Gentlemen, we ARE the early adopters

Gentlemen, we ARE the early adopters.

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I can't tell you how good it feels

>100k end of 2018


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I didn't make this chart.

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op's chart is fud
price will grow exponentially

Hopefully this includes shitcoins

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kek, we're still Chuunibyou here

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But you posted it implying you believe in it, right? You really think we’re early adopters when people were buying BTCs for $100 a few years ago and sold for 20k? I’m fairly bullish on crypto and hold about 10 BTC, but I’m not delusional. We will not see 100x gains, we will not see $1M BTC. Ever.

100k BTC 2018 confirmed?

If it can go from a few cents to 20k, then why can't it surpass $1M? Only way I see it not happening is if BTC gets replaced by something else.

i'm tempted to say its impossible. I had btc in 2014 when it was 600$ or so though. If you asked me if it could potentially go to 20k in the coming year I would of said no fucking way. So anything is possible.

op's graph is a massive underestimate the only way the price could grow logarithmically is if they deflated the usd relative to crypto at an increasing rate

the reality of the situation is exponential growth or exponential exponential growth (parabola on log scale) when the usd begins to loose purchasing power

how many people bought Apple, Microsoft, Google stock at $1 or whatever... most sold after they 100x up or whatever the fuck, but if you had bought their bags you still would have 1000x'd or more since then

Looks like McAfee will eat his own dick then





We are fucking speculators. The tech is sound, in some cases, but firstly there's too many shitcoins. We need this long bear market to kill off shitcoins that are flooding the market, so we are left with the real gold that will have widespread adoption.

Secondly, the user segment lets most coins down. If I want to get paid in PIVX or XMR, I have to explain to my client how the wallet works, how to convert fiat to crypto, and how to send it to me. The bottlenecks there are fiat to crypto, and too many steps makes it complex. As soon as the gateway fiat-crypto is made user friendly (KYC is a big problem) and there is a trusted iPhone app that will, for example, link you bank account to a wallet, take payment, dump funds in your wallet instantly - then we will see widespread adoption. In future years, we will look back at copy/paste wallet addresses and sending test transactions like you remember that modem dial up noise now.

we're not technically adopters.
we're not early to the speculation.
And i don't even think we're gentlemen desu.
what's OP even on about exactly?

I, sir, am a gentleman. I tip my hat to dames of the fairer sex, use the correct cutlery for the dish I am enjoying, never take soup at luncheon, and enjoy a hearty round of buggery after vespers, what?

But else you are correct.


then what the fug are we? The chasm dwellers?

>link you bank account to a wallet, take payment, dump funds in your wallet instantly
I mean you're not wrong in your whole post, but this will literally never happen. The (((banks))) won't let it happen.