Magicpoop is pissed off

Let me just start this off by saying that I don't care what ANYONE thinks! My job is to analyze the charts, and do it to the best of my ability. So, assign any of the lame crypto terminology that you want to it. FUD, FOMO, whatever the _ you wanna call it. I really don't care. You know why? Because if you want to roll against me, in the long term, you're going to lose every single time. So go ahead! Question the head and shoulders all you want. Hold On for Dear Life all you want! That's a fool's strategy, and I can guarantee that eventually, you'll be Holding On for DEAR DEATH! You want the bear Magic back!?!? Well here I am, harder and more raw than you've ever seen me! So let me ask, why do you think Charlie Lee sold when he did?! He knows what's up, and so do I! You know too, in the back of all of your minds, that this is a rupturing bubble. Now raise up, and tell me that I'm wrong!

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I gave this worthless market a chance on the upside. I've waited for the inverse head test to materialize, but it is now very evident that the larger pattern, THAT ENORMOUS HEAD AND SHOULDERS THAT'S STARING YOU IN THE FACE, is going to prevail. Technically, the inverse isn't invalid until the inverse head is surpassed, but that's only a matter of time. Obviously, it probably won't go down in a straight line. We may bounce from neckline, when the right shoulder completes. But you know what? The broad picture is epicly bearish . You can say that I flip flop all you want, you can say that I suck all you want, but I really don't GAF. I laugh all the way to the bank every day, because I'm a mega boss in this game. I've completely slayed this market, as a bear and a bull, and my charts have ALWAYS backed that up. You want to see how accurate my pattern identification is? I challenge anyone to go through the entire history of my charts and tally it up! You'll marvel at my greatness!

Mpc suxs it's all about that Asian guy with the 10 min vids

Now, I have a moral obligation to put out the realest, no BS content that I can. If you want to see a sugar 0.56% coated fantasy analysis on this market, then go somewhere else. Because until technical EVIDENCE supports the fantasy, I would be a liar to sit here and tell you that it's all good. You think this market can't completely and indefinitely collapse? You're downright WRONG, an amateur, and extremely naive, if you think so. This market is massively speculative, filled with novice investors, way overvalued, filled with fraud, and possibly just a massive scheme. Nobody even knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Doesn't that strike you as concerning? Have you considered that you're possibly engaged in the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of man? What do you think would happen to this market if THAT came to light?

cool, bought 100k

So, in the comment section, tell me what makes crypto valuable at all? Why do you even invest in it? Is it demand? Decentralization? Efficiency as a payment system? Pure speculation? I say it's probably the latter. Look, I will continue to analyze this market as it moves, but the overall prognosis is NOT GOOD. If we get a bounce, sure I will call for the upside, because up moves WILL occur, as the bears hammer the final nails in this god forsaken coffin!

On the downside, look for a test of that big fat nasty red head and shoulders neckline. If we get an initial bounce, so be it. No matter how you slice it, we're in an enormous head and shoulders pattern, in a huge downtrend channel , in a market that has a seriously questionable existence. Unfollow me if you want. I don't care. Find someone to lie to you, because it won't be me!


> in the long term, you're going to lose every single time

i hope you are smart enough to realize how dumb this line is. in case you're not let me ask you this question, how many friggin "long terms" are there?


hey is dis really dat dude

he mad

Hai guiseee, loooookkk aitttt muuuuuyyyyy heddd ainddd shaullddderrssss

This guys is fighting back.

1.) Bitcoin is the first truly scarce asset a human can own other then arguably art/luxury goods (that can be counterfeit) and real estate (there is much much more housing that can still be built before we come CLOSE to exhausting all land, then we just build on the moon or something). Gold does not have a ceiling as they keep finding more, stocks get split, commodities are not finite, currencies are printed out of thin air......There are only ever going to be 21 million BTC. Think of it as deflationary digital real estate that can hold unlimited wealth and cannot be confiscated, of course this asset is insanely valuable to anyone with an IQ above 80 and has read anything about economic history.

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2.) Bitcoin allows one to be their own bank. You can send unlimited wealth to anyone across the globe and you do not have to ask permission from a third party, who charge you a fee to use your own money. This is also insanely valuable to many people, as we can see with the massive growth that has taken place as more people have come to this realization the last 7 years. Even non criminals value privacy and I have never met someone who likes to be told they cannot access the fruits of their labor without permission from some suit.

3.) It has allowed a multi billion $ industry to emerge out of thin air (mining, wallets, darknet, accountants, programmers, journalists, academics, consultants etc). There are enough humans invested that have made this their lively hood at this point to let it go to zero, I know its possible but the likelihood of bitcoin going to zero now is very very very slim compared to the first few years where the odds were very very high. This is not as strong as points 1 and 2 but still relevant. The longer we stay above 0, the higher likely hood we never get there.

