Hello faggots, i'm new to crypto

so If I understand well, you basically buy coins, wait like 1 year for the normal fag hunting season, and dump your bags on normies, you actually don't give a fuck about the tech or whatev, you just buy bags, wait for normie season, and throw your bags?

I am understanding this well?

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not quite, but that strategy is already orders of magnitude better than what the vast majority of people here are doing

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You are 100% correct.

care to explain what the majority of Veeky Forums does?

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shitpost and make memes as disguise for deep market analysis and decent advices

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Buy high sell low

u will ignore my post. iRl businessman here. and ex coiner. you came so late to the party that you can only lose if u invest now. thank me later. You dont get in ponzi's after they collapse

no, this is Veeky Forums we buy high

I actually came because I heard some crypto holding colleagues crying about it crashing, so I was like, hmmm maybe I could buy IN.

also what's up with this chainlink coin? is it good?

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buying high selling low

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Absolute trash

this is called trading ,you should try too

i read some thread in here saying it's a sort of new revolution or whatever, can you elaborate please?

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their "revolution" is a vaporware. That's all you need to know.

its crashing and it will bleed all out NOT get back up. it wont coz 99% of people bought it to get rich and now that no one got rich no one will buy anymore. its a classic bubble. chainlink was proven to be garbage by tech experts. dont bother . just dont ever come to Veeky Forums. you will only lose money here. Ponzi's over. the bitcoin millionaires are the fiends who actualy used Bitcoin as currency years ago in illegal darknet market

buy tfd on idex and you will become rich its thats simple.

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Whatever you do, don’t listen to this piss-drinking retard:

what do you mean? ETH is really cheap, and was thinking to buy some and maybe put it in some alts.

but my god so many contradicting posts,

>all shit-coin / token charts follow BTC's chart

cant you see the fad is over?

do your own research about Ponzi and bubbles. These people r so deep into crypto they are like brainwashed cult members

ETH was hit especially hard bc of SEC news hitting ICOs, which are on the ETH chain. Buying now would probably be fine. Buy when there’s blood in the streets.

Again, this blithering fool has no idea what he’s talking about:
“fad.” Watch this “fad” over the next month, whilst he continues masticating his own shit.

>this “fad” over the next month

keep on HODLin retard. pros cashed out last december. crypto will NEVER take off coz of price volatility (in USD and EUR that is controlled retard)

hello friend, what's his end game I don't get it, maybe this goes beyong my brainlet abilities.

why would he so keen on telling me crypto is dead?

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>its crashing and it will bleed all out NOT get back up. it wont coz 99% of people bought it to get rich and now that no one got rich no one will buy anymore. its a classic bubble. chainlink was proven to be garbage by tech experts. dont bother . just dont ever come to Veeky Forums. you will only lose money here. Ponzi's over. the bitcoin millionaires are the fiends who actualy used Bitcoin as currency years ago in illegal darknet market

I got into bitcoin back when it was worth pennies (was a libertarian idealist). Have heard plenty of people say this same ponzi scheme, no money left, bubble bullshit constantly since I started.

Crypto has followed the tech bubble of the 90's at an accelerated rate almost to a tee. If you think it's over and there is nowhere to go back down then you're fucking moron.

Your strategy isn't bad.

Put all emotion aside, do some research, find companies that you think will do well, accumulate, and wait.

Also read up on trading. Knowledge is what gets you ahead in this game

Places like Veeky Forums and reddit are full of shit heads and shillers/fudders. So, beware.

Why indeed. Why would he be trolling Veeky Forums (essentially a crypto board) in the wee hours of the morning, claiming crypto is dead? Perhaps some other questions: how many times have people declared that crypto is dead, and how many times have they been right?

