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The medium article is published...fucking bullish on it, have you seen how much of the 250m will be tokenized?

Why RIP? Now the fun starts

The fuck are you doing responding to yourself and none of what you said made sense.

user....I just...................I.........what.....?

Seems like he started a thread to FUD and then dispel the fud but it doesn't make sense because the article isn't out. I can't fathom the logic though. He is just retarded.


JNT holders are getting insane...lol

Wait is that FUD or not ?

You just fucked with my brain


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Its hilarious how the "shilled on biz = stay away" holds true. Paid shills everywhere, and its clearly a bottom tier shitcoin if you do any research on it.

Reverse psychology, Nice fud user. I want this @ 0.20 I’ll buy and then I’m done. Looked at the etherscan today and only 4,600 people have over a 1000 coins. We are just getting started, once this is listed on a big exchange we’re getting rich

That is likely to never happen.

JNT is pretty much the lowest risk thing in the whole space to me. yes there are significant barriers but it doesn't require any technical breakthroughs and it doesn't require mass adoption, just a few key decision makers
it also can share it's niche just fine, unlike platform coins that have to battle for supremecy and adoption. yes, the team is too green, but they have good advisors and can react to market traction by filling in the team

It will go to $30 once this bear market is over.


>meanwhile the price keeps dropping

This, honestly can’t tell
OP still fag tho

AssBlaster said it was trash

t. loyal AB disciple

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Fuck did he really? missed that

>stinkie linkie uh

>mfw 50/50 LINK and JNT
Surely the chance if both being JUSTED is 0 right?

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lol dude i sold all my crypto but this shit and ur a fucking dumbass responding to urself getting desparate.. holy shit what is wrong with you

100% all-in on JNT here. We are going to be millionaires.

so close
we are gonna make it tho


Seriously a waste

some strange juju is going on with these digits


110k here. this better be the one

You're a literal brainlet if you don't realize that OP is falseflagging.

Has he actually mentioned why it's late yet? I deleted telegram.

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So it turns out that isn't a fake screenshot. Why the fuck did he meet a telegram troll


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Thanks for falling to the most obvious bait.

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