Explain to me why GVT will fail


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I'm sorry to tell you user, but you won't receive any answer because it can't fail.

Because it's being shilled on Veeky Forums

I mostly see Chain link, some Req, and Jibrel being shilled...

even the most trustworthy people become corrupt by money but we shall see

I remember buying it before it got properly listed on etherdelta. Sold at about 80% profit and bought link ath.

alpha is just a demo dump

Explain to me why archaic and change-resistant large brokerages and institutions would choose a decentralized service over an eventual centralized solution?

These fucking winners.... supposedly have crypto possibilities on the alpha. Supposedly this wasn’t suppose to be happening to the end of the year. They keep delivering quietly like real champions should

Also the “securities” fud is fud. There is the gvt token, and then there will be a gvt account manager token. It seems most the big broken on board are already allowed To play with securities by the sec.

The more I read about gvt, the more confidence I have. This is an easy 10x token in a year.... possibly 100x

My only concern is the fact that these managers aka “traders” who fucking killed the contest can possibly not be sec licensed to trade securities.

They also have added some crazy features to their alpha.... if you dyor you will see what I’m talking about. This shit is lefit af

It’s the only one stop shop to trade stocks, forex, and cryptos.... the programmers made it easy as fuck to do concerning interface

Instead of them having to go to kucoin for one current, and binance for another, it’s all integrated. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what iv been reading. It’s genous

Am I retarded? Isn't GVT a solution for the entire securities market? If it's just limited to crypto brokerage, it'll do fine, but not 100x.

Don't you realize by adding "block chain" to a company name can increase company stock price a few hundred percents?

An actual use case to expand customer acquisition into a new unpenetrated target market will do even more.

It’s a solution for forex, stocks, and crypto all on the same platform. Dyor you fucks. It’s hilarious link has been pushed so much on here, when shit like gvt and eng have been getting no love. Stay poor

Well this was just announced today...

And it will be out at ALPHA 4/1.

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Gvts road map has forex ONLY alpha. It seems alpha will also have crypto abilities. Crypto was not supposed to be available to play with until q4 2018. These guys consistently deliver, and have been getting brokers jump on as well.

very excited about this project

will i make it with 120 ?

LINK has memes and Sergey and plaid t shirts, and McDonald's endorsing it.

In December that was true...not so today

Bought 1,000 of these at 5.

Sold at 20 because I thought It'd be "too expensive" for people and have minimal growth..

Didn't buy back at 8.

Kill me.


Thanks just bought 100k

Market Cap, not Price my friend...

This gives traditional brokerages access to crypto investors... Ones who have never touched forex/stocks or other trading instruments but are ONLY crypto.

They will want a piece of the pie. It's a no brainer on their end and just a plugin to their daily operations, nothing really changes.

Win win 10x this year