How or why is this ok? Fuck the government for getting involved in higher ed. Post your damage

How or why is this ok? Fuck the government for getting involved in higher ed. Post your damage.

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Should’ve joined the military

Ew what is that?


The government is the only entity that would have loaned you that money.

27 months of graduate school. Glad I didnt have any from loans from undergrad

Jokes on them. I got a five year degree from a top 10 US college got it all written off because I had a psychotic break.

I just have to literally be poverty-stricken for another two full years and I get 30k of debt written off.

Dude that's more than my mortgage , 3 bedrooms in a nice part of Philadelphia. That's insane man. Hope it was for a good degree . Just work hard and you'll find a way out

Wait they make you pay MORE if you graduate?!

I wouldnt of ever needed this much money for school if they never got invovled in the first place

Your selling your dignity and resorting to poverty over 30k of debt ? Pathetic

Congrats you played right into the Jewish ponzi kys

Pay less a month, but more in total. Im planning to move back home and pay around 4k a month so I'm not paying more than I have too

300 months the absolute state of paying for a student loan for 25 years lmaooooooooooo

Where in Philly?

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Listen, you can't blame anyone but yourself. Bitch and complain as much as you want, but at the end of your day there's a million ways to make it in life and you made the decision to take out a loan and go to school. I did the same, and I paid it all off in 2 years. Just stay strong and hustle your ass off and you will be fine. Best of luck my brother.

Northeast , torresdale

Cost of living in SE Asia is under 2k/yr and cap-gain investments don't count towards the income requirement.

Cucked, I made that off 300$ in crypto... this year.

But... you borrowed it from the gooberment.. Wtf did you expect?

Lmao sucks to be an American I'm around 50k in debt and only pay 60 pound a month straight from my salary

I will be 70k in with a masters degree in EE,

how fucked am I?

Lmao sucks to be you, at that rate you'll be a debt slave for the rest of your life

>60£ a month
>Debt slave

>having that much debt at all

As with anything that’s subsidized by the government the cost surges out of control. Same thing happened to the housing market.

OK. Listen very carefully college boy. You need to acquire $10,300. Buy REQ at .21 this will give you @ 49,400 REQ. EOY when REQ is $3 you will have your $148,000. Pay loan off. This is pretty basic shit user.

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That's not the reason, the reason is blue-collar jobs have been reduced in value forcing everyone into college.

>There is dignity in dying poor

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>land of the free

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Of course you would have to, it's expensive. School is not going to get cheaper just because people don't take loans. In countries where higher education is free or cheap it is payed from people's taxes. You can have high cost of university or high taxes.

>three bedrooms in a good neighborhood

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Attempt to kill yourself and then get it written away due to mental instability and inability to have a job. I heard they will be easing on the "undue" hardship requirements at least.

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It's fucking robbery. I paid mine off ($180k interest included) in under 2 years with salary and crypto gains.

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You'll never make it