It's all for nothing...NOTHING

Even if you "make it", if you are a white person then your future is doomed. Just look at how everything has changed in the past 20 years. Now imagine what another 20 years will do. This is the largest (((planned))) demographic shift in history.

My only hope is to obtain enough gains so I can move to Asia.

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>60%+ of the world is asian
>asians have historically been racist/xenophobic and committed some of the worst atrocities

Dont worry everyone, when whites leave you guys will be in good hands.

How is moving to a place where you will be an even bigger minority going to solve this problem?

I tan really well so I can say I'm Italian which isn't really white.

>Just look at how everything has changed in the past 20 years

Despite having a bunch of migrants everywhere, the quality of life has never been higher nor the developed world as rich.

The demographic issue will sort itself out in the next 10 years, the very harsh shift toward right-wing populism will guarantee that.

>My only hope is to obtain enough gains so I can move to Asia.


Kys nigger

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Because most Asians are at least honorable and intelligent.

>The demographic issue will sort itself out in the next 10 years, the very harsh shift toward right-wing populism will guarantee that.

Yeah that is working out great. Trump isn't even allowed to deport criminal illegals or build a wall.

And now democrats have been winning every recent election and they are going to win this fall. This country is fucked. Wake the fuck up.

kek stay mad whiteboi

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>the very harsh shift toward right-wing populism will guarantee that.
Just like it did in SA, right? Dumbass.


lol all this race shit doesn't matter when your fucking rich

>white people being the biggest fucking babies of all time

Yeah it sure is terrible having the whole world bend over to suck your dick lmao grow up sissy

If whites die out I hope Asians exterminate every other race on Earth.
It'll matter to your children and grandchildren. Most of the time inherited wealth is lost by the next generation. Eventually your ancestors will have to make it on their own no matter how much you leave them. Good luck if they're a 56% mutt with a 95 IQ.

>democraps will win
Donald's penor will be shown on live television during an emergency broadcast elevated above 9/11 levels of urgency
It will be a video.
As the giant DONg swings, so to does the war to dismantle zog.

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lmao if you think I'm going to continue being a part of this dog shit society after I make it

how do I cash in on scared idiots like OP?

Fuck his woman and make him raise your child

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Relax, everything will be fine. Strive to be a good person and others will be good to you

>Comparing a literal child to a full grown adult
>Most positive points on the right are immediately negated by IQ and crime statistics.

Ohhh deaaarrrr.

That's why I'm in Korea to bang Asian girls

You are fucking dumb as shit.

Welp another one fucking the gook that hundreds of other foreigners fucked

Asians at least.

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yup it feels great to be a young educated black professional in America

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How brainwashed do you have to be to think like OP? Has he ever had an original idea in his life?

white people will snap, there's literally no amount of brainwashing the left can do to make whites actually want to live around nonwhites. history is a pendulum

SA took literally hundreds of years and whites were outnumbered to begin with. Plus, they now serve as a canary in the coal mine.

It has already begun.

We'll hit our stride in just a few years.

Kek then explain to me how the demographic change isn’t such a big deal. Balkanization isnt real?

In the next major economic downturn, you’re going to realze you are surrounded by enemies.

Sauce? I want to actually be able to cite it.

>Honorable oriental meme.

Asians are scummy as fuck. Ask anyone who has ever tried to conduct business in China.

Fucking cryptocurrencies are bulkinization incarnate. Same with the internet long term. Demographics mean shit when the world is ruled by ideas. You are literally feeding the beast you are scared of.

The opposite of what you said can also be true. You might find yourself surrounded by friends.

white burgers are literally going insane

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thats just china (ruined by communism) japan, taiwan, south korea, singapore are all fine

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Fuck off nigger. Kike porn is not reality.

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>i'm italian
>i'm not white
>tfw your this lost in privilege

Kek try working with some first

I actually find peace in the fact that after we are destroyed the asians will literally enslave or eradicate the lesser races.

They will, brother. In a way they will avenge us.

>replying to obvious bait that was designed to make black people look foolish

Ohhh deaaarrrr.

>child to an a full grown dault
it just looks like this here in germany many underage refugees look like they are 30 to 40 but they are actually 16 and 17 and get treated as such we white people just look young i guess