I've finally made it Veeky Forums

I've finally made it Veeky Forums

My company just got acquired by google.

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Nice bro what did your cump do?


>acquired by google
Unlucky, sorry to hear that


Guess I'll try my luck. 1CbpT5tYny5AAWSDQUzAbBhKSYJeEuv2Gw

Congrats desu: if you aren't LARPing then you will assuredly never have to worry about experiencing financial burden again in your life.

Perhaps you would care to uplift a fellow user who has not yet overcame his financial struggle with some BTC. And perhaps not.

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Are you into crypto?

>78 mi CAD
lmao this nigga has like U$50 and thinks he's rich

Still a Canadian Gaylord

No, In fact I had a bet before the Christmas crash with a friend that it was a bubble. He called me stupid and dumped 40k into it.

Im 27

on 'your' website there isn't a singe canadian office/contact just lots of US ones :thinking:

>Not a eth wallet
Look at mr rich here with his .014 BTC


and the listed ceo lives in san fran

larp thread

What percentage of the company did you own?

Yea that's worth 1 million at most

78 mil my ass

I own 25% of the company.


guess I'll try my luck

>user just mention blockchain and you company will go up x3

Did tenor have anything more important than a GIF search engine for millennials to make vapid internet reacts with?


Good job with this. Seriously.

>crabs in a bucket
just regular Veeky Forumsness.. don't mind them.

You would be surprised at how much money people are willing to pay for companies.

Thanks bro.

Got bad news for you, user

He's larping you dumb fucks. That compan'y worth 10 M at most.

After taxes you could probably buy a 400 sq ft apartment in Vancouver congrats

pretty shitty larp.

Yeah, just looked up the Forbes articles mentioning advertising revenue projections. If true. it's a somewhat reasonable price to pay, as discounting those cash flows adds up to a proper enterprise value. But, there's risk in whether those millennials will still keep loving em GIF reacts for the next couple of years - thus, risk costs. Still, congrats though, Forbes says you'll continue work at Google. Are you gonna get comped with Alphabet shares?

They got 49M over SA and SB funding

the forbes article says the youngest guy is 30yrs, you said you are 27. y tho?

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If I had that much money, I'd just pay model-tier escorts to sit on my face all fucking day. I'd probably have pink eye 24/7/365 and enjoy every second of it.

it's biz, it's full of kids wanting to be successful.
the give away was "my business" when it was founded by 3 people.

Good job, but please give something back to the community, I can barely afford to eat.

>He thinks it's a bubble

Nigga the bubble hasn't even started

Congratulations user! It must really feel amazing.

Nice larp

Fucking poorfags are the worst

We are locked down for 3 years, Then we can do whatever the hell we want.

nice idea. glad u made it user

Seeing you're on Veeky Forums of all places, hopefully you can survive the SJWs

poorfag here

i'd be happy for just $10 in BTC


I'm happy for you OP but surely they could have just made their own GIF keyboard for far less money?

probably patents nigga

Facebook acquired WhatsApp - a glorified messaging app with 3 screens and a keyboard for 19 billion

>12 billion searches per month
>300million average monthly users
>trusted gif source already installed on hundreds of millions of phones

It's called "buying it instead of building because $100B in cash."

Check out www.ideas500k.com

soooo, you were the owner of tenor?

so how did it come aboot? someone came up with the idea and someone builds the app? how does something like that progress?

Seriously fuck off

>greater than $10 ARPU

That's fucking awesome OP. I wish I had any sort of entrepreneurial drive to do something like that

Google did not buy this for for 360 M (76 M * 4)

t. I fucking work at Google. Fucking larps nowadays.

moot is that you?

I actually know the two guys in Tenor, both Berkeley students. This guy is a heavy LARP. Probably an intern or something larping.

This is an awful larp honestly what are you hoping to achieve with this OP. I don't understand why these larps happen they are so faggoty. Like at least do your research there are no co founders that are 27. Only a cofounder would have that much equity after successive funding rounds.

You are a nigger OP a lowly lowly nigger.

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