Eternal reminder

Eternal reminder

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we're at first sell off



that little return to normal at the top there doesnt actually fit with bitcoins chart

Really? This hasn't received media and public attention yet? Ok.


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that was 10K - 16K

not relative to what's going to happen this year

Ausfag here, wait until we have reality TV shows about crypto like we have here about Real Estate.

Even on the fucking news we have a section which is 'the deal of the week' showing all the best R.E deals made that week.

Correct interpretation: we’re at bull trap.

Want to prove me wrong? Go ahead, buy up. I dare you.

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first time i've seen this chart. interesting...


bull traps don't do this.

wait until we're back up to 10.5- 11K. tether up.

buy between 4.5-5.5K. then swing trade.

you are warned
It's happening already

Bitcoin will moon again beginning the very moment that it becomes accepted that BTC is valued at 8k, or whatever price it hovers around for X amount of time.
Once its accepted in the minds of people that yes, it is valued at 8k, 4k, 12k, w.e. then it will begin another bull run.


Complete retard spotted.

There was media and public attention at ever dip in 2017. It's all relative.

m e m e m a g i c

There were bunch of old men discussing about tulips or repeating what their (((masters))) told them, "blockchain is important, bitcoin is not".

There were rarely any discussions about it's real life applications, predictions, discussing different tokens/coins.

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ripple/eth was on prime-time finance news in early January

you don't unironically believe that.

>we're at first sell off

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