Miniwhale here from this thread: >>8598973

miniwhale here from this thread: So I currently have about 400k in crypto, having already cashed out 200k into fiat. At the height of my powers I had 1.3MM in crypto, but the crash set me back. Initial investment was 20k back in May of last year.

Let's have a serious discussion about crypto's future. I'm sipping on some goose mixed with kombucha and feeling generous. So let me give you my analysis of crypto in the coming months.

I have friends who own millions in bitcoin. Nerdy guys that I started a company with who are the ones who told me to get into it last year. The one I know with the most has over 8MM worth of bitcoin, and that's not factoring in the BCH he got during the forks. They were all original investors and are all in their 40s-50s. I'm 29. The guy with 8MM doesn't trade, but all the other ones do and are part of secret groups that gave me the tips to get me to my current worth. I would have A LOT more money but I trade like a retard and made some seriously stupid gambles with assloads of money. I don't really care because I come from a pretty rich family and crypto is just like play money to me.

The next rush is going to be with actual adoption. This past year has been about hype- generating enough interest and investors so that crypto companies could establish themselves with a physical presence, and now we're going to see the biggest boom yet to come. These people I'm trading with anticipate they'll make another 20-50x profit within the next two years.

The problem is it won't be random shitcoins going 20x due to hype anymore, it will be from partnerships and use cases in the real world. What this means is that you might actually have to do some fucking research and not just trade between jacking off (as I did).

If you invested at the very top like a complete tard fret not, you should be ok PENDING your investments were in real coins with real teams behind them. Choose your coins wisely.

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Lightning apps gonna pay for my black child new shoes brother

>mini whale.

>muh fundamentals based market

You have to give us dates or something if you want to trip with the big boys

shill a fucking coin mayne, this board consists of 5 people anyway.

That's a lot of money, but not when you're going to inherit 35MM worth of US property that gets stepped up to market value cost basis because of 1031 exchanges.

if someone gets trips and I'll shill my top choice.

You dont seem to know anything why would we want your pick? All youve done is lose money

what kinda secrets?

Sounds cool, you’ll be rIch one day mate

could you be any more of a larp

yep, 20k to 400k with 200k cashed out on top of that in 10 months. Peanuts right?

if ur gonna larp as a rich person at least shill my bags instead of giving people legit good advice

yeah ok. is biz incapable of having a discussion about crypto? Wheres that "we lambo now" faggot? That guy is such a dumb asshole.

>I trade like a retard and made some seriously stupid gambles with assloads of money.

So when does the bear market end? I don’t invest in bitcoin but until there are altcoin fiat exchanges the state of the market rests entirely on bitcoin’s shoulders. Since bitcoin is heavily manipulated by whales, do you know when they’ll stop dumping it?

>I'm sipping on some goose mixed with kombucha

the alcohol kills all the fermented bacteria...


It ends when the first major partnerships are announced in a month or two.

It feels bad now, but as soon as we get "coin x partners with established company y" crypto will rise to unimaginable levels. You can't imagine it now, probably because the pain from the crash is causing short sightedness, but it will happen and you won't expect it. Be ready.

Just watch at the bitcoin mining facilities being set up, even post crash, and you may get an idea of what's to come.

Kambucha is a meme. The organisms aren't any more beneficial than beer.

Not all of it, I drink out of big mugs. Put A LOT of ice, then kombucha, then vodka. It really reduces the hangover you get in the morning.

I don't work a regular job, obviously, so sometimes I'll start sipping on random weekdays.

roll. what's your top choice?

Kombucha changed my life. I make it now as well as buying it.

Gut health is one of the most underrated and unknown areas of health in America. Bone broth and Kombucha will heal you.

that actually sounds refreshing. i'll try that some time.

Teach me obi-wan. I started with 5k now im down to 2k. Started same time as you did. I think I'm a brainlet.

yeah, its very good.

Remember if you're going to drink, which is harmful to you, then you need to drink a lot of water as well as not put other crap in your body like soda or super sugary drinks (like OJ).

what about the few that already said they are going to partner with BMW and some other companies? can't remember the name

when did you start? tricks that worked before won't work now. People have sharpened up, but that doesn't mean you can't make a shit load of money going forward.

Is your top choice within the top 25?

is it Skycoin?

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the most generic advice ever....

I have 70 ETH ($80k invested) and some other shitcoins like ENG, DBC, ICX, REQ.
will I make it? total investment $140k

Rolling out of curiosity.



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this just in! fucking moron says what we already all know.

waste of fucking text you piece of shit

DBC will actually be a good long-term coin as soon as the market pulls out of free fall. Aren't they doing masternodes?

I made 8M from crypto last year

OP shut the fuck up ur dumb as fuck

sound like an idiot. I’m 29 too

hey pasta

rolling again. what's your top choice?


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dead board, roll.

I don't fuck with Vechain, ony because I almost put in 15k when it was 20 cents... lol. It hurts too bad to consider.

Yes, and it isn't Vechain.


REQ and ENG are terrible investments. I don't really feel like writing up why since it'd take a long time and I'm a bit tipsy.

one last try

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Good for you, if you cashed out now you'd only have 4MM after taxes, which is 8x less than I have in real estate, which is the most stable investment you can own.

how is that pasta?

I know its not vechain and I have a feeling I know which coin.

I hope you guys wake the fuck up to what's going on. Mass recognition in media HAPPENED

70% of this board bought in December, at the peak of a bubble, and at the peak of the most overrated, overbought asset in history. You buy it early in a ponzi, not late dumb fucks. I've been in this market for more than 6 years and I can tell you with certainty that anything above even the price of $50 is overvalued given that there is no adoption and zero fundamentals backing it.

