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Redpill me, Veeky Forums. Who here meditates, what style do you do, and what are the benefits you've noticed?
Need something to calm my ass day to day that isn't in a bottle.

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Just do it and find out for yourself.

Don't waste all your time reading which style is the best. They're all basically the same. Just start. Now.

I meditate using headspace to get the habit formed. I also use for some free meditations. I do the Bringing about what you desire mediation a lot and focus on 50$ chain link. Yes literally .

Even without using it for crypto it greatly increases the happiness you can extract from seemingly mundane moments . It's a priceless habit to form

Some guided meditation is always nice. Eventually you can transition to astral projections. Not sure what the benefit is tho.

Used to and it was great. Binaural beats and ambient music helped me heal from a bad ecstasy trip.

This. Sit indian style comfortably and chant ummmmm and ooooooh and nnnggg. Let your thoughts pour out without controlling them. 10-30 minutes or more twice a day. Liquid Mind makes some of the best music to meditate to.

yeah reading about it seems to be counterproductive. thanks for the advice user.

unfortunately guided meditations just knock my ass out

I meditate and have been doing it for 12 years now. Ama.

I have explored several options out there and found the one by Sadhguru to be the extremely effective.

I highly recommend Inner Engineering.

If you first want to know more about him before taking the course, you can read his book Inner Engineering or Midnights with the Mystic or Mystic Musings(not for the faint hearted).

There is some FUD around Sadhguru but I can assure you that he is the real deal and there was FUD around every great teacher/Master/Guru - from Buddha to Jesus to Krishna. So DYOR.

If for some reason you don't like Sadhguru and his teachings(tonne of YouTube videos out there too for you to check out and decide), you can check out :
- Dynamic Meditation by Osho - you can read his books to see if they resonate with you
- Kriya yoga by Paramhamsa Yogananada - You can read Autobiography of a Yogi and decide. It's a classic book and a must read regardless.

i don't use guided meditation, i just use the timer or "calm app" which is super nice

meditation is incredible

I recommend the above for a serious spiritual seeker. If all you are looking for is some peace.
5 minutes for Nadi Shuddhi practice (alternate nostril breathing) should do the job for you.

If you still want more, you can do this free guided meditation whenever you want

Some other free practices :

For anything more powerful and effective, you have to attend programs.

Have been meditating everyday for four years now but did it on and off in my childhood. My daily meditation is saying a mantra 108 times with beads, then repeating it silently in my head for ~10 mins imagining a light where my third eye is, then varying amount of time where I focus on silence and the sounds "Ma" & "Om"

Happy to see some meditators here! I always tell the depressed people who post to meditate

30 minutes of mindful meditation every morning.

breathe in "1 breath" breathe out "1 breath"
breathe in "2 breath" breathe out "2 breath"
go to 10. repeat. don't fight thoughts. become friends with your monkey mind.

here's a minute and change of all you need to know:

I’d like to get into this but all of her nightstand Buddhism and putting Pajeets on a pedestal (even in this thread) turns me off and makes me think it’s all fucking retarded bullshit

dont know how to spell it but you ever hear of Trilanga? fat swami who they would throw in jail for always being naked and then he would appear on top of the jail

Did you start off with Sadhguru?
And what makes you pick his style over mindfulness?

so did anything improve after meditating.

I would suggest you use your intellect and do more in depth research rather than react solely based on your prejudices.

Yeah i dont pay attention to the new agey corniness that gets used by stoner girls etc. Reality is thats just how certain people perceive it and the gurus/swamis that are the real deal dont pander to that behavior.. Just gotta be open about it

Not him but personally I can control anxiety/stress/habits more than ever before. Ive also noticed lapses of joy and compassion + a stronger intuition but that might be a lil too "new-agey" for you

I have definitely heard of him. He was a great Siddha (a perfected one). From what I have heard, he lived in Varanasi(the holiest city in India) and was highly revered. He exhibited several supernatural abilities. Such abilities come naturally when one perfects himself or herself in yoga.

You can read more about him in the Aghora trilogy books.

Only true meditation is to meditate on the word. Repeat the word and listen to yourself saying it. To do this is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest thing to do.

Aren't there tons of proven medical benefits to meditating ?

This is the path towards spiritual enlightenment because God is word and word is God.

Slightly different but im into Ramtha as well. Not a yogi per say and the channeling thing can be a lil much but the book has taught me a lot

I wasn't going to click your video but I'm glad I did. I don't really meditate per say but have been trying to get into to get over some issues in my life and that video makes a lot of sense. Thanks user.

This is the fud I fight against. I’m doing the $1000 meditation you cunt.

I did not start off with Sadhguru.

I started with a very simple meditation practice which was taught by a Spiritual teacher when I was young. Did it for 6 months then gave it up because I got 'busy' with academics. The practice certainly helped me.

After a few years, I realized I should get back to meditation. I was inquisitive so I read a bunch of books on meditation including Autobiography of a Yogi. That really rekindled and renewed my interest in meditation as a serious spiritual seeker.

I followed Kriya yoga by Paramhamsa Yogananda for almost an year before I got 'busy' again.

Finally, I came across Sadhguru when someone suggested me to read his book Mystic Musings. I did the inner engineering program and all other programs soon after.

Though Kriya Yoga by Paramhamsa Yogananda is good as a practice but I believe the presence of a live teacher/Master makes a big difference (Unfortunately Yogananda isn't with us anymore). Sadhguru has created several support systems so that people don't fall off the path and I think that really helped me stick on. Ofcourse, as you stick on, you go deeper and gain more experiences and insights which encourage you further.

Autobiography of a Yogi is amazing. Have it as an audiobook

>Liquid Mind

ahhhh, this is comfy desu

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Mindfulness imo is just one of the tools. I won't consider it a complete path by itself unless you have a living Zen Master guiding you.

In India a plethora of tools have been explored to take one to their ultimate nature - hatha yoga, tantra, gnana yoga(using the intellect), kriya yoga and Sadhguru uses a combination of these. So I find that extremely effective.

I particularly chose Kriya yoga because :

I consider myself a genuine spiritual seeker. So I wasn't looking for calmness or help with other aspects of life but rather the ultimate truth.

A lot of things changed or rather got transformed. It is difficult to put it into words... It's like going through an event horizon. Suffice it to say that once you touch a certain dimension of life, life is not the same anymore, you are not the same anymore, the world isn't the same anymore.

So it really depends on what you are seeking.

The Kriya yoga they teach is also good. :)