Starting to see a gradual increase in EOS posts. This is your chance to get on the ground floor of the next meme coin. Sell your stinkies now and get in on EOS before it's too late. Learn your lesson from buying stinkies at the top bc you fell for the meme.

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This is an actual worthwhile investment you brainlet mainet on June 1st and 2nd in cmp soon

I need a platform. I'm between this and ADA. So tell me, why EOS

I'm 30% EOS 70% ADA.
EOS has great potential in the short term if they stick to the schedule and don't dump their bags.My main problem with EOS is that everything depends on Larimer and if he leaves (as he did in the past for Steem and Bitshares) the project dies. EOS has great potential for amateur DApp developers (cryptokitties, ICOs etc)
ADA has a greater long term potential with big instutitional money lining up for permissioned blockchain, IELE, runtime verification, sidechains etc. Main problem with ADA is slow development which will result in getting beaten to the market.

Dan has said he intends to leave his role as Block.One CTO to create new projects on the EOS blockchain. This isn't a bad thing since he is continuing to build on EOS.

you don't understand. this doesn't depend on Larimer. they're giving the software away for free to anybody that wants to use it. Dan made this so he can build his own shit on his own platform. he made it with himself in mind. expect him to churn out new shit that he's been cooking up for years and just needed a platform to execute on. don't underestimate his ambition



What a shitty image.

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Made it on the fly on my phone. Thanks for this. Prepare for biz to be spammed with it now

That's good, the dude is a fucking autistic genius that will change the world the likes of which only Vitalik can imagine

this is the absolute truth

I sure hope so. Larimer is a nothing burger. Muh steem - steem is an absolute joke.

nice try noEOSer

remain in mind numbing poverty

Dan Larimer is the King of Veeky Forums - Kneel or face execution

Not only am I a no-EOSer, I'm a never-EOS'er. Caymen Islands exit scam. Enjoy your bags.

You sound like the BTC maximalists during the ETH ICO

it functions and handles more daily volume than any other blockchain. that's proof enough for me. i don't use kikebook and it's an absolute joke but plenty of other people can see the value (well, they could before not so much now)

I see the EOS paid cheesedicks are out in full force. Brock Pierce is a faggot, legitimately. anyone who willingly gives him your hard earned ETH is fucking autistic and not in the good autism type of way. Yeah Larimer is cool but he needs more help. you can't just have a shady, little dick child actor creepin around your dev environment tryna with a criminal record for sexual harassment in the MeToo era. you guys are fucking retarded giving your ETH to a pedophile, faggot who doesn't know the first thing about developing.

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Brock Pierce is no longer associated with EOS or Block.One. You do your own research, right?

Bitch please, we know he's out. But the stink remains.

Why would EOS suddenly rise in value?

Because mainnet in June and it’s a game changing platform

It will deliver what Ethereum promised.

"Game Changing" As in this will go down as the biggest scam in crypto.

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Stay poor paneer, learn how securities work in the west and your "scam" theory will go away

The sudden shilling is suspicious.

Lots of mainnets launching this summer. "Muh next ETH" - you realize that EOS isn't the only team trying to do this, don't you user?

you're right, but currently, the smart contract platform marketcap/volume wise right behind ethereum is EOS, not something else.

No it's just dumb to ignore the chain that had over a billion in VC and now has a project announced for it every day.

All of you faggots used to just scream that it was scam when I would make threads and now you are getting fucked and still don't get it

They are the only ones with real projects migrating and being made and he only ones with real money and dev behind it. DYOR faggot

I’m a long time eos holder and I agree it’s odd that there are about 4 positive eos posts on biz right now. Usually at any time there are no eos posts or just one post calling it a scam. I refuse to believe that biz finally decided to stop being retards

EOS is leading the charge of eth killers, that's why were excited about it. it beat every other platform so far in every category except eth

actually i think people are waking up to the fact that EOS is gonna be enourmous. slowly but surely Veeky Forums is getting it. there hope.

Lol same. I was actually starting to wonder whether I was missing some fatal flaw in EOS when to me everything made sense to be a winner. Learned to trust my own instinct instead of others, especially if the buy fucking LINK.

50/50 EOS/ADA master race officially. Fuck deciding between one of these two

I'm OP and usually create an EOS thread every other night or so when I'm bored. Have to agree the random over shilling tonight is strange. But this is biz, if there's sock puppetry involved it would be better used on reddit. Or who knows, maybe since EOS blew past the other smart contract platforms over the last week they are waking up. Who knows

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It’s a good platform, miles ahead of other shitcoins, which explains the high market cap. All this is priced in, people aren’t stupid when investing millions.
Is it revolutionary? That remains go be proven. Personally I don’t think it will not replace Ethereum because the network effects are too big. Also, I don’t think the performance claims are true. Anyone can achieve high performance on a testnet, scaling as Ethereum did is a whole other game.
Hmmm I think there will be a place for ADA if blockchain really is more than a bubble. I looked at their repo and read the non-technical whitepaper. It is impressive. I don’t like Charles Hoskinson, but I hope for the best. I will wait for more development before investing.
What are you talking about lol source for these claims?

It is a tragedy Larimer and Hoskinson fell apart. To me, they're like the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of crypto (Vitalik is the CEO of IBM)

I love shorting EOS, who doesn't?

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it's not strange, it's people finally getting it because the market goes down and eos keeps performing the best. it's called people jumping on the bandwagon

Nah: LINK memes are the DANKEST in the cryptosphere; no other token or coin comes close....

If you really want to meme EOS, you must MEMEOS. Are you sure you want to awaken dark powers who demand payment in forms you cannot even imagine? [y/n]



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I admire Vitalik but I'm dying at this. Saving for later

Nice try but you are not getting my link for another shit platform token, kys



dan larimer is unironically the new king of Veeky Forums get with the times brother