Complete Rookie to Crypto... What's a decent online Wallet to start with?

Any recommendations for good introductions to crypto trading would be appreciated too.

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It depends on what cryptocurrnecy you hold. Not every wallet can hold every coin

Just buy kyber network, they're going to 10x moon soon.


I would most likely be looking into a few of the less-established coins and go into a long-term holding. Can't say I've researched too deeply yet, but I know bitcoin, ethereum, and others among those are most definitely out.

I'm also in Korea, and I'm pretty sure foreigners can't trade crypto here. So I'd be looking for a wallet that will let me change to my home country (Canada). Sorta like coinbase, although I backed out of signing up with them since I've been reading they are going in the wrong direction as of late.

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Order a Nano S right from the start. It will save you the hassle of moving funds around later.

So I now have a wallet, but how do I actually buy coins and send them to my wallet?

Coinbase is not available in my country (New Zealand). There is a site called Cryptopia, but the banks withdrew support of them recently (i don't even know what that means).


You're only here because of the recent hype, come back in 6 months and have another consideration.

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Why can't I just buy coins in USD? From something like Paypal?

Mainly here due to an interest in an eventual passive income, and crypto/investing is my only real option at the moment. Just want to get my feet wet not sell the farm for now.

Your first thing getting into crypto should be researching ways to buy and researching ways to get out
why the fuck are you shitposting here instead of doing that? Nobody fucking lives in nz, nobody fucking knows your laws, how do you expect anyone to tell you what to do? Stop being a faggot and for once and look through exchanges instead of asking stupid shit.

Hey dude I am NZ user as well. For now the only option is getting jipped on currency exchange rates and buying with foreign currency. I use
They have a slightly higher price than the market rate of BTC/ETH but it's instant at least... They take USD and GBP.

XRP $1000 EOY


Cheers. Will check this out.

Have you ever tried buying directly with creditcard from Bitcoin/Simplex?

No i havent, you can use credit card on cex as well. Just suggesting what I've tried and been successful with

How do you purchase with USD? Do you have a USD bank account, or how does that work?

If you want more help, take a look around r/nzbitcoin. If you want to use nzd, you can use local exchanges like kiwi coin or an Australian exchange like independent reserve. The fees for depositing overseas are pretty high though, if you're buying small amounts.

Doesn't matter what anyone tells you, buy a ledger nano s now... all major coins and all tokens supported. This will save you so much trouble and so much sleep, doesn't matter how much you put into crypto.

You can use virwox to do that but the fees are too high

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i have a trezor and ledger, the ledger supports more coins BUT the trezor is open source. I *feel*more secure with the trezor, everything that i can store on the trezor goes on the trezor

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Have fun waiting months for bitstamp, gemini, and bitfinex

Ledger is open source, read the info pamphlet they've included with the product