No more bags

Just sold everything and exited the markets. Going back to college and getting an IT degree. Fuck this crypto bullshit. It’s nothing more that a high tech digital scam. Quit bullshithing yourself selves

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uhhh, user? I think this is for you

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Another one bites the dust

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i understand the feel, hmu on telegram.

i could use disenchanted faggots like yourself

>Can't handle holding crypto and doing whatever at the same time

bullish sign, uninformed normies are leaving

Link $100 eoy


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they cant keep getting away with this

> 66 get

nice but you forgot a 0


You will always be a quitter, like now like always, nothing can change that

geez, 93 eoy

More wasted quints

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Oh shit

look, they are getting humble

Very nice


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Best box in the business.


you being gay is true, check em

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>Buy high sell low
>Go into debt going to cuckllege
You're going to end up killing yourself

Made my day - thx bro

Wtf Again

hey guys! bought into a market increasing exponentially on hype trying to /make-it/ and only sold now after 2 months of crashing

Considering following suit. I made a few hundred thanks to some wild lucky alts going up. I think il take a little loss and gtfo of this rats nest.

just bought more ironically it ads up to exactly 14888 link
must secure the existence of our sergey
and a future for our precious linkies

This, it's a ponzi scam, I am down to 1 $ from my 1 million initial investment.

This is all your fault, it's a scam.

Going to college for CS, fuck y'all

It's that meme magic!