Cold Showers

You guys should really make the switch over to cold showers. I have been doing it every time now for half a year. I start hot and adjust till I hit freezing cold. After you get out you will feel rejuvenized euphoric and alert. It also acts as an anti-depressant.

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Alcohol and coke woke 10000x better than your meme shower, kiddo

What if I do a hot/warm shower but finish with turning it colder and colder until its cold?

Correction, work. I’ve been drinking.

Switch to getting yo wife to wake you up with a blowjob
>cold showers lol

Sounds like a great way to catch the flu

Quads get pls

your body can adjust back easily. Never been a problem for me
enjoy a fucked up liver and heart

Ive been doing this too with the Wim Hof method. It's amazing.

Nice try environmentalist, but I like my showers hot. I set it so it just starts to burn my back, then I turn it a little down. Nothing worse than low pressure and luke warm water.

I start it off hot and then transition to ice cold. I end up taking a longer shower than normal with this method so I use more water than normal.

Can confirm, Wim Hof method is worth looking into

When I use cold water washes for my clothes, it doesn’t get the stains out as well. The soap just doesn’t work as well. I like my body being clean and I like being comfortable so why the FUCK would I follow some meme from the trap loving faggot board that is /fit??

I'm on my 3rd week and it's better going straight to cold desu

Small bouts of cold water will not induce the flu you absolute fucking retard

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then how the fuck are your muscles ever supposed to relax to decompress stress throughout the day?

are they always supposed to be in shock?

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biz is for misinformation only. please remove this basically free way to stay mentally and physically fit

Start cold pussy

Are you made of cotton you dumb nigger?

this you can either take a hot shower and feel relaxed and mellow or take one of your cold showers and feel ready to punch somebody cause you like being on edge op

Also try doing pushups using the Wim Hof method. Massive gains.

Will try. Thanks for the sound advice

>thinking anyone here is going to live past 65....


Can’t even feel transition from hot to cold when done slowly. Better to go cold instantly

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I can not agree with this enough
Too cold showers a day
Feel like I have access to free energy
Better than coffee

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off a shower

Some of the shit people will say lmfao. Are you people in this thread actually fucking mental enough to believe that *HAVING COLD WATER ON YOUR BODY* makes you " rejuvenized euphoric and alert'? And you guys seriously believe you're not just fooling yourselves into your own placebo? lmfao

How cold though?
Just turning the hot water faucet all the way off?

I'm sure it wakes you the fuck up

Once a day?

>not investing in life extension to make that 65 10x

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Cold showers are a common trait for severely psychotic people.

cold showers are the new atheism

What an insufferable cunt

I don't buy any of the bullshit about the effects of cold showers on mental state. I have been having cold showers exclusively for more than 2 years to manage my eczema (worked for that btw, no longer have to use any drugs/prescription creams and shit). It definitely doesn't give you super mental powers at all.

that's not how flus work

>Wim Hof has been blamed by relatives of four men who separately drowned in 2015 and 2016 when practicing his breathing exercise. They died after suffering shallow water blackouts in swimming pools.

Only the last three minutes have to be cold for you to have the positive effects. But as you do it more, make sure to increase the time.

read a book nigger

Lol this guy is hilarious, he's like some sort of Bizarro fitness guru

I have Seborrheic Dermatitis, do you think this will help? I'm currently taking a steroid cream and a ketoconazole cream, but the fucking redness and scaly skin on my face keeps coming back.

Hot showers kill your sperm. (((They))) want you to take hot showers because they know nigger hygiene means turning your clothes inside out and rubbing soap on your armpit. Cold showers, or your great great grandchildren will be taking no showers, because they won't exist because the Boer model will be applied to us all. Fight for your homeland! More white children!

Meine ehre heißt treue, etc

fasting and cold showers will fix this. google dr robert cassar if you really want to get better. ignore anyone who has not gone more than 72 hours without eating they are demons.

Fuck that shit, coal tar soap / shampoo is all you need. Try it.

>double post fag

>Boer model
???? the fuck is Boer model

>Seborrheic Dermatitis
unlucky user, psoriasis here and it sucks dick, also have to use steroids, shit always comes back though.

I've tried coal tar, didn't help that much for me unfortunately, still definitely worth a bash though.

I use to go straight cold but I like the muscle relaxation and general relaxation from hot water and I like the euphoria it rejuvenation I get from exposes my whole body as much as possible to the freezing cold water.

fucking lol

I did it for years and stopped. Nothing changed so I said fuck it and enjoy my warm showers. I think working outside in -20 to -30 for half the year made me hate the cold.

