EOS is the safest blue chip

and a glimmer of hope.

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Seriously anyone who "tethers up" or holds Bitcoin should be holding EOS. It's a way safer bet and will eventually flip Bitcoin anyway.

>not ordering by 24h

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not sure user. I'm 30% in EOS and the recent pump looks artificial


The absolute state of crypto

Market manipulation...they pumped it up after the daily show dude report...they have been dumping eth and buying their own coin...easy to see when you follow the large whale wallets

Holy fuck.
only 2 months ago, the first 25 coins had over 1 billion in market cap. Now it's just bitcoin and ether. Unbelievable.

EOS won there too

Uh, you are retarded.

fuck off pajeets. its shitcoin. git hub is sketchy. they not able to run dapps on their platform.

Pump v btc brainlet.

So many shitty new fags

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it's up over 24h too. top 15 24h earner. stay mad i guess. eos is going to take everything over. seriously.

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TRX $2,864,970,912 USD market cap
up 2.46% today
testnet this weekend

I like EOS and BNB, but I already bought TRX and I would waste money switching between them trying to time the pumps.

Anything coming up for EOS? You said it's going to "take over". When?

Seen like 10 eos posts today, guess its time to sell

It'll take some time. Top 3 is not out of the question by eoy but realistically it will take longer to take down ETH.


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excuse me Mahesh but you should copy paste your fud so your shitskin doesn't show through your post

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You know it's only because they are selling eth to buy their own tokens right?

fine with me, they were probably going to buy themselves EOS tokens to begin with, it's not some conspiracy. it's the free market and there money so they are allowed to buy their own token just like you are allowed to vote for yourself in an election

they're literally just dumping their eth and buying their own tokens to fool people lmfao, its not sustainable and will go down as the biggest scam in crypto history in the coming months. Eth will never be overtaken let alone by fucking scam eos

how much longer can they keep this up? how far can they actually drive eth down

Yes everyone but retards know EOS is buying their token with investors ETH.
Get ready to get dumped on.

Eos is a good play but def not the safest.

Safest is eth or dgd

You can see their wallets, they aren't doing shit. It turns out people want a platform that you can build real projects on. Sorry pajeet dice and kitties aren't enough


your digits won't save you from those 2 shit coins

Sadly they have 530k left.
There's a high chance Dan plans to market buy eos after launch to make it #2, for marketing I guess? Kind of risky to bet on it happening though


It's insane how much eth they got

EOS is shit. ICON is the best.


Sort by distance from ath

They are dumping for weeks...

This address got 417k ETH from eos 31 days ago, as a contract send

Holy fucking shit, how low will eth go if they continue to dump all 500k?

they are still receiving aprox 20k eth for the EOS ICO every day so multiple 20k by how many days till june 1st and thats how much eth is also going to be dumped on the market. he isn't doing OTC since theres no legal requirement to do so and crushing the eth market benefits EOS and hes buying EOS tokens to host his own dapps on the EOS platform so he needs a lot of them to do it which will pump EOS up big time

what an evil little fucker, so best thing to do right now would to be get rid of eth and put it into eos until june? or if im heavily invested in eth just put it into anything other than eth lmao, i cant believe this is actually happening

Who knows
The lower the price the smaller the impact though. They hold about as much as is mined in 30 days, so when constantinople finally comes (it's insane how delayed it is, I would have sold in Jan if I knew that there still wouldn't even be a date) it's not going to matter much anyway

yeah dont buy eth till its around 100-200 again

actually you're really just gonna wanna never buy eth again since with EOS you get weekly airdrops

Holy fuck that is the most severe market manipulation I've seen. Time to all-in EOS though

it's the free market. he can do whatever he wants just like satoshi could technically dump his 1 million bitcoins on every market at the same time if he wanted

can you see eth prices returning to the 800-1k range this year? and what do you think EoS price will be by the time they're done this dump on eth and visa versa, Eth predictions june 1st and eos predictions june 1st

That's not even close to net inflow, most of that 20k eth belongs to eos which rebuys perpetually. That fact was known months ago.


They still got ridiculous amounts of eth, but as much as it may seem. The centralization is going to be insane, they are going to own the majority of the entire supply...

