What is it like to be rich and never having to spend a moment of your life worrying about money?

What is it like to be rich and never having to spend a moment of your life worrying about money?

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Why are you asking here?

The richer you are, the more time you spend worrying about your money...

You get caught up on the smaller things in life

Like why she didn't want you

the rich do nothing other than worry about their money you retard.

Why? If I was rich, I would just use it to buy a modest house in a nice middle class neighborhood and never have to worry about anything again.

if you had billions why would you worry at all?\
hell if you have like 50 million why would you worry?

You still have to pay property and capital taxes. What if the value of your property goes down? How will you pay the taxes then? How do you invest the rest of the money for some gains to avoid having to worry about money in the future? Etc.

What I mean by "rich" is have a net worth of a few million dollars, more than you'll ever need to live a comfortable lifestyle without ever having to work.

I’d worry about my offspring and how entitled they are gonna be.

you fucking retard

how does someone amass a wealth of 50 mil without worrying about money? Do you think they get to 50 mil and then just switch off? It's special kind of people who have the drive to work really hard to get into such figures and they don't switch off just because they made it to 50 mil.

hire people to do it for me

$50 million is excessive though. $2-3 million would be enough to live on comfortably for an entire lifetime.

like others have said, property taxes, capital gains taxes, worry about decline in assets assuming theyre tied up in stocks...if they are tied up in retirement accounts that money isnt accessible to you anyhow..so yea money is a constant worry...not that you'll spend it but that it will disappear so you have to constantly make more.

What if you just inherit it?

I'm a NEET but I'll be inheriting millions.

I'm talking about net worth in cash. No capital gains taxes or any markets to worry about.

is this how some people really think?

would you seriously get to $3 mil and just decide "ok im good"
and stop trying to make more money?
i cant even imagine thats what youre saying

I will be too, but my parents probably won't die until I'm at least in my 60s, so the majority of my life will be spent being poor and worrying about money every day.

if you only had 2M to survive for your entire life you'd worry about losing that money every fucking second

If you ever get that far in life, you'll suddenly find yourself irrationally thinking you could lose it all at any moment.

Depends how rich you are
If you have $1,000,000 in the bank after taxes you have enough to live a fairly middle class life without worrying about money too much, but you'd just be normal with no work

These heights of riches without worry about money are kind of rare and unrealistic, you basically always have to worry about it in some way

False. Being rich means always being mindful of your wealth. That's why they are rich.

How would you lose it? Put it in an interest-earning bank account and you even protect yourself against inflation.

The richest man I know is my good friends' dad. Commercial real estate mogul... can provide insane stories about the amount of wealth this dude has. Here's one that answers the OP.

>sitting on the 50 yard line, 1st row of a playoff NFL game with him and his family. tickets had to be at least 5-10k each
>go grab him a beer, we're shooting the shit
>"user, when do you know when you're rich?"
>"u-uhh, r-right now?"
>"when you can earn more than your wife spends"
>ask him, then, if he considers himself rich
>emphatic "HELL NO"

>A "friend" knows you're rich
>Falls and slips in your house
>Sues you

Exactly. 99% of posts are larps or they're shills straight from Bangladesh. The rest is from retards

I am a no coiner but I have my own company that is doing amazing.

You stop thinking about money related to traveling,eating,gas for car and other smaller things,you just buy whatever you want but the stress is coming from trying to make more and more money.

I made last month about 270k euro profits for myself and I was unhappy because last year it was 300k euro in the same month.

Also much of the stress comes with dealing with the expectations of the clients and so on...

i don't get your point. you're spending the money across your entire life, right? or are you saying you'd just keep working and have 2M in the bank?

Pretty sure homeowners insurance covers that.

Buy CRYPTOCURRENCY and find out !

I'm not rich but I have enough that I don't have to work anymore. I've never worried about money though, because I've always been employed at a wage/salary I was comfortable with, so I don't really know any other feeling.

I'm talking about never having to work again. Just keeping $2 million in the bank will get you like $40k a year just in interest. That alone is more than enough to live comfortably if you already own a house.

You'll worry about something else ...like germs, accidents, death and lawsuits.
On a side note, I am a pharmacist. In the years past, I worked copious amounts of overtime and made nearly 200k annually yet was barely keeping up with bills; when I slowed down and worked less hours total at about 75k a year, I suddenly had more disposable cash and more time to enjoy it. Still can't figure it out.

