He STILL hasn't started shorting BTC

>he STILL hasn't started shorting BTC

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raven > starfire

it isn’t even debatable


pretty much

raven is a qt, starfire is a whore and probably likes to fuck niggers

idk starfire looks so hot

>raven > starfire
Absolutely, Raven has a hot voice and is chill. Starfire is annoying as shit
can you contain your cuckold fantasies for any number of seconds, faggot?

>raven has a hot voice
spotted the ponyfucker

>spotted the ponyfucker
elaborate on what you're talking about

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>he just started shorting btc, before we hit heavy support and bounce back to 9k


He's probably a horsefucker who's projecting since he knows that the same VA voices a character on MLP
>inb4 you're a horsefucker too

shorting on a TEXTBOOK bart's right ear

sorry to tell you dude, but you're not gonna make it


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>Implying choosing Rachel (((Roth))) aka Raven or Starfire the fucking literal illegal alien is a smart move
Raven is also the literal spawn of Satan, the patrician move is to pick Terra and have a bunch of kids with your Earthfu girlfriend and purge the degenerate multi-cultural team of aliens and monsters.

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I didn't know how to. It's some website you have to sign up for?

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a textbook chad points to 5k,
you can day trade your barts,
I'm gonna swing trade my chad even if it's a textbook bart's right ear

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you better be right man I locked in my price at 12k you I'm about to unlock fuck fuck fuck fuck

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b-but muh khazar milkers

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But starfire is autistic and that's hot

But what if Blackfire tho

How do you short BTC?

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>shorting at the bottom
Go ahead
We need more losers

Tara Strong

Goth chicks make me diamonds. Used to have a huge crush on raven back in the day because of this

Rainbow Dash/Applejack VA does if for me.

>not getting yourself a fit, egoistic tomboy with daddy issues
>dressing her in tight spandex, putting a pair of cardboard wings on her
>bully her by calling her Rainbow Crash and saying that she is not awesome
Fuck, I am getting hard.

That's obvious. I don't think anyone here is gonna disagree with you.

That is of the hurtful.