Is Datawallet most undervalued coin in cryptomarket?

Is Datawallet most undervalued coin in cryptomarket?

>marketcap only 14 millions
>all-stars team, also two billionares as active investors (tim draper, marc benioff)

I fucking went all in to ICO because idea was just too good to skip

however now it's -80% below ico price

only on shitexchanges like bibox and cobinhood, that are fucking worst ever

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No it's shit

and yea, in ico they collected 40mln and it was sold-out in 1 day.

what changed post-ico? nothing!
fucking bear market just started and raped this shitcoin

get this now, you can buy this -80% cheaper than i did.

this is 14mln marketcap , no brainer

In b4 OP got scammed in an ico. Happens all the time.

your mother is, isn't ?
kys faggot

now let me shill my bags , i wont come to your threads too

I am not * scammed * i just bought moneygrab ico

however now its at good buy level . 14mln marketcap for this project is a fucking joke but looks like marketcap doesnt matter in cryptos anymore like it did few months ago

"low marketcap" was good buzzword back then

You should've sold you angry faggot. or maybe not invest in shitty scam icos.

Sounds like you invested heavily and more than you should've. lol silly faggot.

its not shitty scam, would 2 billionares invest to shitty scam?

yes i invested *way more* than i should have

yes. They would, and many have. Just like you. Now kill yourself.

bililionaires invest in hundreds of failed businesses lol they just need to hit that one jackpot to make up for their losses.
thats how the rich get richer (them) and poor get poorer(you)

"those that haven't killed themselves shill in every thread for weeks"

Those bags will now be yours to carry for eternity user. Someone has to carry the bags, this time it is you. Your chance at becoming a crypto millionaire is over, now you are just a statistic.

do you really think datawallet doesnt deserve at least 30m marketcap

look it's fundamentals you fucking 90iq

I need to make this clear. Youll be stuck holding bags ammd you'll give up on pursuing crypto. You won't be able to accumulate during the bear market so you wont make anything during the bull. I want to to think about this everytime you see a thread about eth, neo, ven or any other good project. Thoses anons are going to make a fucking fortune and youll be stuck holding the same worthless bags. Well memed my friend, I'm fucking glad im not in your shoes.

No i dont think its worth 30m. Once the dust settles ill think it'll find it's place aroynd 5-10m. Just because good coins are worth billions doesnt mean shitcoins automatically get to be worth a few hundred million.

fucking faggot you are crying after few months when this is at 100m marketcap and your req nano link etc shit normiecoins are at 5m

Harsh but true. Maybe the brainlet will learn his lesson next time. Can you imagine the smug look on the cunts face when he bought in HAHAHAH he probably thought he was going to be richer than every chad and stacey that ignored him in highschool. It's unfortunate but somebody does have to hold the bags

fuck u, hope you die early

>its not shitty scam, would 2 billionares invest to shitty scam?
They invested roughly 300k together in a seed round. Imagine what there bonus looked like. The risk that they had to take is so minimal.

As someone stuck with heavy bags i can confirm this is true i am 90% down i once had 150k req now i hold 10k such a sad thing i cant accumulate in a bear market because i have to hold worthless heavy bags

It's not that bad you just have to hunt for low cap coins that suit your requirements to invest in. Obviously op falls for shit like pic related and he isnt capable of simple logical thought so he cant come back from this, but fuck 150k req if you done it once you can easily do it again.