Veeky Forums is fuckind dead, let's make it a full anime board once for all

Veeky Forums is fuckind dead, let's make it a full anime board once for all

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>Veeky Forums is fuckind dead
back to penny stocks and drop shipping


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oldfag here, ebay yesssssssssssss

namanaka hyaku percent


Commies and kikes get the gas

Good this place has been cancer lately

anime is so last decade, I assumed the site was using it ironically, how old are you guys?

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man why do you parasites have to shit up every board with your gay shit

We are all in our 20s

You have no taste


Nice estrogen pills homo

owo whats this?

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I wholeheartedly agree.

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Thanks just brought 100k

Anime posters should be gassed. Veeky Forums does not need all you poor, unedcated, pedophiles shitting this place up futher.

have you ever heard of chainlink?


It's not dead
Quite far from it, you newfags are learning what a bear market it
We are going back to old, good Veeky Forums

you are on an anime imageboard, reddit

No i’m fucking not, the anime imageboard is /a/, just because you filthly losers post your cartoons everywhere does not mean its appropriate.

i never saw an anime in my life


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holy fuck i want that Yui so bad totally jealous

>mommyyy they are posting cartooons do something buuhuuu

This is not your safespace, you have to go back.

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Fuck off nwefag. It never stopped being an anime board.
I like you
Fuck off newfags.

>mfw grown men unironically watch cartoons in the year if the lord 2018

kys commie

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Is it so that anime lovers consider themselves too imperfect compared to normal society thus they idolise their own idea of perfection commiserating in symmetrical perfect faces free from imperfection? do we all do this with our projections and desires? I think, user friendo, that this is the case. Can any of you more autism-o inclined anons or anime fags enlighten me?


anime kawaii desu

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>mfw commies get the gas

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Throw commies from helicopters desu

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in my case it was something like...

> sister told me i would become a chick magnet when i was 12
> had a 13 year old 9/10 want to make out with me in an autistic fashion (zero social skills)
> had multiple girls attracted to me when i was ~13
> read a "visual novel" also at the age of ~13
> was absolutley amazed by the mature and adult behaviour compared to the gay aping of my 12/13 year old peers, porn, etc.
> have been gradually less attracted to 3d thanks to pseudoscientific and idiocratic "sexual repression," "healthy sex life," "sex is a basic need" propaganda. (tobacco lobby 2.0 = tobacco in form of stroke-risk tripling sex for mourning widowers/seniors is "healthy" and has to become part of "health care"; pretty sure i would let them fail the turing test for their autism.)
> never had a 3d crush in my life. it was all 2d moe from then on out. (i can get my sexual satisfaction up to blushing and dopamine rushes from masturabation, because my imagination isn't non-existent.)

i am essentially asexual towards 3d today. i would still consider living together with a "sister"-type person on platonic level, however.

jesus christ, please curb your autism

That's pretty wholesome
nice mental state user
hope you're not just larping

crypto bulls, bears, TA fags, stocks, pajeets, everyone has been btfo and morale is inexistent, anime must take over RIGHT NOW, we won´t have another chance

If you consider yourself intelligent you should still somehow reproduce

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Just wait for 1th april. There's word on the streek Hiro is gonna troll the fuck out of every non-anime board, especially normie boards like /pol/ and /v/ who has a sizable anti anime userbase

Veeky Forums made me stop caring about anime

Is that a bad sign?

>decide to give new anime a shot and see what all the fuss is about because there were a few i liked when i was growing up
>owo ONIIIIISAAAAN ~ tuuuturrrruuuuuu ^_^

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nice Honoka figurine user!