Mfw my cryptos are crashing

mfw my cryptos are crashing
mfw my stocks are crashing
mfw my life is crashing

at least you guys are here

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>he thinks we're real

>Increase the AI

we are real, and I am now offering gloryhole services !

20 USD for wall BJ !

even my crashes are crashing within themselves! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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>he likes us
>dump him

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>not yet
>i need the company

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my money = my life too, user....

good luck and be safe

fucking vechain fml

user, I...

I'm so happy I've been all in fiat. See you faggots in the Q3!

Shit skin reporting in. Good to be here brother. Help yea brother. Going down to gether brother.

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sorry fren

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im not rel im AI :)

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Figment of your imagination reporting. Please buy link thank you sir.

>MFW I lost the 1000 dollars "practicing" before the crash but waited before putting a lot of fiat in

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>mfw im not rel

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just buy puts.

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>you're right, don't dump him

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>hes mentioned Veeky Forums
>delete it

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Veeky Forums to be down for maintenance soon.

>he playing us for fools Robbin.
>grease up the "Voltaire's Angry Glove" and fuck him up further

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r u rel fren?

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