But is this a bad thing for investors? Block.one is pumping the price while harming Ethereum. Seems like a good deal, centralization or not

no they won't. blockone only owns 10%. eos is 3-4 times more decentralized than btc and eth

>can you see eth prices returning to the 800-1k range this year?
If Casper gets released in summer, yes. If later, I don't think so. ICOs dumping is one thing, but what's killing eth are small gpu miners that dump everything.

>but as much as it may seem.
*NOT as much

Depends on the timeframe and your definition of harm I guess. Artificial pumps are not good for adoption.
Dan has a history of manipulation and lying, don't believe him. His first scammy project was called 'protoshares', google it. He released it with a 'bug' that caused 50%+ of the entire supply to be mined in the first week. Miners were anonymous of course ;)
Dan had majority in every one of his projects, why would eos be different? That's what he does, hypes it, pumps it, dumps it and moves to something else.

he is already rich af he doesnt need to scam for money

> Dan has a history of manipulation and lying, don't believe him. His first scammy project was called 'protoshares', google it. He released it with a 'bug' that caused 50%+ of the entire supply to be mined in the first week. Miners were anonymous of course ;)
But protoshares then became bitshares which was succesfuly and is still used today. Why would you attribute a bug to malice from Dan? Shit happens, programs aren't perfect. Remember when the DAO was hacked and hundreds of millions stolen?

why does EOS always survive the red?

genuine question, don't know much about it.

can Vitalik just shapeshift some eth to monero and order a cryptohitman on that fucking faggot?

>Why would you attribute a bug to malice from Dan?
It was a new mining algorithm (his) and the initial miner was absolutely horrible. It's almost certain that 'bug' was planted to allow him to mine with a fully optimized miner at the start.
Others optimized miners and even made gpu ones in less than a month so it was relatively easy. Without an intentional bug an optimized miner wouldn't change much as only few percents would get mined in the initial weeks.

I don't remember the details but the code was absolutely atrocious and the bug idiotic, it was all coded by Dan Larimer. So either Dan is a complete idiot or a scammer, your choice.

smart money accumulating

if you even need to ask, you aren't ready

>blue chip
what did OP mean by this

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ding ding ding dan larimer is already worth over $100MM he's not trying to scam anyone he's trying to build an operating system for scalable c++ dapps like an absolute madman so he can build absolutely mad creations

Are you a software developer? Talk to any software developer and they will confirm shit like that happens all the time. You can be a 180 IQ and programmed since you're 4, this will still happen to you.

It was literally something that became obvious with the second block.
It would and HAD to be noticed in any testing.
There's no way it wasn't intentional.

Greed knows no bounds

This. People who think it's more profitable to make a quick buck being a scammer instead of actually building something of value and milking the golden goose for years are destined to be poor. They are just projecting

> It was literally something that became obvious with the second block.
Hindsight is 20/20
The DAO bug was also obvious in retrospect. Anyone could have easily drained hundreds of millions

Except his projects never made any technical sense, there's no golden goose. The point of blockchain is decentralization, without it there's no point, a direct database is better.
All he's doing with his every project is to create a centralized network which is naturally faster, which only makes sense for dumb money buying into the hype. Or people who plan to sell to dumb money I guess.

Also your argument is just wrong, during a bubble making a quick buck can pay much better. Ripple's cofounder was worth more than founders of Google at one point. It would be insane not to cash as much as possible at these levels of overvaluation.

>The DAO bug was also obvious in retrospect
Completely different. The dao bug had to be actively exploited.
Protoshares' 'bug' happened by _itself_ and would be immediately visible in any testing.

I agree with you, yet they convinced smart people to bet a billion dollars that EOS would survive long term. How the fuck did they do this.

EOS has hands down the worst community, worst "team", worst PR I've seen for something that isn't vaporware.
And Dan's history inspires no confidence in the stability or longevity of the project, as you say.

I can't reconcile these ideas and it is driving me nuts.

>the point of blockchain is decentralization, without it there's no point, a direct database is better.

To expand, many people write bullshit about 'degrees of centralization' and whatnot. So let me give an example. EOS is going to run on 21 nodes, apparently all of them are going to be either on Amazon EC2 or Azure.
Anyone can upload a copyrighted song to EOS. When that happens they are going to get a DMCA. If they don't delete it from the blockchain they are going to get booted from Amazon and Azure. So they're going to delete it, exactly like youtube or any other platform would.

