Is this the bottom?

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I hope not. My fiat deposit has not cleared yet.


longing at x10

this is the only bottom i care about nigga

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wish my face was underneath that while she shit in my mouth in that position

yes, it will take massive sell pressure and manipulation to go down further. it's severely oversold on every interval over 1hr.

I’ll worry if we break below 300, but there seems to be large amount of support at 400-450

It better be.

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good luck

I spent two days fucking a married woman while her husband was overseas, working for Mister Shekelstein.
When I got home, was too stubborn to admit defeat.

there is only one bottom

Glad I'm not alone. I've spent $70k on ~100 eth over the past 4 weeks. I'm prepared to spend $30k more as the price keeps going down.

I Made a Post in February that $300 is the Bottom and I am still confident.

Hope you are rich because if not you are one dumb fucker

The only reason that I am keeping those coins is because I think that I deserve to be punished, user.
I would have sold those bags when I got home if I was not so self-destructive.

the bottom is zero

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why is he dumb?

People figured it’s a shit coin and it’s only current use is pump scam ICOs. There are like tow or three serious that are built on etherum and will remain on etherium and the rest is garbage. We are nowhere the bottom, wait til EOS goes live and they dump their ETH on the market, that will be the bottom user

I watched an interview with Dan and never looked into EOS ever. ETH is done. EOS = End of Shitcoins.

I am long on EOS too, too much Wall Street behind it and developers love it. EOS interned and I think it’s mentioned somewhere that they will dump ETH when they go live, they’re also going to dump a lot of other coins, why you think the year long ICO, this is known already. They have all the Tether money as well, Brooke Pierce is the CEO of Tether, if you’re not in EOS you litterally hate money.

i bought eos the day it was on john oliver, has proved a good decision

Holy fuck could you have even found a more melty butter face?

bro why are there so many paid EOS pajeet shills on this board now

fuck etoro