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wow! thx alot user! Pretty good advice! Yeah That's wht I was thinking actually, i'm not new to Veeky Forums been lurking since 2011, but started on /b/ and /x/ then moved to /pol/ and now checking Veeky Forums

what does fudders mean?

but I don't understand, srsly, im a brainlet but, if its dead, why is he here? i thought Veeky Forums was all about crypto, if its dead why does he bother posting and insisting on it? is there like an agenda behind this? I don't get it, I mean in what way Am I enough important for him to spam that i shouldnt invest n shit? i know Veeky Forums is evil, and people never want whats good for their fellow anons.

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Fuders spread fear, want you to sell. Shillers want you to buy.
Every now and then there is proper advice but its hard to filter

Nobody really gets it. I believe it might be some form of intelectual masturbation

No worries man.

Just think for yourself and you'll be fine.

cool thx man; any advice, on what cryptos to invest in, I don't know and you sound trustworthy

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Thanks user, posts like these keep me going.

Ok, so take this guy for example, he sold whatever he had at a loss and is unhappy now. There’s a lot of these here now. Also, you’ll often find paid fudders ( psy op) in adittion to trollers. Your instincts are most likely right, we’re aproaching the bottom so it’s a good time to buy. Just wait out a couple more weeks, do some research and watch the market everyday.

oh so there is nothing like an agenda or whatev, he's just mad? KEK

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Not really but it's surprising to see some positivity and perspecitive.

I am fairly new to crypto as well so do your own research. My blue chip (safecoin) is Ethereum. Monero is probably good as well.

Though its a risky investment I believe its worth the risk since the benefit can be great, just dont put too much money in and take some profits out in crazy bull (up) markets. Do a lot of research so you dont get screwed and are allways on top.

I try to have some blue chips and a couple riskier investments that I think have potential.

Are you actually new or just larping?
We need more newfags here to get the market back up again. I'm not kidding.

Coins to consider in my opinion in order

Then more risky but possibility of higher return



maybe i lurked too much /pol/, but read somewhere that I should avoid chink coins, i'm literally scared of putting my money on some far away dream selling chinks.

You guys seem to enjoy investing in them, but this is some of my life savings, and i'm kinda bothered sending it to chinks...

am i a retard or have I been too brainwashed by pol?

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>new to crypto
>calling other people normies

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You'd be surprised how many people in here tell you lies and spread bullshit because they think they can affect coin prices.

Just be careful who you trust.

Right now bitcoin is going through a battle. Some people say the bubble hasnt finished popping and we will hit sub 5k. If that happens, anything you buy now will lose value dramatically.

Others say we're starting to consolidate and recover. If thats the case, stocking up on bitcoin or any solid alt that has lost a lot of value lately would be a smart idea.

Truth is no one here really knows whats going to happen. If you look back at 2013 you'll see bitcoin had years of a slow bleed. That could happen again, but i think times have changed since then and it wont get nearly as low.

Anyway smartest option is to spread your buy ins out. Buy some now. Buy some in a week. Keep buying. It minimises risk.

Ill give you a little list off the top of my head that are good and non-scams.


Hidden gem: TEL.


Yeah. I can tell by the type of language he used. The paid ones are more sophisticated and the trollers are obvious. Once you get used to this place it’s very easy to know.

been on Veeky Forums for years, started on b -> pol and now checking on biz,the fuck you are talking about

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you are still normie trash. hope this helps.

What they do every night, try and take over the world.

Yeah, Chain link is a meme shitcoin, everyone knows it.

are you trolling me dude? i'm new to crypto, but a colleague of mine told me about their fuck up

Lol 1.5% population in crypto
>"Too late"

I think you're larping then. No way could you have just 'heard' about all this shit.

If you're larping, kys.

If not, WTC actually has a usecase, i dont even own any at the moment ive got my whole stack trading bitcoin cause alts are pretty much dead at the moment.

Look for coins that have real life use cases e.g. supply chain and IoT (WTC). Yeah theyve fucked up quite abit but no doubt its a good coin etc. etc.

Anyway i dont even own this shit idk why im shilling it. Look into the other coins i mentioned.

I second this guy in general and particularly on nobody knows for sure.