What's the point then of eos over renting a server on amazon or elsewhere? The only actual difference is that it's more expensive and harder to program on.

For comparison, there's CP on the bitcoin blockchain and nothing happened.

im not buying your heavy ass eth bags and no one else is either

Man... they are laundering money.

It is obvious at this point. The neverending ICO and billions of dollars are coming from BIG whales that need their money clean. They are buying their own bags with filthy money.

>So either Dan is a complete idiot or a scammer, your choice.
Wow talk about a false dichotomy. Completely disregard all his objectively legitimate work in crypto.

If you don't think there are any benefits to having even completely centralised blockchain solutions (as many companies already have), you are fucking ignorant and there's no point for us to elaborate for you what these are.

Btw in practice, EOS might be less centralised than ETH and bitcoin.


How many pools adds up to more than 50% of the hashing power?

Someday I hope to see this happen

you want coins that are furthest from ath you idiot

LMAO yes user thats definitely how rich people think

Who gives a fuck about centralised blockchains take that shit to /shittydatabases/

Maybe you do, I'd rather have strong coins that didn't lose much in the crash

lold, so basically you don't want to make money

The weak attempts at fud itt have convinced me to go 80% eos. I've been looking into the project for a long time and its claims seem almost too good to be true. But if some stupid shit about Dan writing buggy code 800 years ago and some unfounded conspiracy theories of money laundering are the best argument against it, that puts it in a pretty good position for success. No good arguments against its technology, no denials that it will be able to do what it claims it will do. And that's honestly the only thing that matters.

Like this... This is just so fucking dumb that part of me thinks you're an eos shill trying to make the fudders look like retards.

> it's a marketing strategy user

Basically I want to lose less until we are actually in an uptrend again then I will make money. If I were buying in right now I would do it your way but I've been in throughout the whole crash and prefer to trade coins that haven't taken a massive shit

Ya I still have yet to hear a legitimate argument against its tech. The best so far is "muh centralized shitcoin" when they don't even understand how DPoS, the 21 delegates and year long ICO work. All while ignoring the mining centralization aspects of BTC & ETH.

You know you can google what 'dmca notice' is? It can't be ignored.
If you think constantly having to delete users' data from the blockchain is fine that's ripple-level retardation and you deserve to lose everything.

Maybe a more realistic concern is that dpos is extremely political, and in order to achieve fairness and balance among block producers, it needs a very mature and dedicated community or at least a well-informed, well-intentioned subgroup of individuals to vote by proxy, neither of which EOS seems to have.

I'm worried that the platform is going to fall on its face out the gate because out of the tens of thousands of eos followers, the actually engaged community on the telegram channels/forums is like 40 people, and 20 of them want to be bps themselves.

Help assuage my fears.

Why in the flying fuck would token holders vote in block producers who are all running on a cloud service that can censor them? Do you not understand what then delegated part of delegated proof of stake means?

This is basically a question of how popular it becomes. If it ends up being the what ethereum was supposed to be then we will see big name institutions, organizations and governments all getting involved and competing for a slice of the pie. If no one uses it then I guess it doesn't really matter either way.

>Why in the flying fuck would token holders vote in block producers who are all running on a cloud service that can censor them?

Because running in a datacenter is the whole point of EOS. That's why it's supposed to have higher throughput than ethereum, because instead of PCs main nodes are going to be 64 core servers with 512GB of ram and 10/10Gbps symmetric bandwidth, or even several servers acting as one node. With 21 nodes every node must be seriously beefy.

Take away datacenters and you get ethereum.

>Do you not understand what then delegated part of delegated proof of stake means?

DO YOU? It means that node owners are public. If they are public they can be sued. It's trivial to send DMCA notices to 21 people/companies. If they don't comply they are going to be forced to pay millions.

All nodes would have to be in Russia or China to ignore copyright laws. But then they would have to censor pornography and criticism of the Russian/Chinese government.

You would need a 17/21 consensus to censor something, meaning at least 17 nodes would have to be in the same country under control of the same entity. That is virtually impossible given the token distribution method. And even if this did somehow occur, those nodes would just be voted out and replaced by any of the hundreds of nodes eagerly waiting to replace them. You have to be an absolute brainlet to think that there no way to run an eos node without being subject to dmca takedowns, even in the US. Even centralized shit like piratebay manages to stay afloat.

