Started going to church to find girlfriend

>started going to church to find girlfriend
>finally found one
>told her lets just go once a month
>she says it's every week or we can't be together

So here I am broken up and bored anyone have any hot brappers that I can take my mind off my horrible situation?

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you're just a fag, find a boyfriend instead

>goes to church to find gf
>upset when gf wants to go to church

How tf are you this autistic

As if church is so bad. You could be presenting your asshole to sky mohammad to diddle 5x a day. All her back and suck it up


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this, OP is a faggot

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What's the opposite of horny? This is disgusting.

it falls in the "and" category

r9k really shits up every board doesnt it

Source on this grade A piece of ass

Fuck off fag, we all know keeping a waifu is a business transaction. Mine has cost me well over 100k so far, for minimal return. Do I sell the bottom?

Fuck off fag, show some respect

OP clearly larping. Even burgers aren't that stupid and effeminate.

The word you are looking for is gay. As in, "I am gay"


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It isn't the nicest and firmest brapper but fuckable
You are gay

literal omega
even betas can say "ok sweetie, you do your own thing and i'll do mine"
alpha would have fucked her into not going to church at all
she already overpowered you, you'll always be her bitch with her. power dynamics cement early on in a relationship, the effort required to change that becomes exponential