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target reached at $7926 ($6 difference)
Told you to sell at $7900 ... we are going to retrace to $7789 where the price will consolidate -

Read all my threads in total there are 5 threads.
T.A doesn't wurk, derp derp.

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these threads are really good, thanks for your service

I've read all of your threads, best content on /biz right now for BTC.

Question: are we the bottom or are we still heading sub 7k? If so based on your super data analytics what's the likely bottom?

Are we going long bear until June? Or are we going up earlier than that?

Thanks man!


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man the Veeky Forumslets that don't believe in TA are retarded. I don't even want to help them anymore.

not enough data yet but there is a high probability that we will break out. Now I'm gambling

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I suck at TradingView. How do I activate the indicator on the right side of the graph?

Why are you doing this? We don't deserve any of this. Please don't stop though.

>always do the opposite of what biz says

nice just sold 100k

Follow the links to his previous threads. He tells you which indicators he uses. Hes really good with uncovering whale positions via volume data analytics.

Search under indicators: "VPVR"

Good threads. Keep it up!

At this point it's just manipulation, it's easy to get barted.

Asian whales are tricky ---- trade at your own risk.

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really naive question, is bitfinex driving the price movements or do you have to aggregate from other exchanges to understand order flow

Good Q bump

>really naive question, is bitfinex driving the price movements or do you have to aggregate from other exchanges to understand order flow

BITFINEX has it all
Bitfinex is driving the market price for BTC.

tons of data for the brainlets.
go make some money.

I looked at your other threads and you were wrong more than you were right. Sorry to tell you bro that you can’t predict whales with meme lines. Also since you’re telling everyone you’re making money, prove it faggot.

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you can delete your thread now

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can u update the chart pls

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when you're fancy meme lines can't even predict a bart's right ear coming, clear as day, right under your nose

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I posted this earlier today, before the inverse bart became a mega-bart trend, hope some anons listened

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thx this TA always works dude

don't get too cocky, upright left ear reversal will drop us from 8100 to 7850 in the next 6 hours

>not using bart TA
Fucking pathetic.

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That's some good bartnical analysis, do you see us stopping for a breather at the upcoming right ear pump, or will we just go straight past the eyebrow?

Down from here, pump failed. Remember the pumps are mostly artificial to keep the exchanges afloat through liquidation. The trend is down, and hard

The artificial pumps are to try to encourage organic rises through fomo but they just cant do it (yet). Will prob happen at 4-6k

we're not going down for another few hours atleast, can you imagine how skinny and weird this bart would look if we tested the next left ear before 6 hours pass? Not going to happen

TA is mostly useless on highly manipulated markets

Organic decline, not a bart. This rise was initially organic with a false pump at the end

This inverse left ear was obvious to anyone doing real TA

I'll admit the mega-bart trend was a surprise, but a welcome one