Ketamine, DMT, MDMA, meth, or more heroin

>ketamine, DMT, MDMA, meth, or more heroin
which should i buy before it crashes further?

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how about
>stop being a degenerate and get a hobby

Heroin so you can have a pleasant suicide


Ayahuasca. See if you can get some visions from the future that show what will happen to crypto. Tribes in South America use it for visionary purposes among other things.

I'm more of an LSD guy, but psychedelics probably aren't a good idea during a crash, meth + heroin on the other hand ...



LSD gets less interesting every time I do it

also it wouldn't be suitable for my parents' house as opposed to my dorm

Get krocked on some k

Ketamine has the least decentralized source, you remember the 2013 ket drought, you can make an easy 3x

A bible.

This, i dont get anything more out of it after experiencing ego death. Plus i dont have 12 hours to waste anymore. Shrooms though, thats my favorite drug, mixed with weed and i am in heaven.

ketamine and spend time on /wsg/

or dmt and leave this place

or nootropics and build a better future

yr call

kitty for sure

Ketamine will be your best seller

unironically this

Ketamine, LSD, and MDA (not MDMA) is the winning combo in my opinion. All three at the same time. And get some nitrous, either a pallet of whip-its or a tank and some pinching balloons.
Then when the fry is fading out and the sun is starting to come up, and you are surrounded by loved ones on a beautiful spring morning, DMT.
Benzo and opiate cocktail to sleep after your shenanigans.
Remember to avoid alcohol or you'll dampen the effects, and look into a mild MAOI if you want to prolong them.

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I hope you meant which to buy to do, not to sell. There is a lot of sorrow down that path user, all the fun is down the first path.

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I feel like at the time being lsd can no longer show me anything. Time to explore shrooms more deeply I suppose.

This is exactly how I feel about mostly all my lsd experiences sans ego death/++++ experiences.

Meth and mdma so you can trade 100x leverage and party hard