Next Boom?

What’s the next ICO-type boom coming and what will it be? Crypto or non crypto related. The ICO boom has been amazing and things have died down a bit due to gubbermints. What’s the next boom? I want to get in extremely early.

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ICO Pools

Where people put their money together to mass-invest in ICOs. Basically, a bunch of anons use 1 KYC-verified person to invest for them. Everyone receives their tokens and goes on their way.

No barriers.

I thought ICO pools were for whales only. Plus I don’t like using discord or whatever.

Neat idea but I fear it will be abused by whales to make it into a super whale

All my fiat is in Xtcc right now

This seems like a good idea. How do I join a pool and is it trustless?

They're hard to come by. They're usually formed in other discord groups as a branch.

PoolerEx is one that hasn't launched yet but you could try them

which is great in a bull market, but garbage-tier now.

see : shipchain bleeding -75%

choose wisely, and ready for the dice roll

OP : next boom is unironically Chainlink. A lot of people are going to be very, very sad come 2020.

Pooltrade is going to be a big deal in about a month.

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poolerex already has competition

shipchain was made to dump


this looks good

nope. kek....yes, made to dump after a 2X. great story. ignore it if you want, but not buying at 0.09-0.10 cents and selling for an easy 5X come summer is a very foolish mistake.

There's a shitcoin culling going on. Just move your money into literally anything that isnt a scam in the top 25 and wait for the next bull run, which i believe will take some two years

Wau coin. It never goes down as it only appreciates over times.

can we not shill this?
at least wait until the preico is done what the fuck

this thing is promising 100x, its literally a scam. stop samefagging

how is it a scam?
I think pools are going to be huge but why call everything a scam?

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Pooltrade is made to dump too

Might as well get in lol

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