Hey Whales!

Your shenanigans are killing the golden goose. The buy/sell wall spoofing, the wash trading, the pump and dumps, all of it. Ponzis only work when there is new money coming in, and you are scaring away the people who are thinking about getting in. You have complete control over this market, as you have demonstrated, so start acting like curators instead of con-men if you want to keep making money, otherwise it's going to be a race to the exit at some point, and everybody, big and small, is going to get burned.
This market could be a beautiful thing, with attractive, sustainable growth that facilitates the development of world changing technology. This could be the new stock market, free of (((KYC))) regulations designed to keep the little guy down. This could be the end of the debt slavery fractional reserve banking system. But instead, it is a vicious web of greed, lies and trickery, that is tempting world governments to bring the regulation hammer down and put a stop to ALL the free money.
I know you guys work together (pods?), so how about working to establish gentleman's agreements between the groups to stop trying to fuck everybody everywhere as hard as possible at every opportunity. Just slip the tip in every now and then, politely take turns at the gang bang, be gracious for what crypto has given you, and hold back a bit every now and again to give others a chance to make even a pittance compared to what you have accumulated.
I'm not asking for free crypto money here, just please, for the love of God, give this market a chance to fourish without trying to wring every single last Satoshi out of it.
Or at least tell us a bit of what the plan is so that we may swim along unobtrusively under your bellies. We just want to eat too, and for us even the tiniest morsel can make a world of difference.
Thank you for listening.

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Haha you're funny ill dump on you last
t. wheel


You're preaching to the choir. Some of them have been in this for almost a decade.

you're lucky the whales are allowing btc to stay at this price. they could kill everything in one mouseclick if they sell

Whales are pretty much Exchanges. Ask Binance CEO and Finex/Bitmex. They are the one who are manipulating the price with Whales consent.

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Our time will come OP just let the whales do their thing

Cant you see the banksters bought in and are killing crypto. They are shit scared of crypto. Its literally the uber to your taxi or netflix to your blockbuster. If they can kill it before its entrenched fully in society = they be forever happy. Whats a few hundred billion dollars or even trillion dollars to save their zillions.

Also could very easily use it as an exit for QE seeing they seem to have no idea how they getting out of it.

That is what I believe, I'm just worried that they will get over zealous and cause too much damage to recover.

And this is what I fear, that the very people this whole thing was designed to fight have wrestled control of the reigns to crash it with no survivors.

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Once you make enough money you'll be doing the same to others OP. It's just too enjoyable watching the scramble as the herd FOMOs in because you and few others made a few small waves.

You will be making money even in a bear market as the scramble to buy gets worse as people become more desperate for something to "moon" as they watch their portfolios bleed.

Listen to yourself OP. You're talking about "making a difference". This is business, not a beauty fucking pageant. With this attitude you won't make it. You're mere plankton to be eaten up. Accept it.

No, I won't, because I have Jesus in my life, and those "plankton" scrambling are real people just trying to get by. They just want to have a bit more money for quality food instead of dollar store garbage, they want a buffer so they aren't living in fear about paying rent and bills, they want to grow their emergency fund so they don't end up homeless if live throws a hard curveball. They aren't just Lambo obsessed moon kiddies with dreams of high end escorts, a lot of them are good people and I would take no pleasure in causing them suffering.

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you sound like a faggot

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You sound unhappy.

poorfag pajeet. literally what the fuck. this is capitalism. deal with it.

Well said user. I couldn't have said it better myself. Everyone needs to read and comprehend this. The ecosystem can thrive and flourish if this keeps it up.

Don't you ever call me a Pajeet. My forefathers came to America in 1612 from England, and for a job I risk my life to protect people and their homes from forest fires. You don't fucking know me.

>complain about regulations keeping the little guy down
>in a thread you made about how whales are relentlessly fucking the little fish in a completely unregulated market
Well this is Veeky Forums so I don't expect you to be able to put 2 and 2 together

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Truth. Not everyone cares about a lambo. Some people, such as myself only got into cryptocurrency with only a few thousand dollars that took years to save, and the reason? My mother is dying from cancer and I am trying to help pay medical bills and medication to ease her stress, while hoping I find a good coin in cryptocurrency to afford to take her to cancer treatment centers of America, while at the same time saving for her funeral as I doubt this will happen. I really thought cryptocurrency was for the little guy, against the man. But, I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

Whales forget that you if you shear the sheep, you can do it over and over again. Skin the sheep and the game is over.

user, covetousness is as the sin of idolatry. Watch out for yourself in this market.

Jesus eh? Why aren't you out there helping the poor right now instead of trying to get rich quick on fake internet money? That's what he would probably prefer OP. Besides you can't be sure he will guarantee protection against your own greed as that would undermine your own free will anyway.

