Into findom

>into findom

>have no money

lads, what to do?

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theres gotta be a game out there you can play where you have a job in the game and then have to pay your mistress the money. look into that

Pathetic beta faggot.

I honestly believe people who write stuff like OP did, sexually get off on people calling them a beta and bashing their fetish. Its the only reason I can think of for people to post that stuff because they always get the same responses.


you know there are dominant girls out there who like quiet, shy submissive guys and want an actual long term relationship, you don't have to pay money for a dominatrix.

Leave Veeky Forums and never return

Unless you're larping which you are


Find a descendant of Genghis Khan

>what to do

buy COSS

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Buy chainlink.

Noticed multiple findom threads on biz lately. Shills are trying to push that cuckery here.

Is it cuckery if you don't actually get to fuck them? There was a thread last year where an user doxed a disgusting creature playing this game, from looking at her Instagram and FB it looked like she wasn't whoring per se, she was getting paid to carry on a pseudo relationship online where she insults the customer interspersed with sexual innuendo. Surely that's just humiliation? Albeit paying a premium for it far exceeding a fair price. Sometimes market price isn't fair price, if the buyer is a fucking retard.

You will never get comped.

Forgot pic.

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wtf is that pic

you want fingols to dominate you?

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Cuckold here

It wouldnt be fun if it wasnt taboo

Send me all your ETH, I’ll be sure to spend it on lunch with my friends and going out this Friday.


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Finland mentioned :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Gimmie your’s too

I want to worship those feet so bad
See that? Femdom > findom

they r nice feet

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I have an interracial cuck fetish. But findom is outright pathetic to me. Women have a easy life because men throw money at them. This is totally unacceptable to me. Jacking off to interracial porn is a lot less harmful in the grand scheme of things. Even if you pay for it instead of pirating it, you get a monthly subscription for $XX amount of dollars. it's not as pathetic as paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to women for some findom fetish

And don't like findom, but I love femdom and foot/ass worship. However, there aren't many dominant girls out there that are also attractive so I end up paying broke student girls to let me do it to them. Feels better to me than fucking hookers who have flat out refused to do this shit for me.