Post your 1mo. chart

W-when will it recover?

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What shit are you holding?

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nice dead cat bounce, faggot

Nice poorfolio

>muh dead cat bounce
that's all from holding two meme coins


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When you feel like you can't go on with your life any longer. You think it's bad now? Are you about to sell? No? Well we're not there yet, friend.

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I went all in on neblio. It doesn't really go up all that much, although it has gone up a bit this month, with a few spikes last month, pretty stable.

I mean I'm not really feeling much pressure to sell. Not at risk of losing very much at all.

Thanks friend.

Down from ~750k to ~600k

Can't complain

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are you using a trading bot or something?

Bought BBN at 4.5 cents.

why are you lying to yourself ?

eh... could be worse

shit will recover, just keep holding and trading off the volatility to increase your stack. that way when it recovers you'll be even better off than you were before!

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This shit is fucking GAY

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oh wow i'm an idiot didn't see "1 month chart." i'm -37% for the month kek

I can’t even afford to take screenshots anymore
I don’t know if I should cash out now or end it all

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>when you get JUSTed so hard your images are sideways


Not fun

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Everything is fine

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newfag to crypto, this is pretty ez honestly guys, compared to poker. probably going to put more $ in soon

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Wow the poorest portfolio ever

This is cool this will be me in about a month :)


fuck this

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fuck eth

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what are you doing to achieve returns in this terrible market?

Getting just'd this dump but otherwise good month

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>tfw req

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Could be worse

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pure luck most likely. roughly speaking, buying the most crushed anti-pumped stuff that is likely to bounce back and then jumping out at 20% ish gains.
sample recent trades going back a while
in and out of POLY
XLM at recent bottom
TRX (already out)
NEO a couple days ago
AMB before biz started shilling it so hard
BPT recently.

bought 22k JNT when it bottomed out a while ago, lost all profits on that today. will keep holding though. I expect that to dip more but it was too painful to accumulate that much, don't want to try to get in and out.

basic strategy: I have a list of what I think is good or hypeable, when any of those tank I buy.

PS pretty sure others are doing this, several things i've bought get shilled right after.

When will this shit show end.

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oh next trades for entertainment value since variance will probably catch up:
sell EOS now
hold NEO for a few days then see
hold JNT long term
finger is on the sell AMB trigger, watching it
sell XLM now buy VEN
buy small amounts of BTC soon

thanks for your detailed response.

what do you consider to be a hypeable coin? something that gets shilled everywhere like on twitter, fb, even here?

I just wrote that to apologize for buying tron even though I think it's hyped garbage. but they know how to produce hype, when i saw the testnet launch date announced i bought it immediately

oh yah trac listed on kucoin recently and has a sell glacier up - watching that till i think dump is over then buy


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