Easiest 6x of all time


>ICO Pooling Community
>Token required to participate, creating demand
>Pre-ICO begins the 6th
>0.0003 ETH each
>ICO begins the 26th.
>0.002 ETH each
>Pre-ICO investors sell to ICO investors
>Buyback Program
>Internal Peg
>ICO Tokens, Virtual Tokens, etc.

Enjoy missing out on the most under-the-radar moon mission I've seen in years.

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Like I mentioned in an earlier thread, don’t get your hopes up. Whales are going to completely dominate this thing.

it's a fucking bear market and you people are still shilling random shitcoins?

Pooltrade could actually cause another major ICO boom

>getting in a human regulated pyramid
god damn you're retarded, they will just run away with your money, buy powh instead

It's still possible to make money in a bear market
Just Invest in promising projects

and fucking pooltrade is promising?

Poolerex will be better

gotta take risks

This board is filled with idiots omfg. Why the fuck are people shilling rn God damn

yeah but risks that aren't pants on head retarded
LINK and REQ are risks, this is just dumb

ICO Pools = The Future

This is actually fucking genius

This. I was going to throw some ETH at Pooltrade but was cautious since it might be a scam (there are a bunch of red flags) but now that it's being spammed on Veeky Forums my suspicions are deepening

So if something is shilled on Veeky Forums it’s a scam?

Fuckoff pajeet

people should at least wait until after the pre ico

Pooltrade cash is the real pooltrade and satoshis bision

It more likely than not is. Especially in bear times in a market where everyone is out for themselves.

Seriously why would you shill this pre-ICO? When you could just wait, get yours, and shill it during the ICO? What, out of the goodness of your heart? The "Veeky Forums has given me so much, now it's time to give back" meme? I don't think so, something's up.

>le Pajeet

I figured Veeky Forums was dead but damn you're all more paranoid than /pol/

Just don’t shill pooltrade until the end of April. Seriously. Keep gems to yourself.

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