short it

he is larping

I am holding on for dear life. It has been a true emotional roller coaster. I thought I could handle the swings and I cannot. If this shit doesnt come back I may kill myself. fuck you guys though youll probably tell me to go do it.

i was up to 800k i didnt have multiple millions
and i was not ready for deep freeze. i thoguht it was coming in time. not so fucking soon, its not that i was greedy. its that i believed in crypto so much i thought i would think about selling around a million. now im holding on for the fucking ride to nowhere.

that post wasn't even directed at you faggot

fuck man im sorry thanks for telling me though. makes me realize im not alone and we are all waiting for some sign of life.


a few months of red and you're already on your knees? July 2014 - June 2016. look at those 2 years. you would have been weeping and sucking your thumb in a diaper you fucking baby

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same bro

ok thank you

Thinks dying

Mass adoption is coming, which will signal the next frenzy. You think this is a bubble? 300B isn't a bubble, it's taking the soap out of the pantry.


this comes along exactly like the guidopasta, just in a cucked normie kind of way.
shit could have been so cash

I just want a nice wife one day. Hopefully I make it.