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i've seen it last summer

So it's Monero. Nice.

lol. If you've been in this market for 6 years you should be worth at least 5-10 million.

Are you?

lol, you guys - you're spending energy to make fucking proof of transactions.

It's a fucking joke m8, it's a bubble.

bitcoin is the best form of currency ever invented; combining utility of digital currency with decentralization of gold
exponential growth around 300% pa but with huge bubbles
blockstream take control of bitcoins github
make people believe there is a reason for 1mb cap through censorship and sophistry
arbitrary limit creates market for alt coins
btc market dominance continues to decrease
hardfork of bch on august 1st 2017

2018 is the year bch takes back market dominance

Nope all long term 20% you stupid fuck

I’m self made too lol

You got real estate from mommy and daddy like a stupid soy boy bitch u are.

I think I remember u the stupid faggot that just fucked hookers cuz can’t get laid and was bragging about peanuts. Yes 1.3m or 200k whatever it is.


> "I trade like a retard and made some seriously stupid gambles"
> didn't get out when it started crashing
> friends are all original investors and they anticipate another 20-50x within 2 years even though the last bear market lasted 2 years.
> newfag

But let me give you my analysis of crypto in the coming months which is just
A generic commentary on all emerging markets which should be obvious to everybody in this space.

LARP btw

No you didn't.

No, privacy coins will never go mainstream. They are too easy to attack from a political stand point. Yes they are awesome, but they won't go intersteller. Crypto needs to merge with the mainstream, not usurp it. That'll never happen.

Also, you don't want a world with complete privacy when it comes to money. I don't feel like explaining why but it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain or someone who has even a small amount of wealth.

cool, I'm 6'2". Are you even 6 foot bro?

Yes i did. All you added was
>So I currently have about 400k in crypto, having already cashed out 200k into fiat. At the height of my powers I had 1.3MM in crypto, but the crash set me back. Initial investment was 20k back in May of last year.
This MUH REALWORLD USECASE CRYPTO IS DEAD shit comes every time btc is doing bad.


larp confirmed

I have 2k usd in both Ripple and XML how fucked am I out of 10?

Sorry, don't know what to tell you. Parallel thinking?

Roll op is eos going to be big this year?

Not the greatest duo.

Yep 6 feet.

hahahah. u r that stupid faggot

parallel copypasting

I rolled trips once and quads once. What's the top 25 coin you're shilling? NEO?

I don't know what stupid faggot you're referring to. Stop projecting your autistically small inner world onto me.

>i-i'm 6 foot!

good for you buddy.

you need to go back

im not that drunk lol just a mild buzz going.

Sigh op shitting up the board sage in all fields you lying kike.


hahaha you’re such a faggot

ur broke bitch too shouldn’t be giving any advice

u are stupid

Rolling. Is it ICX??

gibs trips plix

trips ez right here

trips and you dont give it out. i shit on you

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I have an MBA from Stern. You live in a mildew infested basement.

I sold btc and alts at~ 16k
I fell for the meme too, but at least caught it before it was too late

>richkid who got lucky
>thinks hes some kind of authority

I never said that before, but kys

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This is exactly why I went balls deep into tfd and wtc. Mining wtc will be the most profitable thing you can do with your hardware once the mainnet launches in a few days.

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Inheriting wealth doesn't automatically make you a feckless person.

Most successful people came from some sort of wealth. It's very VERY difficult to make it from nothing, despite what the media portrays. Even the people you think came from nothing did not.

so how fucked am I?

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I got one from Columbia

NYC fags always were gay hahaha

>The one I know with the most has over 8MM worth of bitcoin, and that's not factoring in the BCH he got during the forks.
This part intrigued me. How do you and the other whales you know feel about BCH and BTC development/adoption respectively?

Thanks just bought 100k Chainlink.

Since you're big on actual it Nano?

Aite OP since we didn't get trips give us your 2nd pick

65% shitcoins, but you have some good ones in there.

You must be hurting very badly inside, you ok man?

BCH is a shitcoin gone astray. BTC will be king for the very long foreseeable future.

What's the coin shitcock

What do you think about link?

i like this guy


yeah, no shit. have fun living life in easy mode. Also, one thing: You laugh at people who bought the december peak, but are at only 46% of your ath. You basically bought the top, too, with all of your 1.3mm, and lost 54% of your investment. You are just as terrible as somebody that bought the top.

No I’m a self made millionaire.

Couldn’t be farther from the truth

why u such a faggot i don’t get it ? soy?

> falling for his larp

you’re fucked lol

i don’t think it’s a larp it’s not even impressive

only broke faggots use the word larp

>BCH is a shitcoin gone astray.
Could you elaborate on “gone astray”. Just curious as to how you and your partners came to this conclusion.

No, my portfolio rose to that level then crashed to the current level, that's not the same as buying in at the top and losing.

I don't laugh at people who bought at the top, I feel bad for them, and worse for those who sold back into fiat after they lost.

Also there is no "easy mode". When you have more your goals change, it never gets easier. Humans are beasts of burden, there is no scenario of sipping on martinis on a beach for the rest of your life.

It's either NANO or OMG I think. Since those are coins with actual teams in the top 25, not counting BTC or ETH, and OP has mentioned investing in "real teams." Both have also been getting a lot of attention and hype. Like so many people are excited for OMG but NANO has been FUD'd a lot and there is actual discussion in NANO threads.

the guy who owns the most hasn't touched his BCH, because he doesn't care or check or touch crypto besides monitoring BTC, everyone else has sold theirs.

he's not that bad.