does this shitcoin have any redeeming qualities?

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This guy is such an annoying fucker

yeah he lost it once he started going full crypto

Unless it gets hit with a pile of bad news all at once (hacked code, stolen funds, all devs walkout), then it'll just keep rising alongside Bitcoin. Why? Because it's established and it's doing nothing notable other than sitting on Coinbase.

I used to like him, but now he is starting to go to the deep end. Interviewing psychics about future crypto prices and other shit.

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Southern carnival barker uses fortune tellers to call coins. He and Charlie Lee are twins separated before birth.

I fucked up in the past and unsubscribed Max Kieser in 2013. I thought he was losing it. He's been shilling btc since 2012. Wtf was I thinking??? Give jsnip a chance is all Im saying. Just don't go out and buy tarot cards! Buy Chainlink.

litecoin is one of the most successful scam in crypto history so far:

a) Charlie lee forks BTC, changes a few chain params (a trivial change), and has someone copy the pow algo (scrypt) from another chain (Tenebrix) so no original points

b) Charlie lee claims its ASIC and FPGA resistant when he already knew there were existing ASICs that his collaborator developed, and may or may not happen to own himself ;)

c) It basically dumps on the chinese investors that have no idea what was going on. And went with the bullshit line of "the silver of bitcoin". a lie perpetuated by Charlie

d) Has no development since it relies on merging changes from bitcoin core. thus it has the same roadmap as BTC. So it will never be scalable

e) Charlie Lee gets a job at coinbase. Coinbase only deals with BTC at that moment. Litecoin has been a dead alt for many years already. But then, suprise suprise. LTC is the only other coin that gets listed in coinbase, where charlie works!! what a coincidence!!1

f) Charlie then proceeds to dump all his holdings at ATH. Unsurprisingly their investors and coin holders applaud this. because Litecoin supporters are notorious cucks that love to have their property fucked in the ass.

g)Lastly, Charlie have no real skin on the game so he doesnt even bother researching "litepay" a company he endorsed but had nothing substantial and goes broke. Not before having the price raise after the hype. We will never know if he acted on this information

There you have it


But wen moon?





and /thread

>remote viewed litecoin
what the fuck does that even mean

why did you reply to yourself 5 times



Doing very well by my analysis.

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7 now

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is that fag still alive?

fucking piece of shit




We have IDs here Charlie