We have a situation

We have a situation...

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I only speak to Igor, Grichka

They discovered tfd.

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If you don't start pumping shit theres going to be some problems Igor

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>>he's trying to fomo into the pump
>delay him, make his binance captcha fail
>>he bought in and is about to set a stop loss
>dump it below his buy in, fast
>>he sold
>good, now begin forming a bart simpson formation on btc/usd, send them message *click*

The whales have been released!

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what do you need?

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My son is losing his allowance money in crypto
I can't have that happen

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>all of them sunk

>impeach him

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gentlemen... I think I have a solution to your little problem here

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BBDUBYAS have superior buoyancy

Make the call.

consider the bull released.

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>cage eet

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>dump it

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Believe me Mr Bogdanoff, "it" is already caged

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your making a big mistake friend. The bogs are closing in, its over. It's due time you resign

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>release eet

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Pump it

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>paint a perpetual bull flag, push sideways until he goes to sleep
>then, continue the dump

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where do you people find so many pictures of the Bogdanoff's with phones?


>why won't you piss on me anymore?

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>>get Sergey on the line
>*phone vibrating*
>M A S T E R?

> put Binance on week-long "unplanned maintenance"