How do we help him Veeky Forums?

How do we help him Veeky Forums?

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he got married,
he's beyond help.

Pump xlm/nano/ other Reddit coins

Tell him to hold no matter what. We don't need any more people sinking this ship.

All married women cheat. Why would any guy get married?

thanks just sold 100 wives

This has to be a larp/bait right?

He's fucked either way. When crypto goes back up in the future and her initial investment would have 30x she is going to sue him for forcing her to sell.

What a cuck, but really he should have listened to her and gave her more say on when to sell as the money came from her inheritance. But she is beyond retarded for being up 2.3x and upset. Waahhhh, i didnt sell at the absolute top, wahhhhhh.

Men are slowly figuring it out. Might take a while for every simp and white knight to jump on board

lmao It's never even going back to 15k/btc.

Desperate faggot.

Hahahahaha holy fuck they’re up 3x and she says he owes her another 3x because it was once at 6x. Women were a mistake. This guy is fucked.

Invest for the long term or not at all.

>reddit user
>wife DEMANDS him to pay her

So a cuck, married a cunt who's gonna control him, because well, she's a cunt and the cuck's powerless

Big deal, those guys get it deserved for being so fucking weak

>we never took out profit
sounds like he'd fit in around here, what a retard.

Actually I'm a lawyer and have seen this case before, many times actually. It ALWAYS happens. The price always goes over the panic point. It might take 10+ years but it will happen. The spouse will sue. The counterparty will get screwed over in varying degrees depending on the state.

LOL what is this cuckoldery

it was just a hypothetical

what kind of scum asks their significant other to take money out of their 401k and give it to them to make up unrealized gains, that's ridiculous if true

what a fucking loser, if my bitch got inheritance it's ours now.

It is just fucking sad how much men have fallen.

so this is the power of selective nostalgia

i fucking hope he sells at the bottom and finds out the bitch has been cheating on him with tyrone

He should divorce her and take half her money

You used to be allowed to smack some sense into your woman if she stepped out of line and noone would fault you.

even when wife beating was more widespread it was always considered the mark of a low class brute

>you used to

stop, youre 15. you werent even alive in 2001

There's a difference between smacking some sense into a woman and beating her.


>it is currently 2.3x value

lol if his wife was stupid enough to not realize how long it's gonna take those index funds to 2-3x then he probably shouldn't give her analysis much thought.

If he's the one who told her about crypto then by her own logic, all of her gains belong to him since he's the one who told her to invest in the first place. He should sue her for all of her gains. Stupid bitch. Proof that women are children who want their hand held through each and every single decision

My dad works for bitcoin and said its going to crash

I wonder who could be behind this post..

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Pathetic larper neet. In the end BTC is going to 0 and you are killing yourself

>I work in the ER as a trauma surgeon and everyone who gets in a car gets in an awful accident and nearly dies.

Shut the fuck up faggot and drink your soy.

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This. Still more than they initially invested, so what's the problem? Part of the risk of investing, retards.

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its funny because he was the greed, she was the fear. Together they made good collective decision meeting exactly in the middle. They should trade forex together.

>we were out of town and did not get a chance
which one of you larpers wrote this?


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>that last sentence
he's a lost cause

>she wants him to sell from his 401k because they lost unrealized gains
>he's posting a thread asking for advice
oh my god I'm out

What does it even mean to owe your spouse money?

This is why you don't gamble when women are involved

its means you and your wife are hillary supporters

>Using the money from your wife
>'Help, what should I do?'
Use your own money next time

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>all women

What a fucking bitch, it's not like she has lost money, she is still in profit but yet wants what she could have made because she didn't sell, fuck her. That's like me telling biz, fuck you you cunts owe me because you said tau was going to $5 and I held from 10c to $1.50 but didn't sell because of biz advice. What a cunt of a women, if he wants some real advice, I would cash that shit out then divorce that bitch taking half her inheritance and those gains. Women are fucking unbelievable.

He's full of shit and he lost money because pretty much everything is lower now than it was in December. So if he just held after being in December he is down a bare minimum of like 40%.

kek 2.3x in a few months and his wife wants him to pay her back for lost theoretical gains despite this. just lol

His wife wants him to pay her $60k