Non-cryptocurrency thread...What technology is the next big thing?

Surely there is something being worked right now on that will 1000000x.

I'm desperate...I..cant go on living like this.

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the sand shortage is coming

Asteroid mining
Dyson sphere construction


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Unironically LINK, it is set to revolutionise finance in ways we cannot imagine yet.

Smart Contracts

AI. Which will probably lead to a UBI. It's okay user change is coming in one form or another.

ww3 will be fought over water

that being said it won't make you rich

this. too bad i'll need to wageslave for another 20 years until it gets implemented... Oh well, you can work on your passions at any age, right?

This, crypto bubble =/= smart contracts

The space race and astroid mining

Nothing that will 1000000000x in the short term. Asteroid mining is probably right. The only things we'll see soon are AI/data mining applications and IoT.

Invest in some finance books and courses at your local college instead of taking advice from blind advice from the autistí at 2am, you'll see better returns following that advice than on any of the other recommendations. if anyone had actual. sweet ground floor level deal in the works. they obviously wouldn't be spreading it till they needed pay pigs to jack up the pirce at which point you've missed out on the returns you'll need to make up for playing Russian roulette with coins

your body is 70% water retard, just pee in someone's mouth if they're thirsty
trips of truth

quantic computing, but I think that's a 2022 release

This is the best answer

Home security systems in europe.

tokenized assets, any platform allowing the trading, exchange and hedging with tokenized assets imho.

asset backed tokens are probably the future, taking full advantage of the cryptoeconomy.

Grab a stack of all the flavors - ICX, NEO, ETH, etc. one if not all are bound to make you stupidly rich as long as you have patience...

Xuma (XMX)

Decentralized database with masternodes.

this guy got the right ideal

Ww3 will be fought over carbon credits bc humanity is easily led and retarded.

This And Bionics

Anything to do with electric cars.
Mass market use of AI.
Drones, especially in military sector.
India expanding its middle class.
VR once the gpu and screens are able to achieve crystal clear images.

*I demand 10% off all your profits for my consulting fees.


Incontinence pills for baby boomers

Pills for erectile dysfunction from too much porn

Virtual sex robots to replace shitty gfs

Quantum computers.
Good luck investing in them, though.

powh could easily go 100x bro

im over 3x already in 2 1/2 weeks

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>ww3 will be fought over water
>that being said it won't make you rich

Ww3 will be fought over the last remaining Bitcorn

AR glasses that will replace our phones in 5 years, but it won't 100000x because companies like Microsoft, Apple, Magic Leap will be behind it and they are already big. The only way you could make that much money from AR is if you're an early investor in a small company that has the potential to get a good chunk of the marketshare. Not likely.


Internet through light. Sure, you cant use it like Normal WiFi evedywhere you want, since it doesnt go through walls, but its much faster than normal WiFi and much more secure (it cant go through walls)
I think Gamers will want it, for a faster Internet connection, but Hackers and the Government, too, so their computers are connected much more safely

Anti "russian meddling" technology for the US DoD (this is actually being solicited and some contractors will make millions)

Can't believe I had to scroll all the way down here to find the actual answer.

AR will be the next big thing. Not just because it will replace smartphones but also because it has the potential for businesses to turn their workers into automatons. Just look at this

Companies have been trying to make their workers into mindless zombies for centuries, this is finally that possibility realized. The hard part is finding an AR pure-play, the closest I can find is SNAP and possibly Intel.

I think the AR industry is going to be big. Advertisers spend billions of dollars to get ads placed in front of you at opportune times. There are entire companies that specialize in the placement of ads. If big data firms can create a wearable that 1. Always has a giant screen in front of your eyes, 2. Has the ability to track your eyes, 3. Monitor what you often look at, every advertising company, and every tech company will begin scrambling over each other to become the ad platform for it. I think VR is interesting tech, but it doesn’t have the same applications for data mining a wearable that you use daily in your real life would. Tech firms are already racing for it, with Apple’s ARKit, Google’s big investments in magic leap, and so on.

men of culture as well

Didn't mention the worker automaton thingy because I believe replacing smartphones is a bigger market, but for sure this will also pull a big chunk of cash. The main problem here is that companies that need to use AR for workers already operate on thin margins. This means the price of glasses will have to be cheap enough for them to make a decent ROI. They can get cheap enough if we have mass adoption from the smartphone crowd, which we will. Too bad I can't be an early investor in Magic Leap, but I'll probably get my team working on some apps for AR once we get some hype going. I NEED to be in this fucking space somehow or I will regret it for the next 20 years.

