>buy xlm

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>Nice trajectory
>has taken one of the most enormous shits in crypto
>literally zero volume
>since moon, has gone nowhere but down with zero hope anywhere to be found.

Fuck this shit coin. I regret this bag more than anything else.

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>Literally every coin is in the shitter becuz BTC
If anything, you should bought stocks
>inb4 US stock market implode

>complaining about a top-performing coin in a bear market
you tell me a coin that's not taking an enormous shit right now.

Stellar will overtake bitcoin and ethereum in the future. You can sure as bet that your 'bags' are never leaving top 10 and will only get to top 5 in the future

A shitton of ICOs from KIN to Irene energy just moved from ETH to XLM.
I got the same feeling back during the ETH DAO Hack.
It can only go up from here

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Biggest fraud of crypto lol

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>guess who sugested to follow stellar reddit 2018
>guess wich project is decouping from btc slavery
>guess wich board have people so dumb they fall for nigger fud

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>Citation needed

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it literally makes the FOMO train even better because not only do people overlook at the advantages, they don't fully understand how the Stellar works and how it makes money etc (why isn't it simple like 'muh bitcoin' wah!) and thus, they easily just decide to leave in confusion. Even if it is as easy as saying
>they're giving all your hard earned money to niggers

as if niggers will be able to get on an exchange to sell it or implying they will be giving it like hotpockets to feed them like a charity.

pic related there are no free hand out niggers

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haha who did this? good stuff

jas, any day now.

i heard Veeky Forums will accept xlm too

Satoshi is Jed McCaleb's bitch.

the whole world will accept xlm, and IBM will undoubtedly capture a good portion of the market.

There's no point of making a token/coin if it's not reachable to the greater audience and sold on the open market. That is why Stellar answers all the issues regarding payments, worldwide. Also, it gives the incentive to the idea of what bitcoin was about.

Bitcoin was intended to be a coin for video games so you buy cosmetics or ingame purchases. Now with Stellar, anyone can do this with their games, and sell their tokens on the SDEX.

Hell, I can make lemonade stand and sell LEMON tokens or sell oil contracts for the gambling stock trader! As long as I uphold my lemonade stand and deliver the lemonade when they want it, I am no different than a brick-and-mortar business (but 2.0)

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with Stellar, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

Ok Im all in.

the rest will move to EOS. stellar is a charity project. EOS is run by libertarians.

You can't mine stellar you fucking tardling