Partnership with Japan's largest power compnay dropping in less than 24 hours

>Partnership with Japan's largest power compnay dropping in less than 24 hours.
>TEPCO publicly listed, $6bn market cap.
>POWR - closest rival crypto working in AUS only - $120m Marketcap

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Easy 5x
Why is is still such a low marketcap?


OmiseGO founder is lead advisor and heavily invested.

$600m marketcap EOY

thank you sir, just bought 100k

No gookcoins or chinkcoins pls

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Volume is holding up not bad for a Chinese shitcoin.

How many ELEC do I need to make it, user?

Whats the proof of this partnership user? Plz

Thanks just bought 100k

It's been unofficially leaked in the group telegram for the past couple of days.
It will be announced publicly by EOM, but given that tomorrow is the last working day of the month....

Tepco deal would be fucking huge.

How tf do I reply to people on Veeky Forums. I'm a novice. Anyways, thanks for the heads up. I may invest within the next 18 hours if thats the case haha.

You click on the number of the post and then it adds it in a reply.

Here come dat pump

Thanks senpai

Fuck Veeky Forums has some tricks. Thanks

what exchange it is

also, dubs checked.

KuCoin and IDEX.
By the way, there's a market tab under coinmarketcap...............

KuCoin is the best, fuck the Dex’s