Btc Eth monero blue chips
Neo ven omg req bat xrp worth to look at.
Link might be interesting as well though the shilling is super weird in here so dont know.
My risky investment that I should have cashed out partially before but still gives me some revenue is coss.

Misread you post. Chink coins are always more suspicious for sure but there’s some worth considering although right now my pics are EOS, BTC, JNT.
You should wait out a little longer right now just in case, I’d say at least two more weeks.


Money generated from non-chink investments is just as good as money generated from chink investments.

Tits for good advice.

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8% of all Americans own cryptocurrency. 21% of college students own cryptocurrency.

Most people don't even own stock by the way. So yeah, it's getting pretty fucking late.

You remind me of me a year ago user, good luck

what tits?

i see no tits come on resend

Fine. Here. Happy?

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Way to win him over with your amazing analysis of the market and well written post.

Is your business “IRL” to convince people you’re fucking retarded? If so we can expect to see you on the cover of Forbes in short order.

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dude i may be new, but i'm not a retard, but yeah the ones you talked about except for the chink WTC one, a colleague of mine showed me how theyscam people on twitter...like I don't know about the other coins, I saw alot of OMG and JNT threads here, I think I might take a look, you look like a trustworthy guy i'll def check maybe i'll invest a little in them at least JNT are white people, so I might check that one looks, promising

Getting a little b8ey....

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Trusting sandniggers over chinks

they don't scam people on twitter you brainlet. You're asking for advice and im giving you pearlers so take it and dont complain or fuck off you autistic normie.

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I like to buy white people coins as well. I feel bad for them small cocks, no brain and lack the empathy and charm of latin and southern European countries.
They also elect sub human presidents like that orange dude trump. When not devastating the world to follow deluded fucks like hitler. Kek right?

which board you from new fren?

wait what sandniggs? oh just re-checked, you mean the KEK the middle eastern guy, he looks wealthy, this is a good sign no? kek now you're making me doubt this JNT shit

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started on /b/ and /x/ moved to /pol/ and /bant/ then came checking Veeky Forums after I heard this board is crypto related, In know that 4 chan is autistic and sometimes huge stuff happens here.

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Welcome to the echo chamber.

Leaving is the only way to save yourself...
user, you wrote very well. I too love to use literary excellence tonslice and dice the many scoundrels that plague this place.
And you write so terribly that people time you out typically, I’m sure. You’re wrong as fuck and you probably know it.

OP is larping

>what is this chainlink I hear about from the kids in the street
>word has it from my dudes in the barrio that WTC has quite the PR disaster fellow cool dudes!

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Most chink coins are scams. Some arent link neo but the majority are scams. All of them are giant pump and dumps.

Got anymore of her?

dude, this is not my first day on biz, i see all these autistic AF posts about link, just wondering if it holds any truths, some dudes say they spend their entire life on it...

just check the catalog right now

i'm not saying invest in it, just wanna know if it has any backbone...like every currency i read about so far says they are the ultimate solution to problem X....Was kinda hoping for people to clear stuff here, but I get alot of contradicting posts, also i'm for pol, I know about thechinks sandniggs and stuff

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Man I dont know if you guys understand your crypto buy you guys are funny.

Sandniggers for JNT kek

>it is that easy, but can you actually do it?

You'd be surprised how hard it is to stick to this plan. There's millions (if not billions) being spent on subliminal advertising in order to make you short long and trade your bags for shit.

There are multiple disinformation campaigns being run concurrently and they are all aimed at leveraging your fears and your greed into forcing you to make a mistake and lose everything

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>make you short long
what do you mean?

Going short and long are terms that anybody would've heard about even outside of crypto.

You're overselling your ignorance bro, but I'll give you points for the under the table LINK shill.

4/7 bait all in all

>less than $100
Poorfags arent relevant

If you can combine the serious pol knowledge with the serious biz knowledge... that’s as close as us plebs will get to enlightenment