Hey Veeky Forums

Hey Veeky Forums

I just cracked satoshis plan, and in doing so, I realized why bitcoin has mooned in 2013, and in 2017 (all other uptrends are not moons). Frankly, I cracked this code in 2012, but it took me this long to realize the implications.

I can't just let the secret out there, because I wanna cash in on this thing.

I can tell you the following though:
>The market will be a blood bath for more than a year (with some exceptions of course)
>A final moon is coming

It's all part of the schedual, user. Do your research and you will find out what I mean.

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Pretty juicy for a jewess. Thanks, user!


nice larp faggot

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Right. So please tell me the reason to the moon in 2013 as well as the reasons to the one in 2017.

It has to do with bitcoin. The bitcoin code. Just as satoshi wrote it. The plan is in there. Just read the fucking writing on the wall.

haha op 2021 is it?

>he knows

Why even post?

So what fiat peg in 2021
Are you talking about btc or bch, no op codes in btc

I like you guys, except for you ofc

We could be looking at a usd/btc flippening, but most likely just another 100x moon.

What do you think of craig s wright

Who cares. I'm not a member of the cult of personality.

God, what an asshole you are. I'm just so grateful I don't have to go through life being the kind of person you are. What a bummer that would be. Fuck.

yeah yeah.
the "schedual"
the schedual sauce, amirite?

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I never said I was anything than an idiot, but even a broken clock is right two times per day.

A final clue for you guys. Stay rich k?

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Do you like penises OP ?

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This what you talking about?

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Shhh, user! Don't tell the goys!

Isn't it obvious? It's the whole reason I bought in in 2015. Normie fucks keep telling me it's unpredictable but it's like fucking clockwork.

since btc is popular one, halving is anticipated event weeks before and after.
Other coins doesn't have this lift in price like btc.

Haha, right? Feels comfy as fuck just accumulating btc in this bear market from hell where others have delusions posting "bull run imminent" across the board.

Not sure what you mean, but halving is very deterministic and btc _is_ the cryptomarket, so I guess you're right.

>halving meme again.

Where is The bottom now?

satoshi nakamoto here, i'm not selling my linkies!

2k but it will be a slow bleed over months.

Jesus you guys are going to get some cognitive dissonance when this bear dies in early april


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What he said:
kek, go 100x long and be a good goy

The bitconnect guy talked about this in one of his latest videos


When's the next halvening btw?

it's been mentioned in the thread, google, whatever. also its 2021

It's 2020

You literally believe the price is completely determined by the decreasing rate of increase of supply
Your inability to understand exponential growth has broken your mind

>supply and demand is a meme

top kek, user. I thought even Veeky Forums was smarter than this.

So you are basically saying no moon till halving?

Thats right user, demand

The us dollar will loose purchasing power this year for the first time since 2012

The fomo into crypto is not going to be explained by the halvening schedule

It depends on what you mean by "moon". Anything can happen, but my prediction is that we wont see 20k+ until event #3.

>pure speculation
Even if the dollar loses value, that doesn't mean that cryptos will be fomoed into. What use case do normies have with btc at the present time? They cant pay their bills with it, they cant pay taxes, they can barely even get a cup of coffee with it.

Until cryptos become as usable as a credit card that scenario is hard to imagine happening, imo.

I would also argue that the tiny price surge that the halving so far always has resulted in, creates normie fomo of insane proportions from the normies who are looking for a quick buck. Now there are more of those people than ever before

Pretty sure it's this one youtu.be/tAqDEkhj2cY

i believe you guys are pointing me in the right direction, starting to piece together the bigger picture, zeros and ones its all controlled by a complex plan disguised with delusion of the oasis.

Forgot to add
>what is willibot


no bitconnect

Um im sory sweetie that I i have to break it to you but the bottom graph showns 16 month time not 6

I'm obviously a brainlet. can you flesh this out a bit more?

My bad, the correlation is still striking, tho.

so in 16 months or less, there will be another huge spike. does this have anything to do with sports?

>Bitcoin hitting 2k!!!! (Bitcoin at 8.5k) Too late to sell now.
You what bruh

No, thats not it at all.

begone troll

So first halvening to 2013 peak -> 12 Months
second halvening to 2017 peak -> 15 Months

So you found out what halving is op...

>people cashing in to buy the World Cup tickets

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As I said, I predicted the 2013 rise in 2012 so it's not really "new news", but I didn't realize it happened twice until recently. It now feels obvious that it will happen thrice.

We all know it's a jew larping as a based jap

it will.

Yes, I'm half nordic half jewish masterrase. Jelous? I'm not saying that I am satoshi. Just picked the nick Bakamoto for the lulz.

comfy isn't it?

>oh, sorry for not paying attention to the primary principle of my theory.

this can't be understated

>I'm half nordic half jewish masterrase

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Yes, fud the goys. Good.

By the way, this theory of 1, ONE variable ezplaining BTC’s market dynamic can only come from a sub 90. I.Q.

less suply => higher price, its that easy


kek, virgin projection detected

also, wtf is up with my spelling today? I guess I'm really a brainlet, huh?

>supply and demand

k, user

No it’s not moron, one needs DEMAND as well, well, as you know in the theory of SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
This board is filled with subhuman I.Q retards.

the absolute state

god have mercy

No, you’re a low I.Q retard who thinks knows shit. Supply and demand is affected by a number of things. Let me explain your own reasoning:
>BTC’s supply gets reduced
>price rises
>there’s nothing else to it

demand comes in as the price increases, see normies entering in late 2017.
in 2021 there will be new brainlets to hold our bags

So, Supply and demand is a very dynamic thing. Many things affect it and thus you’re retarded.

Autistic idiot larping as an autistic genius. This is a new one.

I get more and more disappointed.
So you think only “ normies “ can cause a bull run? Really.
I quit

Its over.

Extra, extra
>Cirlce buys Poloniex
>Futures recently launched
>CBOE requests SEC to consider EFT’s again
>Major event in May
>Exchanges being opened around the world
>Projects becoming operational this year

When did the last halving happened?
Do Charlie Lee know something? In december he expected the start of a multi year bear market..
Who is manipulation btc? Only early whales or someone else?


Technically speaking the halvening would at best increase value by only 50% or 0.5x. Big whoop