WTF is going on with ontology?

Anyone else watching this? It's the only coin fucking mooning rn while everything else is shitting the bed. Why is it going up?

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Scam to catch anyone spending. It will have huge crash.

I think it's a great project but is mooning for no other reason than FOMO at the moment I just sold out at 2.40 made .5 btc since this morning. I want to go to bed and don't trust the Chinese while I sleep.

I got 500 of these in an airdrop, sold some yesterday. Thought that it was about to double top but it keeps going up.

Fixing to sell and buy back in when it dumps

This one Bytom and ontology has my interest. Bytom is almost going up in a straight line no matter what happens. They are botch chink coins so maybe the chinks still believe in crypto

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No idea. No news or anything. Mad jealous desu

Why would you sell? Every fucking time I look at this thing it is green.... like every fucking other day.

Its mooning because its UNDERVALUED. Its like EOS to ETH but instead ONT to NEO. This can double again. Been telling people about this project, was undervalued and was time to make its proper rankings


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I take my profits it will drop CMC has the market cap wrong and it has no news in a bear markrt it's mooning because people are trying to ride the pump i'll buy back in when it inevitably drops. If I go to sleep and l wake up to a loss I'll put rubber bands around my dick til it turns purple and falls off that's why I sold.

Too late to buy now, wait until the sell off happens like a smart investor would

Yeah, tried that already...... Sometimes the sell off is just a dump into the void or it tricks you and goes up then you fomo back in because everything else is crashing. Why not just follow the market and bet on what the chinks are tossing there money into.

ONT, EOS, HST, and GVT are the safest bets in crypto long term.

We cant



its fine to ride this fomo pump just dont go to sleep on it.

only thing pumping in this market and people are desperate for one.

It already has a market cap of 600 million

Anyone else here? Double top on the 15min chart, expecting a dive soon

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Sold my 150 ONT from the airdrop at 2.31 earlier. Was hoping to buy back in sub 2. Does anyone think it will drop back down to that range? I’m obviously not going to FOMO in but I’m curious if it can hold this price in a bear market, will it actually drop back down once the rest of the market pumps

waiting on GVT.. that fucking dump got to me man. i know it's just a shit market right now, but I'm so sure that GVT is undervalued, I just don't get why the rest of the market doesn't see the potential.

Everybody's off chasing the next ETH or NEO or w/e platform/exchange/supplychain coin pops up. But nobody cares about finance, or bringing old money into the space. That's what they should be thinking about, expanding the market cap through traditional finance. GVT, JNT, QASH, POLY, NPX, traditional finance tools brought to the blockchain to basically GIVE money to the crypto markets.

Or maybe I'm fucking crazy, I dunno.

It seems to be pumping for no good reason, so yeah I think so. Placed my order for down below. Kicking myself that I sold just minutes before the second round of pumping began earlier today, but it was a win nonetheless

It's definitely gonna come back down, the only question is whether it'll be tonight or tomorrow

Have been trading this for about 12 hours, the candles have had massive spreads of 1000 satoshis. Easy to track bots for most of the day although its become a little harder recently. Will likely keep a small portion to see where it goes tonight but for the most part I'm waiting for a bounce above 32000 before calling it a night.