EOS will save the market in June

BTC will be struggling around 10k around June and EOS will give it the push it needs to blast off to 30k. ETH did it in 2017, time for round 2 EOS edition.

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You have my attention.
I see similarities to ETH, what does it have over it?

y pajeets suddenly shilling eos. stay away please

coded in c++, normie friendly (simple passwords instead of randomized letter and number keys, recovery from hacks etc.) faster, billions to invest on worthy projects, airdrops from all the projects launched through blockone...i could go on, but honestly do some fucken research. the internet is flooded with info

> normie friendly (simple passwords instead of randomized letter and number keys
It's really easy to make an app that does that for ETH

> faster
it's faster than the eth mainnet because it's more centralized. People are building centralized side-chains for ETH that will give it the same speeds without sacrificing decentralization for the whole platform

>billions to invest on worthy projects
The Ethereum Foundation has billions too. Every dev team for top coins is loaded.

I wish I could like EOS but all the clueless moonboys shilling it as an ETH killer make it hard to take it seriously. I have yet to find anything actually interesting in the tech.

FUD and memes aside it's no joke. Think about it from a developer and user standpoint.

>Code in C++, no new language
>Easily port existing erc20 projects to EOS blockchain
>One of most active githubs in crypto
>One BILLION dollars of VC money for dapp devs

>Zero transaction or gas fees to use blockchain
>Receive airdrops from new dapps
>Rent tokens to dapp developers
>Don't even need to know what a blockchain is to use one

It's extremely important to have adoption from both developers and users for a protocol to take off. EOS has the lowest barriers to entry for both to gain both dev and user network effects.

ETC also is getting upgrades. Callisto for side chain. Don't think ETH is using CLO. ETC and ETH should be switching prices.

>ETC and ETH should be switching price
Lol I doubt you believe that yourself. ETC is dead, all the good devs left for ETH or Cardano. It sounds like you're only shilling ETC because you're too poor to afford ETH.

the side chains could save ETH, i agree. but i'd much rather take a crack at EOS at this price compared to ETH especially considering all the ICOs can dump ETH into oblivion. i actually have a hard time taking ETH seriously when a faggoty cat game crashed the entire thing. also EOS you can recover your shit, ETH you can't. if it's gone, it's gone. people don't care if it's more centralized, only true enthusiasts care...and well fuck the enthusiasts, they won't flood the market with their money. and Larimer is way smarter than autistic Vitalik

ex: Linux is technically superior and no one gives a fuck except tech idealists.

The point is it just needs to be decentralized enough.

plus you get mad airdrops with EOS with already 9 confirmed likely to be hundreds

how do you look at activity log in github?

you are aware that the only reason it's pumping is because the founders are dumping eth right?

time stamps right hand side, total commits up and to the left

Also check out this code audit from last month:

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It's pumping because according to cmc Korea is absolutely creaming themselves over this coin.
It's literally almost unbelievable.
I wish I knew what the fuck was going on over there.
Does anyone know why this is?

it's pumping because f hype, as other coins have pumped before (see: NANO, NEO, ADA, XLM etc).
The fundamentals of this coin are not bad. If they were bad, it wouldn't be in top 10.

chainlink has over 800 commits

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Fuck chainlink lol


eos stormtroopers are the new linkies

EOS BNB or KMD??? I can only buy one...

Implying you have inside information when you state that economic activity increases in the summer.

eos duh

so buy eos or btc


Super scam vapor ware.


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