I'm not jew psyOpsing, but let's be serious guys, I NEED to know

is he a pedo or not? i'm tired of this shit, I have a friend who keeps telling me DUDE! HE IS A PEDO!
and i'm like wtf dude, he looks weird but wtf he might just be autistic.

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He's an alien, you idiot

Not pedo. Asexual hyper-autist.

He’s an alien, it’s cool. It’s be like if dogs saw you jerkin it to cute puppies and called you a pedo ya know. It’s in the past

>dat receding hairline at 24

slav gene is complete trash

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You're too dumb to understand what he meant.

his head is bigger than your head will ever be.

He said "I can" and not "I will". I can jump off a cliff is not the same as saying I will jump off a cliff. He innocent.


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I'm serious. He's an alien.
He has come to rule the world. He is, in fact, Satoshi Nakomoto, who worked with Craig Wright and Nick Szabo on Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a test. Ethereum is a real deal.

No history or background on the names Vitalik or Buterin. Seriously. Google them. No meanings found. Limited history.

Vitalik Buterin is just another pseudonym by this Alien King. That's right, "Vitalik Buterin" is in fact, a fake name for "Yalitro Neeja" in his original language which translates to "Righteous King".

Yes, he is a humanoid. He has had many many many surgeries done to make him look as human as possible. His skin tone has always been the same though which worked out nicely for the scientists.

His mind works faster than ours. He learned english in 3 hours. He is superior. He knows exactly how we work. His plan is to dominate the world with Ethereum. He laughs at our computers and our network. He thinks we're cavemen.

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he's probably more handsome than most Veeky Forums

Reminds me of Mandark from Dexter's Lab except he's not evil. Just an autist from another planet.

doesn't work well with his twig neck.

take the neck pill.

quints confirms

he also likes cock very much, and keep his twinky body very smooth

hi, mom

Get in, faggot

Fuck CannabisCoin

He is obviously a pedo.

What a fucking waste

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Money pedo skelly. Anyone that deep intontge internet is a pedo 100% guarenteed

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no, he's e.t.
your friend is a pedo.

the hero of kvatch

I want to mine his coins.

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He's Russian. So yes, obviously. I read on wikipedia that Russia is the main producer of teen erotica, i.e. child models.