>tfw ad blocker for AR

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they are pushing selfdriving cars like crazy
in fact most new cars can do simple selfdriving already
literally next big thing

When the entire world is full of cameras and you cannot leave the house without being tracked by cameras ''underground plastic surgery'' will be a big thing
but thats a little tinfoilhatty
I think crypto isn't dead so just keep on trying and stop being a impatient brainlet

People won't have to go to school anymore. Why get yourself in debts like an idiot when that well-ranked Uni from a social country where education is cheap deliver great online classes, in English, and that you can access at any time, anywhere. It's a globalized world. Degrees from well-ranked Unis can open doors everywhere.
People can now follow classes with flexibility, saving free time or having a side job on the side without sacrificing time, energy, and money, in transportation, rent, and dubious timetables.
I can see AR or VR help but it's not even mandatory.

Brain-computer interfaces and AI.
Data from BCIs will put the already breakneck speed of AI development in overdrive.

Distributed ledger technology.

will be big short term.

long term will be water.

Well those fancy 3D printers with the "growing from liquid option" seem like the future for sure.

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are the people in usa really this dumb like you?

>I'll probably get my team working on some apps for AR once we get some hype going

This is probably the best way to play the AR market. Just get a small, intelligent team of Computer Vision experts and work on building competency in the area of AR over the next few years, building proprietary apps. The purpose of the apps you make should not be to turn a profit or strike it rich but rather to make your team experts in the field and build your name. Then, in 5-10 years when AR explodes, all kinds of big companies will be coming to you to contract the design of their apps, you can charge whatever you want and design wins are pretty much guaranteed.

global virus and antidote - 100000x guranteed for those who control the antidote


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>sand shortage
Yes. Sounds stupid, but it is a fact. Maybe invest in dredging companies? Also has an added benefit.
>Asteroid mining
Yes. But everytime this comes up on Veeky Forums, the discussion gets flooded with anons who don't understand the idea behind it. Also, all the companies in it are private, I think.
Yes. But very localized and very hard to make money off.
No. Will become more important, but the insane bullrun is over.
Don't know much about that.

Oh, and then there is the whole artificial meat thing, which I think will be big. Not the soyboy shit you get nowadays, but "real meat" made in a lab and not in a cow. Would I want to eat it? Yeah… no. But I think it has potential. But also, all companies in it are private.

And the added benefit to dredging:
Subsea mining. Still loads of issues to be sorted out (though Nautilus has a prototype), but there is huge potential in it.

Technological telepathy/brain to brain communication.

Molybdenum has a significant chance of becoming the de-facto material for hydrogen generation catalysis in the future. If I could find a way I'd definitely slap some money in there. But we are talking in terms of decades here.

>sand shortage

Space manufacturing industry.

People don't realize that due to companies such as SpaceX space launches will get cheaper.

Sure Astroid mining is still decades away. But you can only manufacture certain kinds of materials in the vacuum of space. Some industries have to create an artificial vacuum on earth to create small amounts of certain materials which is really expensive and could be done cheaper in space.

Prepare to invest a lot of money in startups over the coming 5 years that try to manifacture in space. A lot of people also don't know that metals are extremely easy to weld in 0 gravity in a vacuum due to the fact that the properties of metal atoms actually change in vacuum. This results in superior welds that can't be achieved on Earth and these welds are sold for millions of dollars due to the extremely strong bond between them that have military usage.

There is no startup right now focusing on this but I'm sure within 5 years time as the cost of launches drop every month there will come a point when it becomes economically viable to start vacuum manufacturing and space welding in low orbit.

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Definition of shortage
: lack, deficit

Examples of shortage in a Sentence
there was a troubling shortage of supplies for the troops overseas this year

Or in easymode:
There's thing.
Man need thing.
Not enough of thing for man needs.

Someone literally just bought 30,000+ of this coin in the past 12 hours.

Whales know.

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don't be facetious

but I enjoy being a smug I-know-more-than-you asshole.

