Why aren't us wages growing?

is it cause of (((them)))?

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Probably because businesses want to pay their people as little as they can get away with so they can offer competitively priced products/goods.

Yet $15 minimum wage is taboo and some companies make excuses. Had it kept up with inflation minimum wage would have been over $20

Outsourced jobs and imported cheap labor. Go look up graphs and they directly correlate.

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Corporate America Is Suppressing Wages for Many Workers

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USA wages are growing for the first time since Bush.


wages are growing a bit but theyre dropping in comparison to living expenses

you will have more money than ever 20 years ago but your buying power will keep getting significantly decreased

until we have reached a point where technology has surpassed us, this will be the general trend, which could take 50-100 years

the economy the previous generations built upon is based on a world that can handle infinite toxicity and has only benefited them and not the generations after them. the economic model of infinite growth in the eighties and nineties is not sustainable, it was a dream

buy land in developping areas that will be part of the city soon but arent yet if you want solid long terms.. or helium.. anything humans require as a resource.. its the only way to get richer instead of poorer.. do not buy the property from the boomers unless they sell cheap


its not us, its your true overlords who fucked you


poorfucks in fuckistan have done very well, in fact they've done equally as well as the top 1% whose businesses now have much better margins thanks to cheap global labor. The savings of course which they do not pass along to workers or consumers.

Nice try, I guess?
If min wage had kept up with inflation since 1980's min wage of $3.10, it would be $9.03 today
Aka not far off from most state minimum wages


u must be fucking retarded

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But zoom out

And if it was adjusted for productivity, it would be $26 per hour

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Yeah that productivity is also in part due to technology and machines you brainlet.

Which the workers operate you literal cuck

>Muh productivity
You can basically flip just about as many burgers as you could back in 1980.
The productivity meme comes from things like increased SALES from newer innovative ways to get people to buy (in, say, a burger joint with online ordering asf.) and also from improvements in technology for slightly more skilled labor like factory jobs

Yeah, what are you not understanding here? Upgraded tech allows them to be more productive with far less effort. I.e. barcode scanners, touch screens, newer tech, computer software. My god you’re retarded

So you think your precious billionaire globalist elites that you worship, serve and obey should reap all the gains?

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What the fuck are you talking about. When did I insinuate that? I am stating the obvious. The correct move here is to study something that is more desirable and pays well. Instead of sitting around complaining how you can’t afford to buy a house with your McDonald’s job.

Neoliberalism is killing society, that's why

I wholeheartedly agree with this.


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what is shadowstats?

Wrong meme.


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Now do it with who has control of congress.


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Because the us is a shithole country (ask anyone from europe) and is increasing their debt at an insane rate. Currently owe other countries more than 21 000 billion usd.
>But muh military.
>we did something in ww2
The Russians saved us from hitler you fucking brainlet. Thought I would rather have hitler than the cucked ideas from the US.

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I removed the spacings, tried to write like a retard etc, how could you tell?

Simply by your extremely cucked worldview. Go back to Reeddit.

>hurrr durrf presidents make economy gud

What exactly about my comment was cucked?

Your anti-gun, extreme feminism, religious based politics, black lives matter _IS_ cucked however. There are no real men left in your country except clowns like Trump. It's sad

redpill me on our true overlords

Santa is real

The US needs to borrow almost $300 billion this week

>muh wage

haha, keep suffering and keep paying those taxes cucko's

>corporatocracy designed to benefit (((them))) at your expense
>govt laws that make the cost of living exorbitantly high
>globalization and offshoring, which has eliminated the "premium" Americans were paid for third world labor

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$15 minimum wage is bullshit. Niggers still wouldn't work, and the gov would just give them more gibs so they could retain their lifestyle. If you can't get a job that pays more than minimum wage, you are probably severely retarded, and aren't capable of living on your own anyway.

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Join us, comrade, it's time for guillotines

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3.3% of the US population make minimum wage. Half of them are under 25. This is not a big deal.

>Outsourced jobs and imported cheap labor.
There's also the issue of companies skirting tax laws by hiring everyone as independent contractors.
>inb4 Uber
I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about walking into an interview for a desk job, having it go well, taking the the job offer, and being handed a big giant contract full of legalize on day one with "you are a 1099 contractor for tax purposes' at the top in bold print. Illegal as hell, but the only entity performing any kind of enforcement atm is the IRS. And the enforcement only occurs if the worker in question
1) knows they're being scammed
2) finds the correct forms to file with their 1040 contesting the tax status
Since literally 90%+ of workers have never had to deal with contracting law, they will eat it up.

Source: fell for this scam when I was broke.

I will say that the latest TurboTax release will catch this and point the user to the IRS webpage where the contest forms are located. A step in the right direction, but good god we need enforcement on this.

Post the labor participation rate, fucktard.

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Big question

If it's not posted already, it's because of the fed and their cheap money

we should just destroy all welfare and turn it into UBI can cover groceries, bills, and healthcare for life.
You should get a job if you want a house/rent.
If you get old and haven't saved enough, tough luck.

It's not feudalism, but it's a step in the right direction. Democracy just breeds degeneracy. If there were clear social strata then people will be less agitated and more cohesive as a whole

it always is.

hmm what could have happened in the 70's to cause this...and simultaneously kick off the obesity epidemic....hmmm

It's the same here in western Europe. Companies made bank in the last decade but wages barely moved for people working lower wage job in particuar. The cost of living keeps increasing every year and at the same time low educated immigrants are flowing in. The new golden age is obviously over. You're still good if you are educated and have a job in a demanded field but it's going to come to a crashing halt.

bull trap

Federal reserve + "free" trade + immigration

I voted for trump. I’m pro gun. Anti feminist.
Europe is extremely cucked except a few choice examples.

>so they can offer competitively priced products/goods
except most companies sell at a minimum 300% mark up. I think you mean wages are kept low so top execs can receive the biggest bonuses.

I want business illiterates to leave this board

margins of a mere 20% are considered unrealistic and outrageous, brainlet!

facts are a hard thing to face, aren't they user

>margins = markup

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yeah they are, and its a fact that any sort of redistribution of wealth is completely fucking stupid and gets the masses nowhere. If you were to distribute the pay of any overpayed ceo across all member of the company they'd net something like $1-30 per year

every company I do it for is around that range. Its fucking stupid to think people are underpayed since some people are overpayed while completely overlooking the fact that fiat buying power has been bleeding for the last 100 years


wall street;

immigration and CHYNA