Anyone can "make a little extra money" by choosing less riskier investments than crypto. It's up to each individual to decide what risk level they can handle and what they're willing to invest (i.e. what they're willing to lose).

Man up and take some responsibility for your actions. That's the only way you'll ever "make it" in life as otherwise you'll deny yourself opportunities to improve as a person.

This is for people that like doing shit on their own, but everyone wants cooperation and assurance that everything is going to be alright while adding nothing of value to the system. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, the universe doesn't owe you shit. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

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The bottom is in sight boys, hold strong here. This week they've been throwing Simpsons at you which are designed to get you to give up and sell. Don't fall for it, this is their last chance to get your coins cheap and they are doing everything they can to take them from you

Lmao how are you faggots for real. Save some money, KYS and get buried in the same Costco coffin as your mom

"Whales" know this shit you imbecile, this is them shearing you. They have a combined net worth in the dozens of billions whereas only 10-20 billion of actual fiat is in all of crypto. If they decided to skin you by pulling out at once BTC would be worth cents and shitcoins dead and buried. You are clueless about the extent of the Ponzi you bought into

Eventually after theyve gobbled up the small fry the whales will turn cannibal and start eating each other until just a tiny few elite super jew whales inevitably end up owning it all as always. Dumb whales

there aren't any whales you dingus. there never were. this is the collective action of a bunch of individuals who are all scared.

How many times have people proclaimed the “death of bitcoin”? Bitcoin will never die. Even the whales will be taught a lesson. You’ll see.

:* (

I literally just want a comfy cabin by some mountains and a stream to homestead, that's it.

That's fucking retarded. You haven't watched an A.M. p&d on a coin that takes 30 btc a minute to move. I had the pleasure of watching that bald, shiny fucker move NEO $5 on Bittrrx and Binance while he narrated it in real time. Some of it's obviously simplistic tard bots and obvious stop losses, but the whales are out there. They've been paying for the stupid Bitmex shit. The 100x margin short stories. Before that it was "hey fags look at this ICO". The people who haven't completely washed out of this market grasp the meta, are stupid, are lucky, or are gifted at 5 minute TA.


You're right.

good post guy but it’s probably pointless because i imagine the whales are just soulless chinks running bots and chainsmoking. don’t expect puppy eaters to have any empathy.

The weak should fear the strong. We have a plan do not be concerned. There is juice in this lemon yet to be squeezed.

The wave. My favorite. I feel so good looking at it.

OP is honestly correct. The reason we are seeing this several month bear market with low volume and red across the board is because all of that new money that flooded the market during the Bitcoin craze of 2017 is pulling out. Everyone (normies) jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon in 2017, thinking that they could get rich quick back when the coin was going up by $1k every day or so. But this is new, unfamiliar technology; these people were taking a risk and gambling on something that they didn't understand because all anyone could talk about is the unbelievable gains they were getting.

Then the market dumped and all of those newcomers got scared away. Most people don't and have no reason to care about cryptocurrency yet; they were only putting their money in because they were following the herd and thought they could get rich quick. These aren't people passionate about the technology, and they were only here for the gains. By dumping the market and continuing to manipulate it these past few months, the whales have set crypto back another 3 years while we go through the same sort of niche, bear market that we had back in 2013. This is done, at least for now

Can't really help many people if I can barely help myself. I am way behind where I should be at this point in life, with no financial security. I do plan to open a shelter at some point that specializes in temporary housing and job placement for people that caught a rough break (not people that are just doing drugs on the street).

That's pretty much my personal goal too.

This is something that o struggle with personally. I want a good life, but I'm acutely aware that people get a taste and then turn into monsters. I think part of the reason that I don't have much money is that I don't like screwing people over, a lot of rich people I know make a habit of doing that, and I suspect that is part of the reason they got to where they are.
>inb4 Commie!
No, I am not.


Until smart contracts are all like pow and blam and we're all rich.

Chainlink is seriously the only thing giving me hope to remain in this market. What same person would look at what is going on right now and think "I'd like to get me some of that!"? But I know that Chainlink is going to do something so revolutionary with crypto that I wouldn't be surprised if it was the trigger for the next bull market.

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It's going to be ok user, not all people are like him.
I'll pray for you and your mother.

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Okay, actual OG whale here--
Also, you guys are absolute morons for falling for that Willy the Whale larp. What the fuck, dudes. Stop being desperate and weird

Who is Willy the whale? Can I get a quick rundown? Was he that xtcc pump faggot?

Thank you sir. I greatly appreciate that.

since you are og will there be a bullrun on summer?