I can't help but think anyone who isn't in tether is about to lose a lot of money. Please biz brahs...

I can't help but think anyone who isn't in tether is about to lose a lot of money. Please biz brahs , tether up and be safe. I don't want to see anyone post a pink wojak

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>implying Tether is safe
No dollar peg in history has survived, why do you think Tether is any different?

I’m too busy prepating for mainnet. reddit.com/r/Chainlink/comments/863llz/prepate_for_mainnetjpg/?st=JFAG7WYI&sh=466f6daa

Its just for the next couple of days

Why the fuck would you tether the literal bottom.

nobody stays in tether very long.

Bottom is about to break and create another 40% drop fren

Sorry friend, liquidation at 7100.

When I was a newfag here I thought tether meant hang yourself so “tether up before you go to bed” made me very confused.

Sorry, but it's not going to happen now, only when we reach 11K will 5K be possible.

Is we bottomed 40% from here, REQ would be at 0.10 cents, LINK at .20, etc.

It's not going to happen.

>Vaporware will end up being worthless
>Not going to happen

it's not my fault you didn't invest in the right shit.

kek wtf

>mfw it's over boys. We aren't going to make it after all

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You bet it's going to happen. It'll slowly bleed to 2k$. Next bull run: 2020.

Ironically this. Money to be made shorting the little pops as it bleeds.

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I'm so fucked at 70% down that I don't care anymore. I'll just hold my bags, fuck off and come back to it (if)when the bull market takes off again. If it's 2020, oh well. I was poor before, I can go back to being poor.

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I held when ETH dropped from 22 to 8. I held when ETH dropped from 400 to 130.
Of course I'm gonna hold now. I'm a few bullruns away from being pretty rich and I'm not gonna sell now.

I unironically sold my truck and bought 7 eth at $1200 each. It seemed like a good idea at the time, everything was mooning and I had just procured a large bottle of xanax

And you won't sell then either.


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That really sucks man. Xanax is fun but a bottle goes quick.

oh...oh no. that sucks big time user. ive also made some messy decisions under the influence of fun bars

What happens to the market when bittrex/tether implodes?

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deez nuts!

>6 days ago
Fuck it's even closer now than it was then.

This board is too damn depressing now. You guys are acting like its really over. Are you forgetting that we almost reached a trillion marketcap last year which is litterally nothing for something that can be traded worldwide? How much do they pay you guys to spread fud? Its so obvious.

How much of that trillion needs to be cashed out into Tether before Tether can't handle it and collapses?

Top Kek!

The funny thing is nobody has ever tried to redeem any Tether, which is when the real problems would happen

Fags like you always say this whenever we have a big downtrend