Soon 3.5K ETH in the contract

Soon 3.5K ETH in the contract.

Yesterday we just hit 3K

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That is a lot of retards! Well done

Are people seriously still putting ETH in this piece of shit? I remember thinking about putting a few ETH in when this came out, what the fuck

Free money, join us

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Thx 4 holding my IQ

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grab some pokes

Its not too late,

>relatively low market cap
>dividends on volume (Literally the ONLY way to make money in this bear market)
>token itself is increasing in value daily

comfy hold IMO

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I'm gonna be so fucking rich when I pull the plug and use the hidden backdoor to take all of this eth out of the contract like last time

>we tried to tell you at 250 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 500 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 750 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 1000 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 1500 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 2000 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 2500 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 3000 ETH
>we tried to tell you at 3500 ETH

lmao, keep posting your stinky linky memes, while the rest of us get comfy with our divs

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we're literally minutes away from 3,500 ETH

Veeky Forums, do you want to make it or not? We are actually on the ground floor for once

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Not good 4 Veeky Forums buy high sell low thinking. Only can buy low and sell high


get in or stay poor.

every day people are putting around 400 ether and it is increasing every day with no sign of stopping. I personally bought in earlier today because i was tired of watching it constantly go up.

Seems too good to be true.

user what was your original investment? Your ROI?

0.1 eth a week ago, turned into 1 eth today

Every ponzi in existence crashed
I'm sure this one will be different

This time it won't crash, because the owners will exit scam.

How will/can it crash?

wtf is is this ponzi? its this where are the pajeets went? gtfo with your excesive shilling

You literally type like a pajeet

Put in 1ETH soon have 2.5

And my dividends doubled just like that

Just bought some for lulz.

>get in
>taxed 10%
>everyone already got out and there are no transactions
>get out
>taxed 10%

why the fuck is this much more succesful than EthPhoenix??????? Why? Just why? I swear to god this shit is manipulated. This is 10times bigger than ethpyr and how old is it? 2 weeks? fuck this

Can you cash out?

because of fucking referral link

when this shit crashes boys, its gonna crash hard

lmao get rekt chose the wrong ponzi

Because its a real project with Veeky Forums on board, not some shitty copypaste of shadowpowh with PhD in reddit science Norse"i would suck my own dick but i'm too fat for that so I my huff farts instead"fire as the only dev left in that trash.

no shit sherlock

>if it crashes, everyone pays 10% to get out and it goes to everyone
>everyone that stayed in gets all of it
ok and how would that be bad for anyone?

Yes you can.

Shoo pajeets
You guys aren't trying to help biz. I can feel the desperation from here. Exit scam will be happening within the week. Other wise ppl will get bored, see a new coin they like. Pull out eth and leave u fucking morons with bags. Muh divies:P
Enjoy. 01 eth every week , as eth rapidly declines. Rekt

>the amount of normalfag in this post
>arguments based around preconceived ideas
I really don't care if you get in, I just find it funny people haven't because the amount of money people have already made

>Exit scam will be happening within the week
Wow so you saying devs are in control of vitalik and will fork whole thing to exit? Real strong argument you got there bro.
>Other wise ppl will get bored, see a new coin they like. Pull out eth and leave u fucking morons with bags. Muh divies:P
This is what we're expecting you literal autist, and i do love those bags that will never ever go below my initial investement now.
> Enjoy. 01 eth every week , as eth rapidly declines.
this is pathetic

What you idiots think is that everyone leaving means more money for you.thats where you're wrong.
Sure, you do get dividends. Whoopdie fucking doo. 0.01 eth.
What you lose is the coin value. P3D will be worth 0.0003 eth and your bags will be worthless

>he has this basic of a concept of POWH3D
stop talking about things you don't know about

Nice arguement faggot
That is a fact. Get rekt with your bags soyboi

Read the smart contract before you start making up false statistics

So tell me how much u put in. And how much u make in divs with proof. Or fuck off, every one of these projects has turned out to shit and the hype always dies. People get so turned on about idea of passive income.

You remind me of home miners that got in at the peak of this crypto bubble and spent 800 I'm each gpu.
Muh passive $1.50 a day duhhhhhhrrr

He isn't wrong.

I understand that in your position you need new people to join to keep the ponzi running so you have to shill it 24/7.

But you cant expect anyone here with at least a IQ of 80 to join you.

You guys are fucking retarded. Please tell me whats wrong with my statement without just saying i didnt know shit about the contract. Stop being deluded.
Everyone leaving loses you a lot of money. Prove me wrong

threw in a little bit every couple days last week

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Why should they prove you wrong?
They know that already and the only way to keep this shit running is trying to shill it hard to new idiots.

There is nothing to prove here, its a God dam ponzi lol.

pic related

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>the price started leveling off at 2k
>1.5k would have to be dropped for my profit to even start going down that much
>I get divs from 1.5k ETH

These Ponzi faggots are going to get BTFO when a "vulnerability has been found" and it dubiously gets emptied like last time. Enjoy losing it all.

what are you viewing this on?

Why don't you find the vuln and drain it then?