4.) Bitcoin is really the first asset anyone in the world can invest in, from 12 year old kids in Venezuela to 12 year old kids in Laos and every nationality and age group in between. It does not discriminate at barrier of entry like every single other asset besides gold/silver. This means there is an ever growing pool of potential capitol that does not need to be a certain nationality, have a bank account, be an accredited investor or any of the other hoops one has to go through to invest in the stock market, real estate, or IPO's.

I am a mediocre trader, that is why I am here to learn. If we hit $3500 or whatever that is still higher then 1 year ago and I think the FOMO bounce will be so attractive at that point it may get us out of this downtrend finally.

Been in since the Dogecoin days so we have a long way to go before I pull the plug and say good-buy to this market. Rather it go to zero and lose everything then get out now and miss the real S-curve moonshot if it in fact materializes (think masterluc chart). This is the thought of many people not selling. For people holding this long selling now and experiencing the regret of missing out if this thing really kicks off is a powerful thing to keep people from liquidating. A small amount of people percentage wise bought in December and are probably out already. This is a psychological aspect no other markets one thinks apple shares or gold bars are going to get them out of their dead end job but bitcoin has done just that for many people. Plus most people holding BTC aren't looking at charts a small amount of the total circulating supply is in the hands of day/swing trader this is evident by wallet movement audits.

I realize this is all fundamentals and "captured in the charts" or whatever but it is what it is.

>BTC loses 60% of its value
>"Its fucking over, this is a ponzi scheme, we are going to fucking zero"
>"Everyone else is a new trader, not me."

LMAO. This guy isn't just new to investing but new to crypto in general. I don't give a fuck if he has posts predicting shit back to 20-fucking-10. The market will go up, $800B market cap is fucking nothing.

> The market will go up, $800B market cap is fucking nothing.

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It literally is nothing though, this new GLOBAL market based on a disruptive new technology is less than one company on the stock market.

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>he thinks 800B is a lot of money, even on a national scale
fucking retard, there are trillions that could flood into this market overnight. they don't because it's volatile as fuck and manipulated by bart patterns.

>this new GLOBAL market based on a disruptive new technology is less than one company on the stock market

with so far pretty much less than 5 real use cases, ridiculous number of frauds, huge distribution problems, 0 regulation... i could go on but u get the picture

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dumb fag here. so why we care about mpc?

I like Bitcoin Schmitcoin. Just realistic trend analysis and good trading info.

You just proved my point of how early it is

>Professional top trader highly emotional
>declares the end
We’re getting closer to end of the bearmarket, we could hit another. A couple of weeks max and the bull will truly return
>refer to meme chart

*another low

no, i did not. you compared the value of a bunch of pnd shitcoins with 0 real use cases and moon shot projects to the valuation of huge corporations, with dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of employees, spending billions on groundbreaking research, developing world changing and mass adopted products etc. what u said is pretty much what a brainlet boomer normie would say on reddit to reinforce his bagholder mentality.

Oh and that 800B market cap is illusionary. We have like ten coins for every application. The current market cap of consumer that will be used in the future is probably like 300-400B. That is unimaginably small compared to what crypto could overtake.

Yeah, but that is the thing with bitcoin. They did not have like a massive sales team pushing it..... And it was going up in value alone....... with almost no one...... You can't really say well the internet will never work because it lacks all these humans to control it.

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ummm, you never post on this board and why the fuck are you ranting so much? in a simple few lines what is your point u r trying to make ?

nah I found it it's PRO_Indicators

are you high? wtf are you talking about and how is it related to what i posted?

>And it was going up in value alone....... with almost no one

yes, going up in value with massive wash trading pushing price up and months of msm shilling attracting every boomer and their mother to this ponzi

and if you think the msm putting on news reports everyday about bitcoin for months is not like a massive sales team pushing it, idk what else to tell you

This idiot is always wrong. Bought 100k.

Oh boy. Just read the whole thing. We're definitely in 'depression'.

i think head n shoulders is just for stocks

Bubble is popping as we speak.
Didn't know mutts were still this DELUSIONAL.
It's time to wake the fuck up.

Nano for long term HODL?

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>>draws head and shoulders
>>forgets to project target price at -6k

please take my bags of bitcorn AND my fiat

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>Have you considered that you're possibly engaged in the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of man?
He's not a true coiner

Literally who with shit meme-lines.

If you risk your coins on someone like that, then you deserve everything coming to you.

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