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I'm employed and have a higher than average salary, but real estate prices are so ridiculously high that I have to live in a shitty apartment and I'll never be able to afford a house at all.

What kind of company?

Where are you? I live in a suburb in Connecticut and settled for a little condo ($120k) that works for me. I can afford better housing but my desire to save trumps that.

Wait, why don't you just sell the company after a year when you're making that much money? You'll already be set for life and you'll never have to deal with another client again.

if i got to 3 mill i would spend a lot less time looking at charts.

i'd still trade, but i'd put half my portfolio in an index and never worry about it.

I live in the northeast too, in the suburbs. The absolute minimum a house will cost you is $400k and the mortgage payments for that would be higher than anything I'll ever be able to afford. I've been hoping for another real estate bubble collapse but it's not looking like it will happen anytime soon.

You can have my place when I finally decide to move to NH. I'm tired of this shit state and its shit taxes and politics.

well you're changing the hypo. do you already own the house or are you buying it with the 2M? a decent house in a "nice middle class neighborhood" will cost 300K. do you own a car? are you in debt? do you want a family?

40K divided between taxes, bills, food, insurance, car costs, childcare, etc will get vaporized unless you're living in a cheap as fuck area.

but it's definitely doable if you want to live lower middle class and never do shit and never have a senpai. you're just not gonna be "rich" in the sense of doing whatever the fuck you want whenever you want to. i'd personally rather get something like 10M and then be able to travel all over the place at will and own a few properties scattered across the globe.

I have no interest in having a wife or kids. I would basically live the NEET lifestyle and play video games all day. Just a small 3-bedroom house in a majority white, no-crime neighborhood is all I would ever need. And yeah, I mean owning the house in full and having a couple million in the bank.

My wife is pregnant and I want to know make as much money as possible to buy apartment complexes to rent out that my child never has to worry about money in his life ,even he ends up a retard.

Also the second reason is the company is like a family member to me.I could never sell it.I have to keep making more money.

Its hard to explain it to you but I just cant be a neet.I love to make,money even if its sometimes so stressful but the more stress you have the more it feels nice when you can take a few days off,also I love the power I have.

Construction company

I'll add that I would also spend my free time doing game development, which is something I've wanted to do my entire life but never had the time or money to do it.

>What is it like to be rich and never having to spend a moment of your life worrying about money?
I imagine you stop worrying about money and start worrying about your health / lifespan

well, if you just get "lot of money" as a gift (inheritance, magic lamp, gold fish wish) then obviously normal rules of life don't apply to you. Count yourself lucky and enjoy it. But be worry, usually people who get lot of free money, like lottery winners, will lose it all within a year. You need strong mind to handle wealth.

Don't most people get a big inheritance when their parents die? A house alone will usually get you at least a few million dollars. The problem is, by the point your parents die, you're already old yourself.

Half a million dollars I meant, not a few million.

nice, that's actually my longterm creative goal too. developing games. i'm waiting to see how much AI evolves over the next decade. the stuff i want to do can't really be done at this point so i'm just working on developing the plot and characters.

i played Kingdom Come Deliverance recently and it's disheartening to think that a 5M budget and a team of vets can only give you that level of quality. it really takes a massive studio to make a great game in current year. i'm waiting for the tech to advance to a point where me and a handful of creative fuckers can make AAA quality games

if making games ever becomes that easy, the market will become supersaturated

Sounds like a cuck

Beta bucks faggot I don’t let my girlfriend know anything about my financial situation

I’ve never so much as bought a women a drink or a gift. 100 percent serious
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500k divided by number of siblings + inheritance tax, is that still lot of money?

I'll probably get like 100k EUR from my inheritance (1 sibling and properties are in central EU so that means cheap).

How many old Americans actually own property to give as inheritance?

Most people who die also have a lot of unspent retirement savings. Lots of Americans own property because it was a lot more affordable to buy half a century ago.

>What is it like to be rich and never having to spend a moment of your life worrying about money?

Great tbqh

The problem is this. Let us say you make a million dollars after taxes.

If you buy an average 200k house, you are now worth 800k and then let us cheaply furnish the house and buy an average car (toyota corolla), then we are worth 750k

Now assuming for a second we have no large expenses and we get a 7% (medium risk stock market) return, so we make about 52k a year. That isn't much money and you can barely raise on family on it. Hell you certainly couldn't afford the wedding your girl would want.

So basically unless you made at least 3 million before taxes, then even living a middle class life is hard without working.