Yeah fuck I have always sucked with pushups. Throughout my entire lifting career and life. Could never really max beyond 50 pushups. I did wim hof and banged out 126 while holding my breath. Wild shit.

why do you start with hot you pussy

i just go for max cold straight away


No. Give 1-3 days between each session for your muscles to regenerate. Don't repeat the exercise if your muscles are sore.

>swedes are known for saunas
this kind of checks out

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>skin doesn't open up
>less incentive to shower for a longer period of time
>less pleasant
>no actual benefits
Sounds like the nofap meme.

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Quite opposite for me.
Showering makes me lazy and tired as fuck

Thus I never shower in the morning or im a dead fish at work

Thats what I do. Best of both worlds and it still works a treat.

>t. weak soy manlet

>Thinks cold water has a link with flu

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>de cold water gib me cold because cold feel cold and fel bad an cold is liek flu!!

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in my part of the country it's cold and wet most time of the year
hot shower is the only place i can feel warm and comfortable

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influenza is a virus that has nothing to do with temperature you mongoloid kys

We're you listening to the Jason Ellis show yesterday or is this just a coincidence;)

is cold shower the new nofap ?

Flu and "the cold" are viruses and you need to be infected from another person to catch it.

Being wet acts as a "sticking" mechanic for the virus to hang on to so you are more likely to contract it while wet. But the actual temperature of the water has no impact on it.

If you were isolated from humanity and be cold 24/7 you would never get the flu.


the flu is a virus you absolute dumbass, stop listening to your mom

>take a hot shower
>relax, get comfy
>opens and cleans pores
>switch it to ice cold before you get out
>cools you down, closes your pores
>don’t feel cold when you get out
>helps you stay woke
Enjoy your monotemp showers waterlet

>still believing in pores that open and close

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eczema user here again. I honestly think it's worth a shot (cold showers that is). When you take a hot shower it is slightly irritating to the skin and activates immune cells to a small degree. Hot water also washes off more of your skin's natural protecting oils, particularly if you have long showers.

For most normies this obviously doesn't matter much, but for people with certain predispositions it can lead to irritation which evolves into inflammatory skin problems like eczema.

A lot of doctors will tell you to use hot baths/showers because they soothe the pain and itch, and help wash off dead skin when the condition is bad. I did hot showers for this reason before, but basically tried cold showers after discussing it with a doc because i was getting desperate (eczema appearing at new sites, needing more steroid creams etc).

Another thing that might help you is avoiding sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). It's the active ingredient in a lot of liquid soaps and some people have good success with controlling skin conditions by avoiding it. Most toothpastes shamppos and other products for cleaning yourself contain some SLS, and SLS goes by a number of different chemical names on labels. So use google to find some SLS free stuff.

I'm not a doctor so i can't really advise much. But managing skin problems is a lot of trial and error anyway, maybe try cold showers for a month and see how you feel?

aye, this man speaketh truth

> I start hot and adjust till I hit freezing cold.

Oh, Navy Seals?
Special Forces?

do you guys think a guy like this will be a good ass pounder?

Highly recommended. I dial it all the way to coldest, get used to it after a couple minutes, then turn it to hottest for a minute or two. Feels good man

>Being wet acts as a "sticking" mechanic for the virus to hang on to so you are more likely to contract it while wet. But the actual temperature of the water has no impact on it.

Yes, a cold is a virus that is transferred from human to human. However, being wet has nothing to do with you catching a cold or not, unless being wet decreases your body temperature and you are in contact with the virus. Lower body temperature reduces the effectiveness of your immune system, which is why colds and flus are so common during winter times.

Colds and flus are naturally occurring in birds, with the potential for cross species contamination. If you were wet and cold 24/7 you still have a chance of catching a cold, even if humans aren't around.

You guys should really make the switch over to red meat. I have been doing it every time now for half a year. I start eating burgers and adjust till I stop eating birbs. After you get full you will feel rejuvenized, not faggity, and alert. It also acts as a reality-check.

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>falling for the cold shower jew

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How many time do you switch from cold to hot?

Just take your crypto gainz to cryo

so close

>Hot water knob? Haven't touched it in months. I'm actually currently going through the process of having it uninstalled from my plumbing, they should be coming out sometime next week. I had to list a reason(s) on the work order as to why I am requesting my hot water knob to be removed and discarded. Would you care to hear the reasons? Well stay tuned friend. 3 reasons:

>1. Discipline
>2. Mental toughness
>3. It raises my testosterone

>My property manager was initially questioning my reasons, but I explained to her that by taking cold showers I am actually able to develop discipline and mental toughness. After a long and heated (note that I needn't anything heated, especially my water) debate, I was able to convince her to put the work order in. Now I'm living a great life, warm water free. I even started forcing my gf to take cold showers with me. I refuse to date an inferior female, and I explained to her that if she can't learn to accept and love cold showers as I have then we really have no business being together anyways.

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