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who are you talking to

it's over, isn't it?

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crypto is dead, biz is following. we just have to put the final nails in the coffin

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cant pay bills being a neet trading crypto now with this crash
im working McDonald's 10 hours a day and cant post that often

This is the time when people that will make it visit biz. Just buy on the lows. People jumping in when things start going again will be too late.

Well no reason to post now.
I bought this low and just time to wait and make 20 percent.

We wait

I am here. But I can't understand: everyone is burying crypto, however, BTC was below 7k only 2 months ago. No one has said anything back then.

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Seriously though, what the fuck happened? Crypto was lively two months ago now it's dead. Friend of mine who's invested even stopped talking about it.

I barely post here anymore because it's full of brainlets trying to shill their shit-tier coins because they can't afford to buy anything good. Reading a lot of this shit just makes me embarrassed to be in crypto at this point. They're not as bad as permanent nocoiners but it's pretty irritating.


Accumulating like smart investors

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I've got this.

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This is what happens when bubbles start to collapse...

1. There is a fixed pool of potential investors.

2. Those who get wiped out are out of the pool forever

3. They stop posting and shilling, because they have no more money to invest.

4. This freaks the price, and causes more to lose money and be removed from the potential pool of investors.

5. Everyone eventually lose all.

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What is this?

It's not safe to accumulate BTC yet. It's probably safer to accumulate big-time alts, since many have reached pre pump levels.

The suicides have begun.

this board was always dead, eat shit niglet and go make friends in the real world, e.g. actual girls who you can fuck instead of shitposting on some faggot mongolian animation website known for CP and politically incorect content. fuck you.

APU #1

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Because I'm a nocoiner who wisely stayed out of this scam, I only come here to laugh at you faggots for falling for an obvious ponzi scheme

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biz was completely overtaken by cryptofags instead of you know, actual investing. so only cryptofags posted here. crypto is kill now so only the most dedicated cryptofags still post.

That's like laughing about the internet being a scam because the dotcom bubble happened. People naturally get over-excited about new tech and create bubbles. That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with scams or ponzis.

This 100%. With stocks, there's actually room for intelligent discussion and meaningful DD and TA. You can actually discuss real world events and trends to predict future price changes.

With crypto, at this point, you're basically just a degenerate gambler pretending he hasn't missed the bus last fall. Since it's a zero-sum game, the incentive is to trick others rather than help them invest. Anybody with half a brain realized this a year ago, and those left are either whales or neet-wannabees.

Moot never would've let this happen.

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i'm busy writing out my resume for mcdonalds.
do you think being a raid leader in wow counts as having good leadership qualities?
also I made a website once, well, i installed a wordpress template and changed a few things around, do you think that counts as being creative?

> Since it's a zero-sum game
(((trading costs))) tend to result in a negative sum game

biz is kill for bear market I guess.

what are some other good boards to browse? I only ever browse this shithole. sometimes /sp/


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Intelligent discussion hahaha yeah... because stocks aren't ridiculously inflated as a result of all the cheap money injected into the system. Not rigged at all bro. Dow will be at 5000 very soon and should be at like 10k right now if it wasn't for suppressed interest rates and cheap money.

The intelligent discussion is being had by those buying real money gold to protect themselves from the coming slaughter in the stock and bond market and the currency crisis that's coming

This is how it was before the retards came to Veeky Forums, it was even slower than it is still now, actually
It's going back to good Veeky Forums as it does every bear market and you need to get out if you're used to your shitty shitcoin circlejerks being bumped to 100 replies in a matter of minutes

Months of bear market, months of bear market to come. 2018 will be the shittiest year in crypto.


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What is shorting?

fapping on g. been a porn thread goin for hours and has almost 400 replies

We're all here, don't worry, you are still in good company OP

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Everybody if you can do the bartman

So this is what capitulation looks like on biz. Cool

>playing jewish games

>not safe to accumulate btc one month before May

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Noticed a lot less wojak art lately