>mfw this thread

The way you guys talk you'd wonder how non-rich people survive.

I can understand if your wealth is tied up in investments or worrying about systemic risk but worrying about taxes? That's a shit excuse, every homeowner has to pay taxes, I pay taxes and insurance on my house and I'm not even rich, it's just an expense you have to account for always. If you live a simple life you won't have a lot of problems same as any non-rich person.

>tfw my house cost 200k and the old people who bought it when it was built paid 15k for it in the 70s

like playing with godmode turned on.

>getting married and raising a family
I'm not doing this which is why I can afford to be so cheap. I don't have anything against people who do want a wife and kids but the bachelor life is much cheaper. I don't think 1 million is a whole lot by the way, it's not poor but it's not 'fuck you' money so you can't go full retard with it.

Yeah, I'm saying it isn't possible. By my numbers I could ink out an existence with only 300k and 10% interest, though I may need to work a few hours a week, especially without a roommate. Maybe you are like me and don't care about going on trips or anything and just want to stay comfy at home on the computer without a wife and kids.

I'm not "rich" rich, but I am in the 98% percentile in net worth for my age group. I worry about how other people are making more money than me, and I'm guessing rich people do the same.

depends on where senpai....I pay $650 a month on property taxes

The only time you never have to worry about money or being rich is when you're a child. It's the best time in ones life because you have two people making sure you get most of whatever you want without having to do anything.

>two people
Look at intact family over here

LOL, what? Me worry?

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This is basically what happend to me. I'm "just" worth 3M at 24 but:

Worry of economic collapse thus be worth 0 again
Worry what to invest in
Worry the investment will collide and I will loose all investment money I've got
Bank collapse
For any reason appearing in court and loose a case and get my assets frozen or confiscated
Worry what currency to keep my spare money in my bank in (if US dollar crash, I lose it to EUR)
For any reason the tax man will start a fight and uptax me 40% penalty + interest

Now I am a worrying paranoid mess instead. I can't enjoy it because each time I spend I think "I could have invested this shit and made a lot more" so I live decent, no lavish shit, and try to increase my capital a ton till one day my kids inheritance and a nice house to raise a family in.

But seriously I'm not happy about it. The more money I made, the more problem I got to worry about. I wasnt like this the first 2 years as a richfag (aka new rich). When I was poor I used to think like most people do like "When I get rich I will be so happy and never worry again" but frankly economy on high numbers are depressing.

That's pretty much how I'd live, just chilling at home posting on Veeky Forums and enjoy various forms of media. I'd probably pick up music as a hobby again but that's relatively cheap and low maintenance.

That's crazy, do you live in california or new york?

it's happening in music right now. i fully expect the same to happen in gaming.

Which one are you?

Its so weird reading these, the more money I got the happier I became.

Then you either don't have enough to really worry about or you've just acquired it recently.

>comparing games to music

you don't realize how close we are to the AI revolution, do you user? in 20 years i'll be able to make an open world game the exact same way some talentless faggot can load up garageband presets and make electronic "music"

>AI revilution
>20 years

dude stop

retarded no coiner still. I'll be a retarded trader soon

and by trader I actually mean active speculator

>thinks the AI revolution is an actual revolution of AI robots against humanity

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If you didn't worry about your money you'd spend it all, give it all away, lose it all, waste it all, get it all stolen, not know how much you have...

You're trusting to people to hold your money, keep track your money, and do your taxes. Who the fuck do you think they are? Angels?

I imagine it to be a lot like childhood.
Right now I don’t have to worry about what brand of food or groceries I buy, I imagine people who are less fortunate than me have to calculate to the penny their groceries cost.
I imagine people who are richer than me can live life this way but instead of groceries it’s vacations and instead of working think about their next project or what they would like to do or do some autistic guinesses world record stunt.

woah there.

100% I would! You can't buy time

Same I think but that's easy to say right now

Your entire post is fucking retarded. For one thing, if you buy a good house, you are still worth 1 mil, dipshit. Buy a used Camry for 15k and furnish your entire house using used / cheap stuff for $5k tops. Wow, so hard,

This board is full of idiots

There's fear in greed, user. You want to get as much as you can, but you don't want to lose what you already have. You do this every day when you contemplate whether or not to pay some hooker to take your virginity.

All of those things are still better than worrying that you could lose your job at any moment for any reason and not have enough money to pay your rent or buy food for the month.

>work really hard
He fell for the hard work meme. Ya user i'm sure 'working hard' will make you millions.