But the real
>Or in easymode:
Sand is needed for construction (concrete for example has loads of sand in it) and globally, most construction is done in coastal cities, plus loads of land reclamation is also purely sand.
But most sand deposits (beaches, but also subsea sand banks) are already used up and desert sand (say for example for Dubais insane land-reclamation projects) does not work, since wind transported sand has other surface properties as water transported sand.
And obviously, no one wants to simply stop any building and economical activity in coastal cities.
If you happen to speak German or French:

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Just watch this:

so desert sand is shit for building basically?
thanks for the rundown fren

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invest in companies that produce synthetically modified meat, with an increasing world population and when the synthetic meat tastes no different to the real thing people will flock to it also it will be much cheaper.

>so desert sand is shit for building basically?

>invest in companies that produce synthetically modified meat
But how can you do so, without being so rich that you can essentially phone companies and be like
>our family office wants to invest in your venture. How many millions do you need?
Same for asteroid mining.

Algorithms that plan your life for you and deliver everything you need at your doorstep with drones.

personal 3d printing
hydrogen fusion power plants

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Noncryptocurrency companies working on blockchains are still in their infancy, and not just retarded companies that add "blockchain" to their name.

this as well

glassblowing is going to emerge from an underground niche art scene into a much greater fine functional art ecosystem as more and more states legalize cannabis

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wireless kneepads and z-menn.

Some kind of change in the online advertisement industry. Websites would love to implement mining but it's frowned upon and eats resources. If an alternative comes in that doesn't look malicious to the masses it will disrupt the industry.

This thread gives me hope

This has already happened. I live in Kansas and there are like 4 glass blowing studios in tiny Lawrence that all the hipsters hang around.

TFW when crypto is really over Veeky Forums will be full of sand smuggling fags. top kek


You habe exampel ?

Does anyone know anything about NanoCrystal Electricity technology? Saw some "stock expert" shilling it saying it can be the next big thing but it looked more like he was just trying to sell his stock tips.

The tech itself looks promising if it can actually do what they claim and gets mass adopted. Who knows how far along they are in development of the tech though.

Energous Corporation is 1 company to keep an eye on. They won the 2017 Gold Edison Award for Charging Technologies.

There are some technologies with potential, but do you have phd in quantum physics or equivalent? No? Then how are you going to participate in the 1000x? The crypto is special with very low barrier to participate in returns. You just buy some tokens or setup a mining node. How are you going on board with asteroid mining company or some other next gen tech?

This guy is close (invest in your growth!), except there were, are and will be many great opportunities going around local startup events looking for first couple grands to get off the ground. You know how big hotmail was back in the day? They wanted to give 10% of the whole company just to get small office rented for couple months, that guy who refused still regrets it now. Other 'professional investor' could be first to invest in Google but instead he asked how to get out of the building to avoid the founders...

Wouldn't it be cheaper and less risky to just use robots?

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Artificial wombs

Personal 3d printing had it's bubble like 5 years ago. Its really just not that useful for your average Joe blow.

Also hnnnggggg dem titties

This is honestly why I’m really rooting for AI scientists to make huge breakthroughs in the next few years, if I can live long enough to see UBI then I won’t have to worry about being a wagecuck anymore.



robot waifus
advanced prosthetics
radioactive materials maybe

investing in graphene is the wrong play. invest in large flake graphite mines. the flake size is what determines market value. graphite doesn't trade like most resources. i bought LLG, on the TSX years ago. paid in spades niggers and they haven't even started extracting. you're welcome Veeky Forums. every once in a while a gem gets dropped on you.

I listened

Osmium rings


V1: blockchain ledger (pow)
V2: blockchain ledger w smart contacts
V3 ++ : fast scalable newer consensus algorithms etc etc

-culedger and Intiva use hashgraph tech.

Genetic engineering / Genomics / Proteomics

And quantum computations also

I've seen a lot about this blockchain technology. Do you bros know how that might be used?

Fun stuff: japanese scientists already discovered a method to synthetise meat out of human shit...

[spoiler]psst, it's just a prank, bro![/spoiler]


Pajeetstar and YC have good list

Anything investors are looking for. They know what they are doing


how2fund UBI?

Now you're getting it.
Yes. Iota.

kys commie