For all you dumbasses and newcoiners that think that crypto is dead and that these are unprecedented losses

For all you dumbasses and newcoiners that think that crypto is dead and that these are unprecedented losses...
Top chart is when mt.gox was hacked in 2014 , the bottom chart is present day and the peak and fall were exactly when Bitconnect was revealed as a scam and CoinCheck got hacked out of moe bitcoin than mt.gox , notice how bull rallys occurred right after october and how both peaked right before new years with Bull traps forming right before Chinese New years.

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Just like May-june when Bitcoin Dropped from $2800 to $1900 and everyone was flipping shit

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Stop using all of those fucken big words u homo and just tell me when it will go up again


>no moons or lambos for 3 years

my life is over

"Chinese New Years" and "Unprecedented" were the biggest words/phrases I used...

Honestly It could moon high as hell in may or it could stay low for 2 years like what happened after Mt.gox before mooning the entire market.

Stop mansplaining
Ok got it thanks. So what is your game plan? What do we watch for?

or it's dead.
>scaling issues have been exposed
>nobody actually uses it anymore
>regulatory intervention is inevitable
>investors have turned it into some shitty pump and dump scheme.

This FUD again. Buy the dip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what will actually start a bull run

>new and yuge illegal markets

We might not see one for another 1-2 years so fasten your seatbelts. I've seen even niggers and traplords use BTC ATMs but now they all do KYC. Highly likely that Monero gains significant market share in the future.

Look at coins between $1 Mil -$50 Mil Mcap, look at the ones that have the best use cases and shit industrys are already using/will use , or something that many people can easily adopt. Do Fundamental Analysis and Accumulate around 10 of the best coins you find and then wait for them to moon, I'll give you a bit of a head start, aXpire and Bounty0x , both around $10 Mil Mcap..

Regulation is what we WANT, there are numerous companys considering using blockchaib and decentralized tech but have yet to do it due to lack or regulation.

Follow the twitter account that made that comparison, there watermark is the twitter handle right on the middle of it

Not interested, mainly seems to be shilling dumb bullshit. Not confident this person actually knows anything

That's exactly what I did. In 6 months probably less I will be rich as fuck. I'm down a lot right now but I', doing everything I can so I don't have to cash out certain alts. It's gonna be well worth it.

That crypto twitter account actually makes some good calls and while everyone was saying the bull run was starting he actually called a bull trap 10 days ago and I shorted some BTC holdings based on his call and turned out to be right and turned a profit. Also learned about aXpire from him and he rarely talks about individual coins let alone shills them. He made the call 9 days ago to be exact.

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Now is the perfect time to accumulate and buy in cheap while you can, keep your portfolio tight though like under 10 coins, max 15

Oh whew I only have to wait 4 years to reach previous ATH, t-thanks, user!! May as well invest in a fucking mutual fund

So we're going down to $2k then, nice

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Go long rope

Where you getting that assumption from?

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>and while everyone was saying the bull run
Lmao what? Maybe other retarded twitter wannabes

except 2012 was when literal friends waged 2000 bitcoins between eachother for fun in poker game

and now you have 100s of millions of people trying to get into all the money those people before them got

Yeah we're at return to mean, but it's going to dip to 6k one more time and go sideways until products are released by most coins.

10 days ago everyone was talking about Bull run starting, all cryptos were up double digits again after the dip for a few consecutive days. All over reddit aswell.

Speak for yourself corporate cock gobbler


Orr the flippening may very well happen where Ethereum finally becomes the #1 Spot it deserves and that's when the criteria market will take a big deal to being a more matured market.

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one more run up to 11K. get out.

final crash to 4.5K in May.

June begins the new paradigm.

no they werent
you've confused ironic memeing as being serious because you're a newfag redditor
fuck off back there and stya

I wouldn't consider aXpire "shilled dumb Bs"
There one of the only Cryptos with such an active working product working with many Fortune 500 aswell as Fortune 100 companys and soon being featured on CNBC while being $8 Mil Mcap.

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Yeah the coin that can be hard-forked at the desires of Vitalik with a 70% pre-mine ICO, great decentralized crypto

Look user I love ETH but BTC is the gold of the crypto world, ETH is the steel and markup paper

You think it will be ETH? It might be BCash or EOS. We still got the rest of the Gox coins to be sold. That's not until September or after that. 2019 onwards will be good for crypto.

You might think some were memeing but thre were people in the comments new to crypto legitimately believing crypto was about to moon.
>newfag redditor
I reference reddit because thats the main place (besides twitter) where you can really get a sense on what a majority thinks and feels based on the whole upvote system etc. There was butthurt newbs here on chan aswell that were actually pissed the market was going back down and freaking tf out and clearly new to crypto.

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It's not going to be BCash, stop being a mental retard honestly

BCash is more centralized than fucking Lightning Network already

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The reason I say Eth is because it has the most quantifiable utility value as of now, it litterally has hundreds of other tokens and Dapps on its platform and Volume is only increasing.
> i really hope your joking about Bcash....

BCash is the Down Syndrome Tiger of crypto tech.

Definitely not Bcash and EOS is a joke honestly, the devs have already been dumping shit ton of ethereum and yet to have a working product abd still relying on the Ether Platform to even function as the current EOS token

No, you're the newb you brainlet faggot
Go back in the archives at any point and you'll see the same, doesn't matter when
It's ironic memeing and post-ironic w.e.
Sometimes an actual retard like you comes to this place and thinks its serious though

>freaking tf
t. nigger

Im talking IRL aswell, actual people i know IRL new to crypto flipping shit.

If you really want to know the facts about where a massive Bull run is bout to happen just look at this pattern
>100% srs

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fuck off back to plebbit and twitter retard
and stay there
your money will be in my pocket soon enough anyway so don't stress too much

amazing TA sirs u r good sirs

>literally the entire point of cryptos was to escape regulation
Kill yourself my man.

Everytime China tightens currency controls, cryptos have a party

A hopeless case. So sad these ones.

Except the whole 2013/14 rise was fake lmao how new are you

Lol what do you mean by " was fake" thats the actually price movement from 2013-2014 during the peak and fall of mt.gox