I just realised something. When LINK actually moons, like it is bound to...

I just realised something. When LINK actually moons, like it is bound to, every normie will realise that Veeky Forums is actually the best source of information. Think about how intolerable this board was immediately after the Decemberfag invasion, it is going to be orders of magnitude worse than that.
Normieposting will literally kill Veeky Forums after LINK moons. Enjoy the memes for now because it won't last forever.

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1000$ EOY

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>like it is bound to

>T. brainlet

Link is the normie invasion. You guys have no idea how Chainlink even works because you're all 105ers; your think you're smarter that you are, but you're not!

Thanks 106.

Can we get some sort of emergency bunker ready for premooners?

>like it is bound to
oh sweetie...

yes because normies have a high tolerance for anti semitic and generally racist and unpleasant comments. i think not.

ps. KYS you nigger-kyke

How do I short biz?

normies already reaped benefits from Veeky Forums even before. I remember seeing a news segment sometime near the December bullrun where a group of college aged kids actually got rich just because they unironically bought some coins that were shilled on Veeky Forums and they actually MENTIONED how they got their information from here. I still remember all those cringy crypto stickers on their fridge.

You know damn well they'll just chastise us for it and make endless "Why is Veeky Forums so racist lol" threads

Normie posting has already killed this fucking board.

It was best around mid 2016. During the 2017 bull run sooo many fags came trotting along. Normies and /pol/tards included.

Veeky Forums's general reputation/credibility as a place for crypto info is completely tied to ChainLink. We are obsessed, nobody else is interested. Yet. When LINK goes nuts there are going to be thousands upon thousands of normies who say "Wow, Veeky Forums was right", and who come here for the "next big thing". They will swallow the racism (or argue against it) if they think it will make them rich.

This. Try browsing this board while pretending you're a normalfaggot and you will see how repelling this place actually is. I saw a thread a couple of days ago that said something like "how do I kill all the niggers in the world"


Y-you haven't gotten the invitation to our headquarters?

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imagine people posting things like
>200 link, am i going to make it?

Activate almonds

Sickle cell was a good attempt

We will have to step up our game for the next invasion! Like partner with the Libyans and sell niggers on the blockchain.
Imagine a decentralized ledger keeping track of all the slaves!

This is the price we pay when we're rich. Time to leave Veeky Forums after the singularity.

Just call them niggers, whores and faggots. That unironically scares away a large portion of them.

Don't forget, you're here forever.

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> When LINK actually moons
So you saying Veeky Forums is safe?

> kyke
rip Veeky Forums

I've been "here" since 2010, I'm only leaving Veeky Forums, not other boards

If link moons I will have made it and will no longer browse this board. I couldn't care less what happens to this hellhole.

They already do.

1 link, am i going to make it?
he's one and only though, very cute

This guy gets it. If LINK does moon, most of the users who browse here now will "make it" and stop coming here. There will be a changing of the guard where the LINK holders will leave and the normies will come in to take our place.

Veeky Forums being overrun with normies is just a small price to pay


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Tyrone coming for ya girl, in a city near you.

Best stock up on guns and ammo lil soyboy.

I bought 130 LINK just yesterday.

Will it really go to the moon or i got meme'd by biz?

We need /polbiz/ posters to keep away normies
Thank you senpai

Don't forget it

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Lol, you took the bait. Link is a ripoff

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biz is dead op. the only way it gets better is if btc crashes sub $1k.

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