Is this the most chad exit scam ever?

> puts his real face onto the project
> exits as soon as ICO is done and calls it a great success
> informs the investors that they are exiting in an oficial statement
> absolutely no remorse, acts like if what happened is completely normal

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How the fuck is he not dead from a monero hitman?

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Somehow I thought that they used the testimonials of Steven Seagal without permission..

Hahaha wow. This is next level pajeeting.

thanks for the money, cy@ later

what are they gonna do?
He'll shit on any hitman coming after him


>Twitter phishing/scamming handle tier name
>Steven Seagal
>people ACTUALLY put money in this
The absolute fucking state of crypto

everyone went all in, no money to hire a hitman

>on March 7 the Bureau of Securities of the State of New Jersey issued a cease and desist order against Bitcoiin, saying it had claimed on its website each of its Bitcoiin2Gen coins will be worth $388 by December 2018.

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Holy shit they might actually get in trouble for this.

wow, this is unbelievable.

It's Steven Seagal. No hitman could kill him.

There was a very persistent rumour in MMA forums of yesteryear about how Steven Seagal is a bitch and JC Van Damme once bitchslapped him and challenged him to a brawl and Seagal took it like a bitch and just left running scared

Unironically because he's always protected by Putin's personal security force.

There was that one confirmed story of him literally pissing his pants after getting choked out lol

People that put money into those obvious scams are pajeets and retarded poor normies. And they don’t have money to hire one or even know where to find it.

>token sale had been a fantastic success
That's fucking hilarious.

>people actually bought some shit called Bitcoiin
>people actually paid money for Bitcoin with two Is

Jesus Christ

Why has my gold devalued reeeee


>Track down elite hitman to take out Seagal
>End up hiring Steven Seagal

That was a pretty funny story.

>Seagal talking to a judo master
>Says he knows a move to escape from any chokehold
>Judo guy asks him to demonstrate it
>Puts Seagal into a standard rear chokehold
>Seagal tries to hit the judo master in the nuts
>Passes out a few seconds later
>Judo guy smells something funny
>Seagal tried to stay conscious so hard that he shitted himself

Seagal is a jew. Why is anyone surprised he did this?

I'm surprised Trump didn't do it first, desu

>ico scene has been nothing but fraudsters for ages since zero repercussions
>desperate losers still give them millions

I don't see any problem, maybe you'll learn something, more likely you'll stay a poor sucker.

watch Rogan talk about Segal
hes a legit master in his own discipline, but that form of martial arts isnt the most effective and is kinda a fringe looks cooler than it actually is type thing

It's amazing how shameless they are. In the same statement they say they're leaving to decentralize the coin and ensure there's nobody on top who "owns" the project
And further down they say they're excited to meet their soon new CEO. Slavs, not even once.

He's also part native american, part japanese, part russian, part belarussian, part french and part aztec according to himself, probably part chinese, maoi, swedish, italian, bantu and what else name he reads in the newspaper.

la creatura in its natural habitat

>tells every one he's exiting before he exits.
>nothing any one can do about it because he'll just snap your neck
Fucking based.

>the misspelled domain name scam comes to cryptos