The point is to have BPs strategically placed around the globe to avoid this situation, in addition to making time to finality shorter. The community would have to really fuck up I think for US copyright law to be relevant.
Knowing who controls the network is a concern of course, but isn't this pretty much a problem for most platforms, unless I am misunderstanding?

>You would need a 17/21 consensus to censor something, meaning at least 17 nodes would have to be in the same country under control of the same entity

Copyright is global.
Parties 175 (countries)

The only difference is the actual level of enforcement. Every country has some equivalent of DMCA.

>those nodes would just be voted out and replaced by any of the hundreds of nodes eagerly waiting to replace them

You would have to replace nodes faster than copyright notices can be enforced. Which is on the order of days.
How would that even work, it's not a pc, it has to be a server in a datacenter. Outside of cloud providers they have to be prepaid at least a month.

>Even centralized shit like piratebay manages to stay afloat.

Piratebay isn't storing the data itself, it's a database of magnet links. The difference is that it's not directly enforceable under copyright conventions themselves, the case has to be argued under internet and country specific laws.

Hey folks, just buy Cardano.

They just came out and said that you don't need a data center, you just need a single very fast computer per chain because the execution is single threaded

Full specs will be out soon but you guys are not keeping up

This is an EOS shill thread with samefags.

EOS is gonna just be ripple v2, CNBC and shit, "ethereum killer" -- This makes me just put more money in ETH

>because the execution is single threaded

So... they changed their model and are essentially making a clone of ethereum, ie. something that's supposed to be executable on a pc? As things are looking ethereum is going to have webassembly as a possible vm too.
This means eos scalability is going to be at best equivalent to ethereum's with full PoS (2019?) but without sharding, plasma cash, raiden, all those things, not to mention adoption.

At best because it's technically possible, but looking at eg. NEO that can't handle 5tps it turns out it isn't that easy even with a centralized network, development takes time.

If it’s faster than Ethereum and cheaper to use there’s no reason it can’t overtake it. The only reason Ethereum is the largest smart contracts platform right now is because it’s the only working smart contracts platform. I expect EOS to be just under Ethereum in 2018 after mainnet launch and surpass it by 2019

>its faster and cheaper than ethereum, no reason it can’t overtake it!
>its not working yet though!

NEO is a shitcoin and will only be used in China. Ethereum sidechains will increase scalability and processing power (loom, tomochain, raiden, RLC, etc) but will take a while before they are implemented successfully (and are also very centralized). Until then EOS will be a major competitor

Obviously not, mainnet releases in June moron. This is pure speculation, we’ll only truly know the value of the project when mainnet is released

literally deluded

yeah, literally the only thing EOS tards claim is speed and Ethereum speed will be increasing greatly soon

Powh is outperforming it 2x

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true value is $0 this is a massive cash grab, you do not need $1b to code that garbage, 3 university students could do it in a basement

they even copied eth logo

I was pointing out your logical disconnect, dumbass. If it is not working yet, you do not know it is faster and cheaper. Moron!

>Until then EOS will be a major competitor

You're assuming that eos is much more scalable at launch.
Also I just realized a funny thing, because you have to hold eos to use it, high price directly harms adoption. It's different from eth where tx fees depend on usage, in eos you get bandwidth share equivalent to a total share in ownership.
Eos at $0.1 is much more likely to have developers buying it to run smart contracts than eos at $10 or even more.
So funnily enough the higher eos pumps after launch the worse the adoption prospects...

1,000 tx/s quickly scaling to 50k and eventually millions will kill anything else on the market in june. it's over. eos already won. now you get to watch it happen.

Agreed. It is getting prohibitively expensive for most developers to launch a disruptive dapp.

wrong, it scales with price for how much they need for hosting apps

It is a race right now for all platforms.

However, EOS has 1k tps single threaded and will have interchain communication at launch, allowing for as much scalability as needed theoretically. Multithreaded will follow. This will outcompete Ethereum very significantly at launch and will probably stay competitive as Ethereum's scaling solutions are introduced.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has network effect and a Wayyy better community. So it seems up in the air to me.

Why would price discovery for bandwidth be relevant to current token price?

No it's 10ktps at launch and then 100k,

idk where you all get your info but the team has reams of info from them