What's your excuse now, Veeky Forums?


What's your excuse now, Veeky Forums?

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Dont have one
About to buy my first house in Aus
Did a security course last week and will be able to do weekend and night work will help me punch out more payments.
45k deposit on 200k house.

What's your day job? 2nd jobs get taxed out the arse and unless you're working somewhere chilled like a shopping centre you're putting yourself at risk of getting king hit or glassed by some bogan cunt for 25$ an hour at some shit pub or club.

The only guys I know who were lasted a while in the security game could actually fight. As in you can see their fights on YouTube. If you can't blue stay out of that line of work.

200k? What bumfuck town are you buying in?

thats a 160k-240k house
did he buy that in 2007

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> cardboard box in Melbourne
200k sounds right

He looks and sounds miserable, probably killed his soul doing that.

Jesus Christ. How important can a fucking home be? This guy is going to have a lot of regrets on his death bed...

200K wouldnt get you a decent car spot in Sydney

Housing bubble already bursting in AUS. Probably better to sit on sidelines until it pops, Paul,


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yeah but at least he'll own the bed

>about to buy my first house in Aus

Buying high like a true Veeky Forumsnessman. Congrats on this, really.

It's becoming the only way most people can afford a home, shit's ridiculous. Being able to buy a house at some point is like half the reason I work 12 hour nightshifts and make suicidal bets on crypto.

Renting is way better.

Stocks are plunging in the US. Im thinking it'll be propped up with some stimulus money. Another GFC and auscuck homes will be dragged down but who is going to actually sell? Even if they lose their jobs most will just collect welfare payments and keep their homes, take out money from the superannuation out and keep them floating until they get another job.

I don't care about the housing market here in aus tho. Just give me another crypto boom

>paying 425k for that shit
Well my excuse is it's only worth 50k.

>NPC does soul killing activity
Well, they are just automatons after all.

Kek well said

I'm 22 and own my own house in one of the biggest cities in the world (Seoul). About 200k in crypto still just waiting for things to go back up.

Congrats on having rich parents.

>be a literal slave for 3 years just to own an average house

no thanks, I’ll just inherit my parents house when they die

Muh I worked for this myself! My character is noble, that's why I got so much!!

>3 years of struggle
>no house payment
Yeah I’m sure he’s just devastated lmfao, having his house paid off

Lol my parents were dirt poor. Try again. I worked my ass off in college and bought crypto early.

>I worked my ass off in college
It's not even possible you spaz.

200K House in Aus? Damn dude.

I am looking for houses in Brisbane and even finding stuff for like 400K is a stretch.

Excuse for what, lol? I'm not the retard who bought a ridiculously overpriced house and then worked like a dog to pay it off.

owning a oneroom in nowongu doesn’t count

Eh, you don't get to have a paid house in a major city and 200k gambling money at 22 if you've grown up dirt poor.

3 bedroom 2 bathroom retard. Go fuck yourself.

Live life worse than a dog or live comfy in mommys house where she does all the housework and makes homemade food.

Really gets the old joggin noggin

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Also I studied and interned as an actuary but started putting everything I had into crypto a few years ago and I'm doing the same today still.

Now wait for the next episode where his wife who has been fucking around for the past 3 years gets half of the house after a 2 weeks blitz divorce.

I do. You guys realize XRP went nearly 1000x last year and every genesis airdrop for ELIX, which was released as just Timereum a ew mo

a few months ago was worth as much as $55,000, each, right? And I got a LOT of those.

Every genesis address for Timereum was released over 1 day and I went to every single Starbucks and McDonalds I possibly could that day to get as many as possible with different emails from different IP addresses. Then I held and held and did not sell during the first Veeky Forums pump but wanted to wait for it to be over $1.00 each. Started selling around $1.00, sold a little more every time volume dipped and it was too overbought all the way up to the top and still have a few left.

>Veeky Forums pass
>anime picture
>wanting to live as a manchild in his parents' house

checks out

Mount gambier real estate is solid and not inflated. Buy for 200k rent out for 280

How much for a decent house in Seoul? Are you Korean?

About $350,000 for a cheap one in a pretty cheap area, a few million for something more normal. Remember "house" here is either really small or basically just a large apartment in a building with other people, but they still call it a "house." "Apartment" has a different, actually more luxurious, meaning in Korean.
This house isn't permanent, but it's enough for me right now while I get more money together and when I have a few million I'll find one to actually settle into.

I'm not Korean but I'm fluent and I'll be going for the TOPIK level 6 test soon (the highest level), so I don't have any issues here. The government is shit though and being tracked by banks and having to swear multiple times that I have no affiliation with cryptocurrencies of any kind when I clearly do has been kind of a nightmare.

Also I know you didn't ask this but banking in Korea is nothing at all like in the US. Literally everything about it is different.

And opening accounts at different banks is different too.
>Open account at Woori Bank
>Easy enough procedure full of the usual bullshit
>No US forms needed, or at least none in English
>Open account at Citibank
>Tons of US tax forms including the old W-9 and the foreign account forms for the IRS that Citibank keeps on hand for me so the IRS can know every single detail of my existence
>Checks my accounts at every single other bank so they can see how much money I send out of the country and even forces me to close an account I have at a different bank before they let me finish opening a bank account
You pretty much need to give every detail of your life to your banker and if you don't have a Korean phone number you need to go get those too.
>Your bankers is your "friend." They just want to "protect you."

>get degree
>bust your ass off working 100 hours a week for 3 years just to own a sub 500k house
>this is the career wagie reality
Tell me why anyone should bother with university when you can just own a fish and chips shop and make this amount of money in a year. I don't know about america, but here in aus the food and catering business is so fucking easy.
My wife's parents are chink immigrants who came here 30 years ago, worked on the strawberry fields for half the minimum wage for 100 hours a week, lived with 6 other chinks in a 2 bedroom apartment, ate rice and pho every day, then started renting a small lunch bar. With that they saved up enough credit to get a business loan and buy an IGA, and now 15 years later they're retired in their early fifties with a $5mil house, three smaller houses and two apartments in the city. It's all paid off, and they have heaps in savings as well.
The guy's brother who was co-renting the lunch bar with them and working there as well used the money to get a finance degree, and now he's some paper pusher accountant making 200k a year. Still a comfy salary, but he's never going to have half as much money as they did in 15 years with the IGA.
I mean they worked their asses off, and apparently still worked 14+ hours a day at the IGA, but if you're gonna do that you might as well do it properly. Going to uni and getting a prestigious degree is only good for your face, moneywise it's inferior even to the most basic brainlet tier shelf restocking, supply ordering and occasional abo-chasing-with-a-stick business.

university has been a meme boomers push for at least 20 years

Thanks for the info, interesting.
How is it like for foreigners that are fluent in Korean? Would you be able to easily find a job?

And yeah banks are absolute shit no matter where you are. I really fucking cant stand all the bullshit you have to deal with, and I'm not even American.


He's a moron. The money he earned from working 100 hour weeks could have made him WAYYYYYY more than he's saving on the mortgage payment if he had invested it.

Congrats bro you worked 100 hour weeks for 3 YEARS just to give it away to the bank, when you could have invested that money and EASILY paid the monthly payments with the gains and had tons left over. Especially with such low interest rates.

Jesus christ, I don't know how people are allowed to get a loan without knowing this. Morons who work extra hard to pay off car loans or mortgages as quick as possible are the stupidest brainlets on earth.

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